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avatars and insects(THE GAME)

Narrative Networks - DARPA
DARPA launched the Narrative Networks program to understand how narratives influence human cognition and behavior, and apply those findings in international security ...
the New World Order ,freemasons ,illuminati and The Greys!
built ins.
built in traps in the maze..
if the definition of these things were not already created to divert THEY would have been -(see also)-Scientology ,Satanists ,Secret Societies!
the only reason there is secretive "society" to Human Testing
is because Human Testing must remain secretive
while there might in fact BE a New World being made it is Being MADE upon our backs
if WE digress too much from the discussion of being Targets (and Lab Rats) we (as THEY know(the THEY that 'cwazy "always says because a THEY that might experiment on humans has good reason (and such good weapons...to make us seem so) will get not only labeled mentally unstable BUT conspiracy nuts as well

(1)Combine  disinformation with disclosed or "attained" information to demonstrate "the technique "of True Lies-in the media
 try to make uninteresting subjects interesting and important topics irrelevant 
  use postings to divert attention from the important patents  and contract bids concerning  Neuroweaponry  and Human Testing .
Trivialize serious themes in both fictional and first hand accounts of psychotronic rendition-  attach the most pertinent information to videos and or irrelevant JPEGs -
 always keep 5 to 6 posts up concerning "just the facts" between redundant ,sexualized or didactic meanderings .
Purposely fictionalize and  trivialize your subjugation unless an enactment has been presented that by it's very extremes  foregoes chain of command..
-when one must scream one screams..-think of extreme brain entrainment  enactments as "Method Acting" to subsidize "authenticity"
Yet, however extreme  any  real time" displacements are concerning Threshold Testing" and adjustments your containment /entrainment   must not  ever be  detailed-  fictionalized or otherwise. .

.do not break stride of neural narrative meme   by typing or posting something out of character..We will help "make you many characters" as we go along...although some characters that will be abridged upon you will impel you to be more gregarious and good natured do not  comment on other's timelines ..your online presence via tele presence should be of - bringing nothing new or crucial to the forum. unless something new is sent to you via Merge .


flood subject's nervous system with dystonic jerking ,induce hyper stimulation upon subject's pituitary gland  so subject's concern focuses on uninteresting self referential indignation of no interest to other potential readers convolute the subject's  sensibilities to re -establish an online presence that  the subject is not only un -sane but suffers from a personality disorder . Arouse and next subdue the writer's emotional state to meander the  subject's "artistic" intentions if subject  attempts to frame his or her  personal experience being targeted individual  in a manner that might engage those unfamiliar with neuro technology .A subject might begin using metaphor to attempt to "invite the reader into their own shoes" using techniques that were performed upon subject  to introduce synthetic telepathy.Subject might introduce to readers "ways of looking at it" possession ,genuine telepathy...;Inevitably the subject will combine declassified ,academic and private sector "notation" to attempt to explain their predicament ,this can easily be solved by inducing  excitation of certain receptors that mimic compulsive disorders,tapping these receptors will instigate the subject to over post  thus making his online presence nuisance .Inevitably the subject will try to correct their verbiage  and might also begin writing in a manner that introduces the very methodology  the subject's operator is inducing ,be careful to not for instance  use  certain telemetric assuage in  a manner that  a curious reader might  deduce from noticing 'a pattern" with  personal threats via their auditory cortex together with occipital overlay of frightening imagery (the target's body missing eyes,images of skulls and bones) to re -insinuate "the source" the subject's  might be "messing with" attempting to format the subject's experiences in a manner that concern posts that serve the subject's own (breaking tradecraft to instigate expulsion from "program")rather than our agenda. .


Online teams will work together to pre -discredit Targeted Individuals.
In very much the same manner many of us were "hazed" into the program we will be fed "truth as lies and lies as truths. It will only be through time that one can read a Tele-Operator's intents by understanding their Perpetrator's patterns and algorithms peculiar to being held captive in this manner.
Many TIs were lured and  smitten by the novelty of the technology itself when the intrusion began. Many of us were tricked into believing THIS was a "mystical event"
Some of us were told we were "doing it for America'  others were told they were going to be "made smarter" others were told they were "commandeered to fight potential Alien Invaders" who might have telepathic rapport. We were told anything and everything..To this day Few have either the recall or death wish to go into detail about "the first 4 weeks "Nor perhaps should we -just because one is at the end of one's rope does not mean one must hang by it.Never forget that the same type who has invades our very senses has also infiltrated the social network. Many "temps" in the Mind Field earning their "stripes" proved their pathologies "are strong enough" for unethical but necessary psyco technological testing by first getting notice by doing "street theater/gaslighting /Truman Show" mirroring exercises .Street Theater /Mobbing proves to one's employer that the perpetrator has "All the Right Moves" to one day be taught how to be an Operating Tele-Presence. .although TIs are on the wrong side of the hotline //TIs must never forget how miraculous the tech they grow accustomed to is .. Especially to one who can turn it off/take it off.
A temp will go to great lengths to prove they have the personality profile to "man another man" without empathy or sentimentality and will often use the web to weave their way up the ladder .Many will display "game theory" online and stylize their online persona to present as TI some seeking    high ranks of a forum or website, becoming "moderators". Many of the same affiliates of government agencies who write books "based " on their knowledge never forget are Limited Hangouts..writing "just enough" truth " to such a TI into their trust.The TI is supposed to KNOW thois is "all really possible  and do-able" ONLY so the TI can be driven off balance when a loved one etc does not or will not believe them.The same pose and costume is assumed by "the perp" to gain access to host web chats,radio shows.pod casts etc.  This gives them power to delete threads of information they do not want shown.. 

How a TI can spot the internet "temp"

- Often the sites  ,the tags seem to be about one thing (Targeted Individuals/Human Experimentation)   but one scrolls down to see 

(a) Angry ,purposely  dismal..inciting  material .. i.e -"The  shitbags  today are making my tush hurt .I want the perps held up by their balls.

(now what -effect does this have upon a TI?


and that's the point ....of that type of post being written

Is this man or woman the type you would sit near at a luncheonette...or move your tray away from 

The  shitbags  today are making my tush hurt .I want the perps held up by their balls.

THIS TYPE of POST is OFTEN posted by a Temp
to make YOU "not want to belong to this club"

to NOT type

Often a site about TIs deflects into maudlin circus type examinations for what is occurring to a TI
  subjects known to be "kooky" for conspiracy theory
the JFK assassination/UFOs/ demonic possession /paranormal activity


Because people are Paid to sway the conversation AWAY from Psychotronic Weapons Testing.

to further demoralize you
 ONLY is to cheapen the very serious nature of being made a human guinea pig..
Once again a serious discussion about Psychotronic Weapons is explained as 'The Greys"
or "The Illuminati"."The Freemasons" often one sees a lot of upside down flags, V for Vendetta masks. Much of this is done to once more cheapen your situation and affront your sensibilities .  

(b.) -well -there is NO volume" B"

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