Sunday, June 14, 2015

paranormal activites (Inway to the Enway)

    When the Entities, when the alien life form binds with the Human organism in a True Communion often the alien Entity will help the Human Organism comprehend what is happening to them and for them  as metaphor .The alien now inside the Human does not wish to frighten the human gifted with this 'Walk In"*  who communicates with the human telepathically .And how else would or very well  COULD an alien communicate with a human being except in this manner ?The human  serves the Entity as a vehicle, so the alien can see ,hear and think as a humans do ,so the Great Entities might best understand  and thus best be in a position to HELP man "cross over" to the New World Borders..The alien ,not wanting to overwhelm or frighten the human often must down play the cosmic aspects of the  enmeshment of human soul and alien soul .The alien often chooses to explain to the human organism a more prosaic explanation for what is occurring. The alien ,not wishing to overwhelm ,the subject might explain ,for instance, that this "meeting of the minds" is not extra- celestial in nature but merely rudimentary testing of man's-so called - Advanced Technologies.Sometimes the alien will explain that what the human is experiencing is a "synthetic telepathy' and not a genuine telepathy one for the human's own .

  Sometimes but not often ,depending upon the human's belief system the Entity will feel impelled to present it's origin and being  as a supernatural force (an angel or a demon) .Often the alien life form will switch "story lines" mid way through "the mutual narrative" of "entangled soulfulness" if this best "fits' the human's limitations of open heart and open mindfulness to this wondrous event. If the human organism remains too hesitant or aggressively hostile to their enlightenment the Entity will have no choice but to be quite harsh to the subject and present itself demonically

.-Gary Rainy 1967 "preface "THIS! is Neuronautics ! (Parasol Publishing)

Wikipedia -A walk-in* is a new age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new soul, either temporarily or permanently.
A "walk-in" is where the original soul of a human leaves a person's body and another soul "walks in". Souls "walk-in" usually during an accident or trauma, where the person either regains consciousness as a "walk- in" and forgets somethings depending on the severity of the experience, or if they didn't lose consciousness the human will experience death and rebirth in one lifetime. One might need to relearn walking, drawing, writing, and upon doing so the new soul develops and integrates through the trauma. It is said that the original soul leaves when it has fulfilled what it came here to do, and the same body is used again for another soul to fulfill their purpose on earth.

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