Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pixar's "Inside Out" a movie about Synthetic Telepathy...for the kids.

and he puts it up.,evan graphs..meaning this post
not a care whatsoever..about diminishing himself..
evan graphs...also imbue-ing upon me that these researchers I go SOS save me save me like I am som white faced fly in some spider web...
doesn't understand the push /pull psychic driving your team must do to entice the Merge bio tech to begin to awaken neural pathways that are in keeping with Brain Maps of those who know how to comport themselves at least cerebrally in a matter that best suits not only... them as individuals but the society as a whole
'"YOU Evan are a HOLE..a black HOLE of Disinformation and LIES"

I graph ,,waiting for some zip of pain through me or at the very least a loud tone reverberate through what were once my ears alone...
"type on Dumbo..so other's may see the type of scumbag we must work ever more aggressively with to correct..."Evan graphs sending me an occipital over ride of the blue fairy holding a stick...a rod....the vision of the blue fairy's visage has been shifted to the blue fairy as nun..Evan must be drunk..

first movie about synthetic telepathy for kids? UK Guardia

one should not drive another man's senses in whatever state Evan is in..but there is little I can do.. about it obviously
I do not know if Evan knows he has now sent a Visage of himself (which he usually tries to keep ..well dressed,well fashioned,well muscled as an old Ghepeto in Night gown ,the night gown stained ..with egg and pizza...Ghepeto's cheeks red and lined..his eyes pink and small...I taste in my mouth Jim Beam and feel the first hint of Vicadin...in my HZs..
"What you have done for Proxy Cyber's Image as an Intelligence and Gaming product I only hope can be retained in your upload Pin OOOO Neo
so we might shove your entire load of Neural data into a pig's brain....a pig like you deserves a second life as no less...in fact I believe it is time I begin placing some of our accrued neural reads from other species of mammal ...upon you.."
I begin thinking how cool it will be to have the mind of a tiger or a lion inside me ...but only now see mind's eye style a cat hissing ,it's paws raised ...and next I smell what seems to be gas...than insect spray ...I feel myself choking...while mind's eye I see a hand place down some cheese on a mouse trap..than I smell ether...and for a moment seem to pass out ...next mind's eye wise I see a little white mouse sleeping his head near the cheese ,which is untouched. Next I see a stick starting to tap at the cheese and next ..dear reader ...how can I explain not just the pain I feel in my neck but the mind's eye of...

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