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human traffic and pyschotronic programming

visiting day weekend 1978..i was ten.
my 3rd stepmother and her new boyfriend had fought to have
visiting rights   as "Kate" ,as she liked being called said she considered me "her son"..even if she had known me only 2 and a half years...somehow ...she won not every other week end visits but once monthly visits..Kate ,as she liked being called (demanded being called not mom or mother)like I said was what they called "Living With" not married to a man I'd met before named Earnie who Kate said I should just call "uncle".I had met Ernie before ,as Ernie was the reason for the 3rd divorce...Everyone "in the family' back in the 70's were still practicing Neuronauts...but NOBODY "practiced" some of the practices of Neuronautics like Uncle Ernie did concerning "Child Steering Techniques" 
I was therefore reluctant to visit Kate but "order's were orders and I was sent with my little vinyl "visiting Day" suitcase along..
as with my other step parents/real parents married to stepparents etc ...ectra.Visiting Days were all about eating too much ice creame ,them buying you comic books and most of all seeing movies your day to day parents forbid you to see cuz they were inappropriate ..rated R.
this forbidden -ness seemed to be all the more reason for Kate and Earnie to me to see these movies.anyway.or maybe for this reason "show them "meaning my day to day folks ...
usually .
we saw movies during the day...
there was no problem seeing R rated movies with adult people
but this time we saw a movie Ernie said was called "Magic" at night...Earnie said  that he had no idea why a movie called "Magic" would be unsuitable for 10 year olds.
at first the movie was broing
than it was scary
but not as boring as the movie "The Other" which my second stepmother made me sit through 3 times in a row..
like ai said this movie called "Magic" got scary
than got boring than scary than boring again.
I thought little of it though until on the car ride home Kate turned around and asked me to "play a game"like in the movie...
She said," I want you to listen to me  when I tell you something about your upbringing  and the future your upbringing was meant to prepare you for.THAN I want you to not speak of it ,what I told you,for 5 minutes
and than
after those five minutes
If you dare speak of it again we will drive you to a place the call a Mental Hospital
where all the drs will decide to lock you up in a padded room perhaps for years
for saying crazy things...
after another few minutes Uncle Ernie turned around from his driver seat ,putting his hand on my knee ,like he always did and said,"hey anybody want a hot dog?"
I didn't want a hot dog or even ice crème but said yes..anyway..
That night Uncle Ernie ,not even a real relation but some :Living Together" boyfriend
came into my room,really the maid's room,only MY room when I visited and said,"Shhhhh...let's play the 5 minute game without you sating a word ,,,he said touching my knee,'AND if YOu say ANYTHING about this Game to ANYONE afterward,EVER..I guarantee THEY will lock you up in that nuthouse we spoke about for saying things....Nobody wants to hear a little boy say...
that night I first met the Entity..
I first saw "him" or "it" on the ceiling
and than he /it seemed to crawl down into me...
to help me and take my out of myself and above Uncle Ernie and out past the ceiling
into a new kind of sky
magine marriages coerced via electronic displacement (1)wherein not just the child is used for human social experiments but the entire psychotronically "crafted" family. Maneuvered as one would dolls (their moods ,thoughts) to provoke potentials based on assumed outcomes Raising a child on trauma is not new, it was in fact the basis of many Programming techniques used by many governments to attempt to raise "a Manchurian Candidate" or "The Perfect Soldier". Previously ...much of the programming relied upon chemicals /drugs being given to the child to incite initiated stilting of a child's emotional state or to drive the child into compartmentalized thinking style. Actors as parents to perfectly introduce CUES that might last a lifetime when ASSOCIATIONS might be introduced to TRANCE the subject into segments...can now be done without GASLIGHT conditioning that often veered away from tenacity due to human sentimentality .There is less chance of this occurring when Situationals and Ritualized Trauma is induced by electromagnetic stressors and "organized" situations within the family (a provoked loss of job, an introduced "love interest "to destroy fidelity. All the while a heightening and lowering of cognitions and emotions based solely on direct energy MEANT to interfere with the nervous system /marriage /maternal/ paternal behavior .. A not so new type of Human trafficking concerning the taking of another via voice to skull technology or Remote Neural Influence (synthetic telepathy) .Old models of Monarch Programming pertaining to neuro linguistic and grapheme based symbiotic associations have been adapted to work within the frame work of str8 to cortex "stars in your eyes" entrancement /brain entrainment "exercises" (2) while this new form of Human trafficking is not considered a crime against the person because the violation of the victim's rights of movement appears to be the issue nor is electromagnetic neural influence detectable(nor often believable ) thus the victim(the Targeted Individual) in many ways has less chance of survival than their counterpart held captive because their containment is psychotronic in nature and therefore a TI is trapped behind no visible fence nor chains)
Human trafficking represented an estimated $40 billion of international trade in 2012. Human trafficking is thought to be one of the fastest-growing activities of trans-national criminal organizations and has strong ties now with international corporations conducting covert studies concerning human compliance and human persuasive techniques with advanced brain entrainment technologies.-Geoffrey Q. Maguire (Bio Ethics and Patterned Cue Based Cybernetic Response 2010 )

 (4) Today I post.
and today I un- post...although I sought information. Always as to why this and that was done to me.
when I was young.and now not young at all.but always anyway...needing..or finding..or them finding me.people that someone all know the story I am telling advance.
knowing somehow about 'the movie "Magic" .The Omen" Thomas Tyron's "The Other"and the story of "James in the Giant Peach"

later in mistake I read the real story of james and the giant peach which was not the same story my 2nd or 3 rd stepfather read to me..about a bout who hears and sees things. and communes with entities that only appear to james.the giant insects hat come out of the peach first scare james in my 3rd stepfather's version..but soon stop being scary and playful as long as james promises he will never tell another soul about the giant peach or the happy ,nice magical friends who visit james night and day..IF my 3rd stepfather would say IF JAMES decided to tell anyone about the giant peach it meant James was a bad child who liked to brag and be arrogant about his commune with the Entities. If James told anybody it meant James  had no respect for the very special people bringing him up "A New Way" and if james told anyone James would be placed in the giant peach ,deep in the giant piece his hands and legs not able to move his face and mouth stuck to the inner peach is tight all james could do was barely be able to lick the peach juice which would not save james anyway because he was so stuck in the peach which even though it was soft may as well been concrete..james would have no air to breathe and die inside the giant peach and nobody would ever think to look for him there

I am the same as I was than. I got in trouble than for telling on my foster parents and what they did
to me to some nosey woman at the school I went to before I was removed from the school,and I fear I will in trouble "telling now" ...posting is just like telling ..I no longer think I believe they could put some one into a giant peach but I know they can make you feel like you are in dreams
 what kind of sick mother or father might take part in this type of "child razing" for any reason whatsoever their country? what type of country expects THIS from it's people ..and what type of People DO ANYTHING for their country?unless certain promises were made..A family that has participated in Monarch Programming ...deserves the very shame they so actively tried to transfer upon their children..and much much more.
I post
when XXXX comes into my room and starts slamming the laptop closed on my hands.I have never seen him look so wild and angry makes him for the first time look ugly and weak...and I somehow get my hands out of the computer  and pick it up and slam it across his face..I take my wallet and walk forever,,,it is cold though it's summer..I do not know how long I will be gone I don't get a hotel room...for the moment I cannot imagine going back there...but I don't know how to be without someone...telling me what to do or who I am supposed to be...a cop comes along if he reads this in me..and stops me as if he knows me..

"They're all worried about you..Nobody could have possibly known how you would take any of this..Do you have to go to a hospital? Or do you think you can just try looking at this as an adult man with special circumstances..?"

'The second one," I say getting into the cop car...not wondering how he knows about my story or knows where I live or anything..

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