Saturday, June 13, 2015


 there is nothing a Mandler hates more than being misrepresented.nothing worse a Proxy can do than  do than cheapening the sheer horror of it all.nothing worse than a TI describing  their tether and their torture.which is supposed to be ..written as whopping sobs and warning...the soun d and vision is never mixed you if it were one could not very well go all sobby with shrink ..who ..some how knows cuz' they read it ta' see in a book that hallucinations do not   present

 as Harvey / 'cool world"..ya' go shoutin to some shrink you be seein and hearin shit simultaneously  and they know (cuz' the Diagnazic Manual  sayz so...) that ain't they way no thought disorder "works" ..this tis' all about discrediting the called ...troublesome wacko just don't do to have no human dog ruinin' their show writing about "it" das experience as- some "treat"  as some endless cartoon festival..every frame of it done to improve me..titillate .artificial intel me  and the hundreds of thousands in the same boat..literally human exponent evoked potential experiments I write this not for you dear reader for one purpose try to give you a little handbook of how YOU might be able to entertain your inner Boy with the striped pajamas  with "shit lit" for as long as you possibly can....before you  have the good sense to leap in front of a train... ..the situation is too damn serious not to break  away every now and again from this the fuck do I  describe something to you dumbass ...yeah you dear reader... rather disturbingly ONLY in the format of TV and Film  think for a moment dumbass...HOW you somehow know what an "alien" is..? or what telepathy might 'be ..from film ...from Tv and books .written like this to shove ideas into your fuckin head . You in  way are no freer from the effects of sound and vision than I who I envy  free to think without  "graphing' and see with hear with out over  ride unhaunted an d  hunted ...with synthetic telepathy ....look it up ...lover....and read and carefully and do indeed take "this strange tale" as a warning it carefully...cuz' you say ..write .draw..and  and yeah brotha' think anything too off base..too out side das box and you too might be ...'app-ed ' for interface/// many idiotic  terms I have thunk up for you as have this "they" we LOOOOOONies are always referring to   this the who thunk up the most juvenile terms...we have actually assimilated into our very minds and souls twitter ,google..(could any horror write have done any better to describe make such nefarious "tools"  .. sound sooo  innocent ..or at the very least  infantile ... ...think for a moment dear dumbas reeeeader...why in the fuck's name would some dink like me go writing infuckin Arabic? or about the Hutchison EEEEEffect..Mk ultra.and  Monarch pprooogramin'  if this writer twas not already 6 feet under..

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