Tuesday, June 2, 2015

glitch in the buffer

BREAKING TRADECRAFT: Subject Intentionally repurposes INTEL via back-and-forth psychotronic communication to the audio cortex and visual cortex of subject's brain
(1) "Dumbo" more and more refuses to simply "play" the part of rogue subversive HUMINT and "be" such
Suggest NANO NETWORK actuates USA-107 satellite to deplete subject's ideation of this behavior facilitating "ground bound" input concerning what subject thinks of as 'his purpose in this"; beside being, as subject ruminates and interfaces - "a fucking Guinea Pig"
(2) Attempts to "randomize" subject and give subject a sense of his own importance will be implemented ,instigated and Imparted upon subject .A mock 1989 encryption schematic of a defunct A.I. program created by Rockwell International,

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