Tuesday, June 30, 2015

...I get dopey and tired.and take a pill to fuck up my mind..and fuck up the interface.i don't know when to believe them.that if I killmyself they will do this to another Jew.i try to think of this now as just madness ..as not really happening....as the albi they wanted and needed me..and all targeted individuals to leave in paper trail.or meta data mental hospital ,jail cell,rehab greenall the places they put me had the same glight green paint..and the fluorescent lights mad eevery one look green and sick..i feel green and sick...I think of aliens ..I think that people only know what aliens are because tv  and film made us.think of what aliens are..and look like...andthat some Hollywood screen writer sat down and drew aliens ..so everyone has now the same mind picture of aliens.and than I realize TRU CHRISTIE is trying to teach me..and think ontop of me...about sound and image.how aliens are safe to think back and forth but if I think of the holocaust I am being weapon..on him....and if I do not understand this I will be taught this in dreams..i go to the bathroom and try to make the pill come up out of my stomach but cannot do it..although I have seen them do it again and again on tv...

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