Tuesday, June 2, 2015

reverse charges

"Fuck," Evan Rainy thought putting on his jacket to leave the cubicle hearing the landline ring.
ProxyCyber ONLY used land lines the Operating Tele-Presenters weren't allowed to use cell phones as their own heads were radiated enough going Mind to Mind with their Proxy.It was something Evan refused to think about.He had enough Dumbo in his head to also have to worry about the effects of wireless from less animate "objects".

Evan picked up the phone only to hear Valerie shout in his ear without so much as a hello,'You may not realize this Evan but DUMBO has NO ability to "play" at anything ..he's autistic...SO IF Dumbo somehow got in his dim mind to be a Rogue Subversive guess whose mind put it there? And guess whose mind must be given a 8 minute scan tomorrow morning? To find out -

                                what's on your mind?

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