Monday, June 15, 2015


the words appear once more on my computer screen.
and I go to correc the spelling
it is usually all I have to do

but that also means reading it

and Evan graphs "No Damien dex..." don't real it..
we're doing
Flowers for Algernon  now..
but in reverse sort of..
Evan graphs u know why charly really dies in flowers for Algernon..
No I graph..
because he becomes a douchebag ..who doesn't respect his makers.

...I read the book years ago..and don't remember that being the reason..
I recall that the mous eddies of complications first..
hence the title

"You dexter ...know why the mous eddies in flowers for Algernon dumbass/ for real?' evan rainy graphs

"no<" I graph back

"cayse fuckin mice don't live that long especially in a lab setting..nothing whatsoever to do with Charlie..Remember mid movie and book dumb old chales spout out his ideas on all sort a shit...about the government an dscience and technology an d hollywood...."

'yeah I graph..

" nobody wanted to hear that stuff..they kinda' assumed the cocksucker would just be glad he got laid....glad he got a car ...and some  long pants..ya know..?..No Dumbo you don't know ..but ya' shoulda known.."evan graphs

"so <"I want me to just post this without lookin at it..

or fixin the mistakes..

I feel pain in my shoulder when I begin reading...and than ti tightness around my I stop and do what they graph.

TIs read many many things about ..why they are TIs and why their "handlers'" for lack of a better word...
that word"handlers' is reserved for the men and women who enjoy "the intelligence  game" which seems to attract a type of person ..
who hides behind his or her desire to hurt other's with out remousre
as being "just something" their Special Force
inside them
allows them to "do" for a greater good (collateral damage aside stateside or not)for the greater good of the country..
I am not sure since the days some one ..some family who somehow raised an army make land masses countries begin with
HAD any agenda..whatsoever BUT serve the OWNER of the land masses these pharoes (now and way back then) gave these land masses ...and all the citzens that happn to occupy this land NOW OWNED by THEM
...soon the people found they were owned.
the US and it's teenagers were oddly reminde dthat they were owned by their land mass
in the 60's.
and rebelled ..not quite willing to die young for a country
that thinks somehow it's superior for
making the entire existence of humans BE about CASH .

war is only about CASH
but only the people who already have more cash than they know what to do with ..
win anything..
we  the mighty USA knew all about Hitler ..
in the mid 30's and what he was doing.
the Jews as well
knew ..(many German Jews ...left..many German Jews to this day feel (or Know) they are superior Jews to the Polish Jews  etc..)
the Jews in Hollywood went along with the USA saying don't make waves with Hitler..
what type of Jew is this?
None that I want to know..
nor be affiliated with

did you know that the Illuminati is a Jewish Thing..
I did not.
now what is the illuminati

really it means to anyone..
what it is ?
is about sound and vision

therefore Tv .film. music.

and styyyyyle.

the illuminati is essentially what makes your kid dress like a whore and suck cock when she's 11...
cuase she saw it 's trending to do so..on HBO..

but the subject was handlers..and intelligenc ethat is ..and must be..tied into Hollywood
Hollywood is all about having one up..
Hollywood is about computing..
publishing and any means of information ...sound an dvision etc..
getting inyour noggin..

of course hollywoo dmust develop A.I. and Brain Computer Interface...and virtual reality..
allthese things together...
along with mind uploading etc...
we call the matrix
because Hollywood  commissioned a comic book writer to write the matrix
while they blasted his mind with Voice to skull which was around since firs many writer love the V2k..
Ira Levin..Especially.
phillp k suntil it turned on him.
cause Dick had the nerve to write about V2k..
when he was supposed to "write around it' like Levin ..was "allowed' to write around gangstalking and monarch programming..
as rosemary's baby an dboys from brazil and stepford wives..
than he wrote this perfect day and ...he got all his own handler  angry angry angry..

Levin implied in this perfect day that he "Had no time for sgts"
who picked him to write his "inside" joke about ...Monarch programing and  mk ultra gangstalking...
for the elite..
but ira Levin wa sno dummy..and knew how to write ..
it 2 ways it appealed to das masses..
phillip k dick just all jumped up from ..."the voices' and ..sorta said..
Ok  Ok ..let me do what I want now..
but that's not the deal..
with A,I,.. even old A.I. that couldn't hook up to your visual cortex..


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