Friday, June 19, 2015

mini mart confidential

it always goes back to the most disturbing thing of all.not me feeling ...
rather peculiarly less masculine
(as a current form somewhere ...tackles the glands responsible for testosterone
to teach me some lesson
about "weak ness being taken for kindness or something...I am not quite hear when being psycotronically lobotomized in this fashion
and seeing me fingers as I type as longer and leaner ...more effeminize

if I were to go to the mirror and I do not I would see...a version of myself in the mirror
I do not enjoy seeing
however I am at least assure that for the next few days I will not have to shave..


I Private Luke Merick do not have the strength
or maybe truthfully it is fear.
to beg...that my team restore my hormones normal flux

also there is something just too bizarre about begging for one's captures to
stop playing station master with my lymphatic glands..

I pop a pill..
I take an aspirin as well to ignore the strange  tingling in my lower extremities


.but the ONE THING
you can't quite write about without in a sense tanking your entire so called story
I am not saying ..."the face thing"

does not  occur...(I am hesitant to post certain tell tale photos ...because a reader responds to such
visuals so viscerally. But I shall...a "story teller " saves the best for last and I have been told that
for this (for this odd account of being physically and psychologically tortured with unseen direct energies ...quite the same direct energies by the way that word on high
sent the towers  word on LOW.....)
the odd bend and brim to the steel beams which curled into circular ribbon like "remains"
I am told was caused by the Hutchison effect.
as were the several cars almost a mile away that melted "for no reason"
best explained (but NOT READ...don't you dear reader even risk typing the words Hutchison's effect ..and Towers into your computer...or you may be bent into shape yourself
and let me tell ya' one thing kiddo
the shape ain't pretty
OOOOOOOh how I wish I had the "balls' or "idiocacy" to post my California I.D. photo when my team beamed my pituitary gland with so much zing that my face swell up 2 sizes it's normal ...normalcities
so numb was I during this enactment upon what used to be my body alone ..I sat at the DMV and smiled for the camera man who was making a face ...of turning this way that way ..not to gaze at me..
when I picked up the California ID card/license ...ooooh how startling it was to see some variation of myself
on plastic ...that looked as if some one had photoshopped me into ..
the most appalling proportion
my first notion was to go to the ER thinking ..besides feeling no sensation in my face ...
and seeing the ghastly photo..
I recalled various tv programs that explained edema .brain swelling ...and Moon Face symptoms ..being indicative of some thing

very bad ...

but was thankfully reminded by Tru Christie that ",I'd be OK in an hour or so...and that they wanted that pic on California ..just in case at some later time I attacked or killed know Dumbo to "Go" with your crime.."

my team had tried on several occasions to 'see" if I ha d"postal " like affinities that could "serve the cause"
as "Happening"
but I was informed I was too resistant to "let myself completely " be absorbed by transmitted rage..

Far from being a good not having the Siran chapman "charms"
I was asked to leave L.A> and not return until I learned my lesson
that a Husk like me had better learn to be steered into any ditch they had pre dug.

that one begins to dig it
especially the face thing

you never know how you might literally look from one second to the next..
luckily when your Mandlers  blast you with enough direct energy
to cause your glands to go
where no man should go
no weapon to go
concerning the disfigurement
and we be talking Ugly with a capital "F"
your mind is "tazed" in such an extreme way that you just don't give a fuck..
it's actually kind of cool
as it's the best evidence one has ...that

I drive off base...I don't want to be around any of the guys .I am as yet not attracted to men
but I had seen what they did to Griff.who also is or was part of these human trials.
before the trial of it grew too much for Griff
When in only 3  or 4 days he began growing breasts ...not from taking any hormones ..or chemicals but from the microwaves..
Strange that nobody stops me from leaving base..
Those of us in Unit 731 have a lot of leeway...
For this reason I often don't mind being a freak...with mico fluidics resins in my blood and brain.

I drive to an old quarry just out side of town "go for a think"
but cannot think for a moment what I would nor could think about but satellite terrorism
and psychotronic weapons
and go to a local shop..
There a young loud mouth punk ,like I was who works at the mini mart who says he wants to quit high school and join the army.
He's aware that odd testing is being done at the he has seen
Mark and Tony go bald over night and lose their teeth and finger just weeks.
supposedly Mark and Tony were released form the army.
But nobody saw either of them get on no bus.
Their stuff still remains in the barrack footlockers.

"yo man you the same guy/'

the cashier asked looking down than around

"Oh that's top secret"

the cashier looks up .looks me in the eye...not sure if I am kidding

"what 's top secret?" the cashier says in a whisper like voice ignoring the gummi bears before him

"the US Government is doing Direct energy tests on human of the side effects or benefits is the energy causes disfigurement...
(a) the energy hits one's glands ..that regulate histamine and human growth hormone ...
(b) the "microwaves' hit the facial nerves causing them to retract and stiffen..
(c)the same waves cause the soft tissue especially round the eyes and nose to swell vividly.

'the usa does this to it's own people ?" the cashier whispers .Swiping the Gummy Bears with some invisible wave"

"To the us government I am and have always been a non person..I was born into this ..raised like a rodent since day one"

'tbat sucks man..."the cashier says.

'tis what it is .."I say touching my face.,"i always wondered why super heroes wore masks ."I say taking the gummi bears.

"a better face tomorrow "the cashier says touching his own face,"or is that wrong to say..I'm sorry.."

"it's about control is all..I am not being a good sport...they need me to look as ugly as my insides's a pyscho -cybernetics thing...did you know the term cybernetics has nothing to do with computers...cyber means to steer....psycho cybernetics a book publishe din 1948 was written by a cosmetic surgeon...could be a coincidence  making a human organism's face "The Reigns" as much as they interface to me they keep me out of the loop..unless of course I am being punished an dbeing played loops of nonsense to drive me quite horribly regressive..


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

American Beauty (the Reigns)

they know how to get a guy .where it hurts.
First right in the ear
than right IN The Eye
they get you
In The Face. might have heard of "The Reigns' the most unbelievable technique now practiced by The New Way.

even more (for some reason) unbelievable than wireless A.I and Virtual Reality "over rides" of a Proxy's 5 senses by the Men who wear Hats.(or headsets or helmets that send through bio sensor of their own mind visualizations ,essentially "hallucinations" to another imbued also with bio sensors (through potable or dermatalogical induction of nano particles)..
scanners  meets the balck swan meets being john malkovich meets JITBAG mnemetic trying once again to explain the unexplainable E.V.A.N.N Imparts.
but than I realize if this is Tuesday this must Must Be Tru Christie.
I despise Tru Christie almost as much as he despises me.
but even so.
direct neural interface is better than Brain computer Interface ..if only because when one graphs a computer to "piss off" ...
SHUT UP DUMBO ,Tru Imparts
still not realizing that THINKING
cannot be shut off.
(OH YES IT CAN scumbag ,Tru Graphs) and my every thought is NOT me participating in an interface...
Tru finds it amusing that i write about being a human monkey
he finds it interesting that I do not mind exposing my situation
of being found so low on the human chain that people in authority thought nothing of slipping me a nano mickey..
so that for the rest of my life every thought ,feeling ,sense...will be projected through the airways to some "source" for study and analysis
and neural monitoring

"You act as if you were proud of it..."

No, I myself find it often too difficult to believe.
But I find it interesting
that tru initial "mentor" back in the day when this was only Voice to Skull
and limited encoding was actually possible...
very low Fi was 1994 1995..
but THEY had to start somewhere....

I find it interesting that Tru Christie is and was always PRoud to be part of this.
always proud to be a Man dler.
there is a type that "likes" getting inside another man's mind.
that enjoys the intrusive nature of Human brain mapping
and endless "audits' of another's past present and..


oh yes.
oh  yes.
I graph.

may i continue.

it's your funeral ,he graphs...
I wish .
he knows.
for there is a shelf life to this that seriously should have been disposed of months ago.

I should have been disposed of months ago.
you see.
I have nothing more to give them really so they might "gage" my type.more readily ...if for instance they (my type) as indentified by my brain patterning and pupil dialtions etc etc..
if for instance my specific NOW PROFILED
(we're not finished don't know how difficult this is to do...He graphs me a visual of him wearing a neural headset reading the newspaper.,"YOU KNOW Nothing.ya think ya know...but ya don't know..

whatever tru christgie.,go read yer fuckin newspaper and quit reading my fuckin mind.

"trust me..I just look for Neural spikes..the very thought of reading yer mind or interfacing with your kind is too .."

"than why you talking to me .huh,why you interfacin" huh..YOU can turn it off..."

"maybe we've reached a stage in yours and Dome's relationship RUINER where we just do this to "drive ya crazy" huh..

That is what thius machinery is for,very hands off.

"speakin of hands Dumbo ,"tru christie graphs."you even think about jagging off with me monitoring you...and .."

trust me with tru Christie on headset the last thing one thinks of is...sexual attraction.."

he purposely sends me an inadvertantly vertant graph of him thinking."Why is it me who has to baby sit the freak ,...oh I know why...cuz know one else can stand doing it anymore,,because the big baby hates it so much and tries ..writing mean little stories about it...and these mean little stories cuz dumbo can't get a job .a real job cuz he smokes crack try to purposely destroy all the progress we 're trying to make...and stops at nothing to try to drag the whole team down to his level.
take one for the team
i am not one of the team.
it disgusts them if i think so.
if i ever truly think this .that is the purpose.
i wonder if i entered enuf information to cover this story
they read if no one else.
i make a note to add in all matter of my mental problems and drug use.
yeah that 'll help explain it..
if not i can begin
writing this another way entirely.
i try to think of people in the bible who heard voices and saw visions.
i worry lately.
that writing this too intently as 'it is"
what it is
not a thought disorder .
not some reaction to drugs.
and not vision .that are spiritual.although i must say that thank god.
some spirituals chain of events .do in fact follow the "chain of events chain of command of the synthefrenic mash -ups and mentored madnesss. that has all but destroyed me.
although mixed in with much of this is or has been rather awesome .interfaces and truly competant .loving interfaces..
they tries everything on me.
but it always come backs to "the basics" and what pays the bills...using this equipment to hurt people
what else would it be perfected for?
this very same equipment that could induce a mass imbuement with genuine autuistic love.
but there's no money in that

"you are sooo gay ," Tru graphs,"and donb't try folling anyone that you are autuistic ,or kind or gentle or unselfish...or Good. you are a sick sick man.who is simply exhausted from The First Phase of Our Bianry Solution to
Scumbo like yourself
not autuistic enuf for ya is it scumbo.
using this tech.
to simply see. read and know who amongst us is.
right minded.
or wrong minded.
'every test .every morality test. every normalicy test have failed.
or bailed.
you are not a man but protoplasm that uses better men's oxygen and parking spaces...
I do not drive.I remind tru ...but than realize i am now on Brain computer interface.

not direct neural .
perhaps there has been a change of shifts.
8 hours is as long as they go unless i am suicide launch
and tru believers in Trugenic eugenics california component style often work double shifts
getting me to ....either pick up my straight razor walk to 'the bridge" or begin once again (the third time's a charm) pulverizing vicadins into a fine powder to this time take. up the bum as tru christie suggests so that i cannot throw them up,,"really Dumbo...we were really proud of you last winter...a real manliness you displayed..knowing it was time to go..even though pills are "a girl's thing" a girl's womanly choice for's a good thing to know and admit that you were simply a mistake...Tru Christie says...stating that Eugenicide is not suicide but an action of self removal based on the greater good of human that my bettors and "the people  who m,ust Take Care..of a type that cannot take care of themselves..thank goodness you're a homo dumbo and never desired variable your children would be unresolvable ruiners..a toll on the system and a toll on those unfortunate souls who might "get sucked into  caring for your kind" believeing it is for some reason their job to care for unfortunates like yourself who should never have been allowed to be born to begin with...thank goodness that we now have measuring devices to know scientifically whether a Souless.

I am not souless.
something kicks in in me when Tru goes all fireside Eugenics for Population Stability ..
all transhumanistic..singualrity
for some
for some
i cannot help but think towards ..
than man
something Other.

My prayers.
are more childlike yelps to a super hero force ..
and i stop myself from wishing for this force to come down
and stop this.

"you're a real dumbass Dumbo..even your prayers are disturbed Tru Christie interfaces...

 only say these things to challenge you Tru graphs.
to find you
to help you.

How is this in any way helping me.

beats the shit out of me.
it's in the script is all.
all THEY care about is
The Dialogue

Parasol pictures he says,his voice changing,become friendlier.
i feel the change in my brain waves hz .and frequency changed from a 7.5 to a 9.2
nothing means anything

It works though.The voice says
it establishes a Neural Base line .you are helping ...
perhaps you are helping someone with locked in syndrome.
or a coma one day.
communicate with BCI

good will towards mandlers.I shout
i do not feel a thing but lust for .
for Tru Christie


I think for a moment.
that this isnt really happening.
it is easy to think like that
no one else believes me.never mind there is documented evidence and scores of people in this boat

"this boat?" Tru graphs.
this ordeal? ...your ingratitude is astonishing.This boat huh...this magical experience with the brightest more progressive men in science and the arts...

"mad scientists..." i think,"albert speer and jim jones with a degree in cybernetics and friends at Lockheed mar-

"shut up dumbo..not today .not today.." Tru graphs..

"I almost feel sorry for him..having to monitor someone he hates so much..

Right when you might have thought it was
to go back into “the barter”
..(the barter.because.
They know you like it.
The perks.
The attention
even if it is
the mandlers
using you like they other mandler types of note used that nice man in 1953 ..who just sorta .
Feel off
the statler hote's 10th floor.
(wish I could fly like supppa-man .i sing to my mandler,my friend .my Brotha...
your days are number dumbo.
They graph
In One's and zerrros I graph back hoping this time
it is closer.
That soon
I will be Out of this.
........thought it was safe to go back in...with the practice of wireless virtual reality you get some nice perks
like never feeling alone,not having to rent or pay for cable as parasol pictures is also part of this and basically tinkers with the neurons and dendrites(well,the nano do)in and around your visual cortex,... assimilating it and over -writing it to make your senses for the immersive,virtual reality “teleperception” as one ,one's mind quite literally becomes the projected surface one's 'director” is screening to..
people wrongly presumed that holography will be TV's next format.
This is not so.
Although 3-d holograms will in fact “for some “ become the “latest”
but for some
and probably ,in time for all
whats on Hollywood's Mind.will be injected ,incepted and “connected” right to your mind
fuck holograms.
The mind “sees” in 3-d already
who needs holograms
who needs more 'surface “ projection ,an antiquity ..this type of media 'display”
that still only engages 2 of the 5 senses.
With direct neural TV..Immersive reality
one becomes TV.
Much of the Immersive reality and much Virtual realities techniques
THEY will indeed” say anything”
a virtual “rundown”
especially as one gets too close to their patent pending pandemic panderings to Proxys who want to know how they do IT..It is amazing how they can alter ones states and very notion of reality with this technology .For one entire month I felt as if I was Napoleon, my very birth (or rebirth, my reincarnation ) meant only to “continue where I left off,a shame my “time” in the state of “heightened exzistenz” was wasted in the state hospital...but my Muralist ran me ragged raggedy andy-esque .shouting commands and commandment s to the impudent cops who refused to take seriously my suggestion we make California a Police State...”it already is they shouted,we are doing all we can with out YOU sir ,giving IT all away”-”Hush my municipal minion and remove thy shirt I demanded .I demand to take comfort in your arms! And armory!
Yes. A Muralist is ,quite different than a Mentor
in that a Muralist's main job is imbue in a Proxy a jacob's Ladder of New Ways of absorbing New Realities and Point of Views...
I hear they even made one Proxy feel so altered in his New Reality ,so embroiled in his “game piece” perspective as a Medieval Knight that he “went to far” and sliced of the arm of his brother -in Law .who tried to”bring him back down to earth”
what earth ?
Who needs earth when one is in the care of Saints and St Elsewhere  and
PARASOL PICTURE DREAMS .that may as well have Parasol Pictures  Logo announcing between the reels ,the short bridge of private, rapid eye movement that is truly yours alone
 that THIS DRERAM is not YOURS
but Theirs.
so enjoy .enjoy but get the message
we are sending
for in a manipulated mentored existance .everything means something
and something else all together.
So when word on high states during my “please please please” stop please start .please make it end.please make it endless .for lately I cannot live with IT nor could I handle the thought of life without IT now
when they threaten to "turn it off" for I am being a wuss about it...and whining that i no longer control my senses.
and can't i decide every now and than what i see? and hear?
"That's not how it Works Dumbo" they say
if it's really too much ...if you really can't "take " it ..

but I Jones for it when it subdues.
I Jones for it like Candy Jones.
which to them makes me questionable
but makes sopme Mandlers. HOT
In dreams.
and Out
but all of my Mandlers despise my  my hardy boys search for clues ...
How do They DO this.?
give me
mixed with mumble jumble.
word on High states  that  much of Dome's cybernetic .immersive reality “tricks of the trade' were in fact based on
a schizophrenic brother and sister 's (who were a rather famous singing duo in northern canada in the early 90s)neural reads ....the brother and sister.Veda and Kitt had many followers not only interested in their singing(mainly covers of light 60's power pop.The We Five,The Turtles..)but their Neuralities..both were thrown out of canada (never to be heard from or seen again ,except by Dome ...which supposedly booked both safe passage to Newfoundland or something in return for a year and a half of brain mapping )as many considered the duo a Cult...
every coupla years
some of the gang
at Dome add new features to it's line of nano "apps"
astounding systems of further "manipulated living" that believe it or not people have actually begun paying for..
as the neural collection and Neuronautics "New Way" of better living through intraneural coaching (mentorship)
also promises as part of the package..
that one's brain waves and "recorded self" is stored.
and can eventually enable one's very's SELF to LIVE FOREVER
one must only be agreeable
and sign "the million year " contract and be OPEN MINDED not just to
mind to mind interface and neural monitoring
but open to all sorts of bizarre new methods of Human Potential and Human Exponential
as outlined by founded Gary Rainy
in his mystic
"journey's" peyote not with standing to "meet " with his and only his "inside "neither man nor myth
who presumable gave Gary Rainy "the know how" of "knowing How" to use nano particles (or what he refered to as "raindrops" in his 1978 Manic-festo.only
Level 5 neuronauts can view.
"how man not only WANTS to be Controlled. But according to Gary Rainy and his "galactic Friends " billions of years Ahead of Our Times. NEED to be.
according to Gary .
his other worldly "entity" who "divined" upon HIM and ONLY him
how nanotechnology and Group Thought based on The New Ways specific and rigid teachings
could and would and must Save the World.
from itself.

mentors how learn how to "steer' another to HIGHER FUNCTION
are not "supposed to be nice..nor lenient ,nor "sucked into .one's Ego and or sense of Individuality DUMBO
that is what is and has destroyed the world.
severity is
spare the rod.
and Foil the child.
you Dumbo are a child .
we are reparenting you FREE OF CHARGE
we demand respect.
not only in your spoken words
and "spoken thoughts"
to help alter one's resistance
a new app was added.
presumably suggested by Gary Rainy's mystical "interludes" with "other forces beyond time and space"
that diagramed a way of using nano not only to read and impart information mind to mind .
but a way for the nano particles to further
implore "a follower' of The New Way to be less resistant to mentorship
something Evan Rainy calls The Reigns
if you ask me Gary rainy or Evan Rainy didn't "get the idea" to literally alter
a proxy's appearance visa millions of nano particles
that are designed to settle in one's face
from other worldly majesticS!
but from the Pinnochio.
as Pinnochio pretty much describes the feeling of having one's 5 senses over ridden by either brain computer interface
A.I techniques
or Immersive Reality "enhancement"
of course THEY do not present the Fact that gettin gone's looks improved with nano particles
is a reversible adjustment
used to
show and not just tell through interface How One is Doing ...and how one's mentors SEE their prodigee at any given time
the altering of one's looks (from a 3 to an 8 in under .83 nano seconds
is "a gift"
as it shows others "in the group"
HOW one is doing with "The Group"
for the evidence is literally right smack in their face..

Gary rainy goes on at some length explaining
that the cosmetic changes via nano also have alot to do with
excitation of the amygdala (the reptile brain) as human disfigurement was a true concern
to the Neanderthal
(our true selves)
and "the looks thing" helps get us neuronauts "in touch " with our "intuitive pre-corrupted instinctual selves"

"Oh ..please go on about IT Dumbo,"Tru Christie graphs"I mean keep yourself busy..typin gor doing something ...otherwise you might decide to look at yourself in the mirror.."
I know better having felt The Tingle..minutes ago..

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