Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"inway to the enways "and the Cue-ed Arc Manuel

Auditing is like casing another's inner monologue the part of "person" people do not reveal ,often even to themselves ...once one can..isolate ,embarrass and "chum up" to a potential client  and pat them on the head ,back and ass...that they are so brave and distinct for for choosing to forgo their childish beliefs in the faith they were raised in order to open their minds to the mind to the "New Way" of the science ideology  of Neuronautics that foregoes "child like " thinking of a TRUE AFFINTY to a SUPER INTELLKECT that has deliberately been with held from the masses ...express to them praise,bow down to them if you must  how impressed you are that the Dupe had  the inmate sense to find the Group and impress upon them that only those with psychic like intuition come to Neuronautics somehow knowing  ..that their destiny WAS  always to be part of the few and the proud.. ..after the Limy finishes preening their newly discovered fine feathers (as if to fly )..the dupe is now ready to be   Assessed...by their  Mentors, who the dupe is taught must be seen as their  Bettor..for only one with secret and hard won abilities from a mystical realm that YOU to may one day attain ..who else but a Knowing One  can best analysis and synthesis the Limy's  information into black and white .zeros and ones?

The Mentor must get the duped to feel they must share what they never have to another person. f o r the purpose of  a meaningful ,spiritual appraisal.The assessment of individuals i s based upon the compilation anduse of psychological as well as biographic detail. we often use what we call the SEE METER which records thermal temperature to make sure  all the subject says is TRUE  reliable information with no withhold ...we ask  about identity so we can next break identify, personal  history, and    the dupes intentions .

 . Control: the capacity t o generate, a l t e r , o r halt human behavior by implying, citing, or using physical orpsychological means to ensure compliance with direction.
The compliance may be voluntary or involuntary.
 Control of an interrogatee can r a r e l y be established without control of his environrnent.
Give the subject meaningless work activities such a scouring a bathroom floor with a toothbrush to subtract MEANING from their daily life
         4, Counterintelligence interrogation: an interrogation( s e e #7) designed t o obtain information about hostileclandestine activities and persons o r groups engaged therein.KUBARK CI interrogations a r e designed, almost invariably,to yield information about foreign intelligence and securityservices or Communist organizations. Because security is anelement of counterintelligence, interrogations conducted toobtain admis sions of clande stine plans o r activities directedagainst KUBARK or PBPRIMX security a r e also CIinterrogations. But unlike a police interrogation, the CI

  • 8. interrogation i s not aimed at causing the interrogatee to incriminate himself a s a means of bringing him to trial. Admissions of complicity a r e not, to a CI service, ends! i n themselves but m e r e l y prelu&es ts t h e zc-l;a;tion of Y-- "A m o r e information. 5. Debriefing: obtaining information by questioning a controlled and witting source who is normally a willing one. 6 . E l i c i t i n g obtaining information, without revealing intent o r exceptional interest, through a v e r b a l .or written exchange with a person who may be willing o r unwilling t o provide what is sought and who may or m a y not be controlled. 7, Interrogation: obtaining information by direct questioning of a per son o r per sons under conditions which a r e either p a r t l y o r fully controlled by the questioner o r a r e believed by those questioned t o be subject t o his control. Because interviewing, debriefing, and eliciting a r e simpler methods of obtaining i .ormation from cooperative subjects, n£ interrogation i s usually r e s e r v e d for sources who a r e suspect, r e s i s t a n t , o r both. 8. Intelligence interview: obtaining information, not customarily under controlled conditions, by questioning a . - person who is aware of the nature and perhaps of the significance of his a n s w e r s but who i s ordinarily unaware of the purposes and specific intelligence affiliations of the interviewer.
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