Tuesday, June 9, 2015

catfish on a poll/ the illumination of Adam Parker

Alfred Gatzick had read the book AND the multiple scripts of "A Stone for Danny Fisher"...the book had been "hot"and several adaptations of it had been passed around and passed by Hollywood.Alfred Gatzick had asked his writers to make a few simple revisions to the plot....mainly to "Get rid of the Jew stuff"
according to A. Gatzick," first of all  nobody will believe a Jew can box..
Also  make it a musical ..as several so called Rock and Roll "stars" had recently been added to the roster of bankable commodities...

Eventually  A. Gatzick sold the rights he had bought to another studio- who knew how to get "the Jew out"of the story...He himself had done all he could "to get the Jew out" of himself. Except when it served him. He had arranged  dual citizenship to avoid paying certain taxes....He often referred to Israel - jokingly 'his withhold land".Gatzick knew how to chose a story. How to "see story' through another's eye...He often told a budding screenwriter that a good script required one to "spying on "the Mind's Eye" of an audience and give them both what they expect and what "they never
 saw coming. Film making to Gatzick was all about deliberately using whatever deceptive devices one has acquired "seeing as another does" to "play" an audience .


Alfred Gatzick 's son Neil...thought he was playing Gary Rainy when he agreed to sell a piece of his late father's studio to "The Church " of Neuronautics in return for agreeing that Rainy could  control 1/4 th of the product the studio released as 1/4th of the product the studio produced was simply to bulk up and than debunk stock shares by timing  release dates of predicated low box office with bi-quarterly financial "unpredictable" earnings. Gatzick knew  Jews had very little to do with an organization that was not shy about it's stance on Jews being low on the Scale of Evolvement and was glad Neuronautics had by this time "functioned" and thrived under a variety of names so Gatzick felt comfortable he would not offend "the Jewish Community" that held him in such high regard.


Valerie Prentis read and re -read the latest screenwriter's "new take" on the upcoming remake of "King Creole".In the new version of the story
 the impetus of Danny Fisher's skill's are shifted from singing to pontification, Adam Parker, would of course play Fisher...

Valerie  Prentis, head of  Parasol Pictures new Immersive Reality Department  (the film would be made in 2 formats) explained to the writers
she wanted "Mein Kamf" meets "A Star is Born" meets "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington"-
Is that so difficult ," she boomed at the writers so hesitant to introduce aspects of  Trugenics and Neuronautics based on the reading and transcription of brain signals-

How she hated dealing with those who were afraid
truly adhere to the New Standards of

"The New Way"

Valerie tried to soften her wants for the team of writers
by stating
"That Jewie Thinking....wasn't so much a Jew Thing but a way of Thought Style that is Self Referential Intellectualism
that simply doesn't translate well
with a either an intercepted nor incepted 5 sense interface
Danny ,a handsome charismatic man in his late 40's  works as a Greeter in an Annex of his local chapter of Neuronautics one night when a seminar speaker gets ill,Danny gets a chance to lecture on "The New Way" as instlled upon him by the course Danny has taken as a Neuronaut. Success is imminent and the Neuronautic Administrators cannot help but take notice and decide to groom Danny to be a leader ,a speaker and symbol of "The New Way"

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