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How an Extreme Psychological Study by a former O.S.S. interrogator May Have Affected the mind of Young Ted Kaczynski

I wake up.the voice truly like the old days...totally voice of G-d retro.
I had made a mistake .is the implication/the voice remains distance,,,,electronic..
it does not even "care" to compute the information in my mind.of why I did something I knew was wrong I don't even try graphing WHY..they don't care and
you can't really lie.not on Merge I mean literally. . you.can't make wiggle your way out of any thought or action ..they often ignore INTENT..only case-ing one's Reactives.. this junk in your muck. this Merge in your Dirge .what am I talking about?t the "apps" ..The Merge biotech that read one's mind..and allow for one's team to graph info onto into your mind now made for Merge-ing
what u think I have been writing about?
my team tether
I understood very well not to write the name Ted Kaczynski
but only some basis to a character in "The Blob" who is to(or was to) quote passages kazinsky wrote. as coming from some fictional character I was supposed to ..
build up" The Blob"
an old man who lives in some shack
talking about "The Blob" which IS the Merge (dumb reader)
our remake of the blob you won't be seeing no jelly creature....eaten up the!
you'll see invasion of the body snatcher though alright...but with no fancy space alien shit...just MERGE! when COMPO COLA BIMOBAY hits the big and little screens!
as a moooovie..
well THE OLD MAN knows all about science and merge technology..which is like why he lives in this crummy shack
cuz' this OLD MAN you see..can like Talk of nothing else...
and people like that end up in little shacks...
it seems..
well---way way way before the Old Man's fears come true.OLD MAN knew this stuff was gopnna Go Down
OLD MAN .. drinks a lot meets the young guy in the remake of 1988 remake of 1958 remake of the blob..
the Kevin dillion character ..according to my mandlers ..has to like introduce himself to the the Good Guy first showing how good he yapping it up with crazy bearded man...let's just call him DILLION shows up at
INT?EXT SHANTY SHACK.. DILLION doesn't want to talk about how his 'folks' are hounding him. but can't help himself..either talking about .how the cops are hounding nobody knows what it'as like to be a teenager .in "this stinkin'! town!...DILLION calms down ..cuz' we see ..CLOSE on DILLION'S eyes DILLION once over this poor broken man who literally lives in a shack...
DILLION forgets his teenage troubles
HOW GOOD he,DILLION is by swallowing some Moonshine from this old dude
's flask ..without wiping ted Kaczynsky's germs off the bottle, off the moon shine
supposedly I knew I could not go writing Ted Kaczynsky's name in this ..segment /section
and I must be honest I did know that...but did it anyway
cccccccause I wwwwant out of this..
that's why
OLD MAN shows Dillion these tiny teeny almost on see-able "dots" in a jar..
the man calls nanobiotech..
and OLD MAN seen them few nights or so...come shimmering down the sky..
next..TED shows DILLION the 'chips" the a microscope.
and DILLION scratches his chin
while the Old MAN talks.
OLD MAN (talking to DILLION about science)
.i.e.scientific research is a surrogate activity for scientists, and that for this reason "science marches on blindly, without regard to the real welfare of the human race or to any other standard, obedient only to the psychological needs of the scientists and of the government officials and corporation executives who provide the funds for research"oversocialization". the social and psychological problems of modern society to the fact that society requires people to live under conditions radically different from those under which the human race evolved and to behave in ways that conflict with the patterns of behavior that the human race developed while living under the earlier conditions." He further specifies the primary cause of a long list of social and psychological problems in modern society as the disruption of the "power process"disruption of the power process" is the primary cause of various maladies in society (e.g., crime, depression, etc.). that rather than recognizing that humans currently live in "conditions that make them terribly unhappy", "the system" (i.e., industrial society) develops ways of controlling human responses to the overly stressful environment in which they find themselves.
Imagine a society that subjects people to conditions that make them terribly unhappy, then gives them the drugs to take away their unhappiness. Science fiction? It is already happening to some extent in our own society
there's only one way out of this dear reader.when they "hooked your mind up" as some storyboard,drafting kit.
the way out ?
a long way down ....splat.
is the way out..and trust me a few more weeks...of this..fuck yeah
I am down down down with this
..BOINK on the concrete and clay..and LLLLLLovin' it!
ted kazinski. the tether imparts and the author/Proxy
having the notion the right? or the guile to insinuate is OUR COLE COHEN!
was a mistake aof magnitudes I could not have foreseen
as Cole was not made up quite by me..but by my Team
now thanks to DUMBO...... COLE can be "tAKEN BY THE READER ' AS TED kAZINSKI you fucking DUMMY
in one fell swoop
recasts Cole as
bearded unwashed maniac/a type of criminal
who unlike, according to my tether =Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge . who some might consider a bonnie and Clyde folk leastTele-'Genically
.(to whom I graph? is randy weaver telegenic) wasn't Randy weaver part of the Aryan nation?
I am ignored.
I'll just take down the damn post..jeeez..but NO
evan graphs because fact NOW ..
for who?
For US...
I decide I won't try to take down the post..
why I graph to my mentors --- why can some actor be able to portray ted kazinsky..and be able to undo himself from that role?
and not a writer..
the reason according to my tether is that an actor in a tv show or movie can get away with portraying ted kazinski because TV unlike BOOKs ...can presume upon a view what the viewer is to think about the ted kazinski.
from the way he is dressed ,lit...photographed..and the incidental music that surround s him and of course the script..
but in a book
nobody has no control how a person might SEE in their minds eye
UNLESS the media has already corralled a Co Conscious image of ted Kazinsky upon the group mind
Yo,I graph..i sorta think some guy telegenic or not sending letter bombs...
and hurting innocent people...didn't much need the help of the media ...packaging him as MONSTER
"I am interfacing with an idiot,' I hear Evan rainy graph not me but with someone at home office...and actually hear a in the early days
and a finally inner vision of Evan ripping off his headset..
leaving me alone...which of course is all I ask for..
but it feels scary
How an Extreme Psychological Study by a former O.S.S. interrogator May Have Affected the mind of Young Ted Kaczynski by Stacy Conradt

As a Psych 101 student in college, you may have participated in experiments grad students concocted as part of their research papers or theses. Ted Kaczynski did, and it was so extreme, it may have helped shape the worldview of the man who would later build and send 16 bombs, killing three and injuring 23.
In 1959, 17-year-old Kaczynski was a sophomore at Harvard. He had completed high school at 15, then enrolled at the Ivy League school at an age when most teenagers are cramming for their driver’s license tests.
At this young, impressionable age, the future Unabomber was recruited for a psychological experiment run by famed psychologist Henry A. Murray. But unlike the ones you and I probably participated in during college, the experiment Murray conducted lasted three years.
In it, Kaczynski and 21 other students were told to develop their personal philosophies on life. Then they would debate that philosophy against another undergraduate student. But as it turned out, this was no friendly discourse When they showed up to debate, the test subjects were attached to electrodes, seated in a chair facing a one-way mirror, and subjected to hot, bright lights. The debate wasn’t with a fellow undergrad at all, but a law student who had been told to go to town on the ideals of these young men. To make matters worse, they then had to watch video of the argument after it was over, which forced them to go through the humiliation all


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