Tuesday, June 2, 2015


(1)RECOMMENDATION: Remind subject that Indis O Say's "The Facetaker " was not introduced into his "narrative" to amuse him but warn him that his Psychotronic Journey can ALSO take on nuances of other Hand's Off rendition and if the subject really wants Face to Face interaction he will have it soon enough if he remains reticent toward his tutelage-

(2)Human Disfigurement by manipulated TRPV3 compounds in the brain with directed remote energy
By accepting the visible deformity (1)caused by changes in calcium  flux after exposure of brain tissue to non ionizing electromagnetic radiation.(2)and furthermore recognizing that  calcium is intimately involved in the electrical activity of the brain used for focus and attention  we have discovered  unrecognized potential for radio-frequency radiation to affect not only physical appearance but biological function.

"... a gun shot wound or a scar acquired during battle becomes a badge of honor. A lost limb also induce sympathy and respect from others in their native country. Visible war wounds  instigate a natural empathy  toward the afflicted in a way that according to medical studies  facial disfigurement does not. Facial disfigurement instead causes a primal and therefore automatic repulsion toward the afflicted .We have discovered a way to remotely transmit an Electro Magnetic signal at the area of the brain that regulates calcium flux .Control of calcium ions can  produce either temporary or permanent facial disfigurement ..by tripping up "the system "with Direct Energy Transmittance we can now alter a person's appearance remotely to a monstrous facsimile of it's previous shape..

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