Monday, June 22, 2015

dementia praecox


now do  it again poems  no videos ..what I told you but in your own words... ..Tru graphs
june 22
'm not really sure how much damage I might have done
to those also suffering  with mental illness like myself by writing this blog...and explaining my delusions thoroughly .as what my symptoms...what I MYSELF DECIDED ..well not me but my disease  did confusing me about  the cause of my visual and aural me being a human guinea pig/test subject....or what people in the targeted individuals community refer to as aTI....I hope not too many people believed what I wrote was in any way anything other than my sickness...and nothing bad happened to me that if I take the right chemical cocktail ...and stay with a therapist who understands schizophrenia ...I will be OK and so will you
 if you can start believing in yourself...and stop being fooled  by these bad people,(and they ARE bad) who try to take advantage of your  illness and convince you ...that there are .human testing and synthetic telepathy and voice to skull technology which is not true ,,but these strange ideas are used  very bad people on the internet and in books to make us  sicker than even the  mental illness doesthese people try trick us  and make our symptoms worse...and make us refuse good ,real treatments that really might help us be well and not hear or see thing..
I and you as well if you think you are a targeted individuals  must stop calling yourself  a Targeted Individual or a Human Guinea Pig or these ideas will trick your mind into believing delusions
I know mental illness and especially the diagnosis schizophrenia have stigmas
and maybe ..if we are honst that is  why IT IS EASIER for us to believe in direct  energy weapons  and synthetic telepathy
but think clearly for a moment--------- how crazy this  sounds?
maybe you should stay away from the internet for a while and those books I know we all have..
and see how good it feels not to be manipulated by the bad people that enjoy making us believe lies.We have an illness,that's all and it's nothing ANY OF US should EVER feel ASHAMED OF!..some of the most brilliant people have overcome mental illness.The sooner we can move away from identifying ourselves as test subjects or being psychonically tortured..
we can get well or at least treat the real reason we see and hear and not waste more and more  time investigating LIES that make us even more sick.
we are only as sick as our delusions.Do not let this nonsense of Targeted Individuals trick you and make you maybe get so sick you may never get better.

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.....I am surprised at you falling again for the usual suspect -schizophrenia or any other genuine thought disorder silly mouse
• .I think somebody is regressing
•  or just being a "bad sport"
• never forget how many others would love to be in these trials!...and How Lucky you are to be  working
 with your team on the NEW railroad!
• I know sometimes  it's difficult once one's mind  and one's senses have been commandeered by another( or simply a machine) to hold onto whatever last vestiges of you want to do anything but sleep or cry or die .this is not psychotronic torture we have always said UNLESS you make IT so.
• you..with your endless grousing about bio ethics ..and civil liberties and the tedious redundancies of your thinking to yourself and thus your OTs that your poor nervous system is imploding  and you are  now without affect .YOU"VE COME THIS FAR and none of your Team  particularly cares for a selfish subject- you think the life of one man or woman is greater than the good that comes from these studies for the species as a whole ..nobody cares if you don't :wanna" participate     in  what you whine are endless morality tests concerning the great big "what would you do? of it all .
....Never forget that your Operating Tele-Presence and those that study your decoded neural signals must understand second to  second thinking
•as  to automate this system
so all may be steered toward righteousness.
 I know we are way past the misunderstanding that these daily mazes we must run  you through  lead you anywhere  and how much easier for all of us that finally you gleaned diminished expectations of there being   an actual  exit ..but just try .just try to  imagine the greater good of Human Testing researchers  have  an understanding of  every breath you take ,every move you make and every vow you break.
.so that others can be most easily given a seamless sense of  self control that only can be seamed by  acquired and  decoded  brain signals so an unsentimental r Intelligence can  impart Proper Steering  to negate the limitations
 of the topography  one's  brain map provides
 So you have  chosen to latch on to .the wrong story...the clinical rather than mystic be thankful we will not let you go .as there are so many stories that will illuminate this maze
 for you to find                           
                                    The New Way!


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