Friday, June 12, 2015

son signs

Tru Christie CEO of Proxy Cyber stared at the computer screen.Not the screen that decoded Cole Cohen's brain signal's into natural language .
but the FB page Cole Cohen Head Case  now typed directly on. As predicted the poor sod no longer even bothered taking the time to write anything that was happening to him as fiction.
Cole was finally becoming exactly what Proxy Cyber wanted and needed their Human Subjects to be . CLEAR,CONCISE evidence and thus examples for Proxy Cybernetic'...s Unique Brand of Psychotronic Weapon.At a corporate meeting last Tuesday Tru Christe had joked that he wished some of the subject's would begin rating their Psychotronic Service Provider's Hand's Off Torture Technique on Angie's List but for now this would have to do . Tru Chrstie told his fellow Tele-Operators that the "urgent documentation" the human fodder did online was like a built in billboard for Proxy Cyber's weapon's tech and a built in public discrediting of the subject's sanity.Tru Christie had told his team "Never let the subject know they are doing us a favor being ANNE FRANK ,KAREN SILKWOOD and WOODWARD &BERNSTEIN all rolled into one .So long as the human targetes kept posting was not difficult to match up spread sheets containing the names of the 20 thousand or so human pincushions Proxy Cyber had in it's stable with scrolls of output each of the human subjects wrote either in a blog ,in discussion forums or Twitter describing their slow but sure disintegration of mind and spirit with the VR, A.I. and Brain Computer Interface renditions .The mental meltdown capture on he biggest aboveground fake underground railroad ever engineered to capture and categorize the pain and horror sent via the Tele-Operator's headset directly to the nanobiotech speckled neural tissue of the human Husk.

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