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shake ,rattle and roll by Jim Bloom and Ryan Onlineian

1 )  I am at the annex .Part of my work study program.It helps pay for the  courses i take is raining. so--No cold calling on pedestrians  .no soliciting ...any walk ins .... Ruiners according to Evan Rainy  on rainy days  are usually more concerned with running from the rain....taking care of their selfish comforts ..taking care of their staying dry ...taking care of their Temporary Tone -alities fleeting in the Enway  of it all..
"you Cole were once one of them.,: Evan Rainy tells me

many people are wary of Neuronautics  and the more I become one with the group the more wary I become of the Ruiners out there . I watch them from the storefront window..
.looking at the familiar  Neuronautics logo and if they KNOW all about it

no wonder we call them Ruiners.

By now I am protective of Neuronautics
 and cannot help telepathically wishing ill will upon the Ruiners who dare laugh at "The New Way"
once I wished this upon some biker guy and woosh .his bike crashed into a palm tree.

Level 2  Neuronauts supposedly cannot yet manifest their psychic powers
but there are exceptions

an half an hour a go a man and women came in here to get out of the rain
.they asked if I wouldn't mind
them staying in the annex till the rain lightened up
as if the annex was some kind of bus shelter

I said yes it's OK  and saw out of the corner of my eye Evan make one of those faces..
 a face that indicated -that he knew- without knowing- telepathically...or RUINER! call IT what you might like..

Evan Rainy KNOWS  that THIS TYPE
 won't  buy any books or sign up for any  courses
just the same
.I  say  to them ..wellllllll''''''''while you are here would you mind If I showed you some literature that just may change your life..

(after all THESE RUINERS had gotten water all over the carpet didn't they?")
the two snickered at each other
 and the girl leaned into the man's ear .said something snide I can only guess what

..and the man said .."No thank you" I think we will  just run into the coffee shop next door and get some coffee..thanks for your time.." ,the girl' he's with covering her ruiner smile...

"ha,: I thought
 ",the guy"-- too cheap-- to buy a book...too stuck on himself to see things beyond himself
Evan ,as if reading my mind says-
'poor girl stuck with a type like that."

..than I remember it was she who snickered first
perhaps if I had that guy alone I could have sold him a cd ,dvd or book.
or even some Pre- Level courses

Evan goes outside ,without a coat and can't help but wonder if he intends to "app" the guy or girl with Merge

just walk into the coffee house i saw them sneak into..(.to wet their floor and probably not even drink any coffee)
Evan purposely accidentally rubbing some Merge on the guy's(or girl's ) bare arm or hand

but than i remember Evan wasn't wearing any  glove

you have to wear a  special glove or the Merge goes all inside your own blood stream
Gary Rainy,Evan;s father  wants to find a way to make the gloves part of Neuronautic's standard uniform ,,like the tie and slacks I must wear when I work at the annex
From Head office Gary and Raven   sent Evan some pictures of old  cadet uniforms of the British navy give to some seamstress at Parasol Pictures some ideas
the seamstress
 a second generation Neuronaut

a  guy came into the annex in north hollywood  3 weeks ago
right  after the salesman from Proxy Cyber was here..Proxy Cyber and some Pharmaceutical  company   hand out  bio tech
called  Merge  for what Co Conscious Thinking
to  help people not be dumb..
or criminals.
with something called brain computer interface
and Neuronautics was invited to
test the product
the Proxy Cyber Merge Representative
 gave us 12 samples of Merge
twelve vials of Merge product

Evan told  me all I had to do was wear the glove
the Proxy Cyber man said must be worn if one is to administer the product
straight to skin without the client knowing
(and the client shouldn't KNOW..because Proxy Cyber needed to see what would happen to someone if they suddenly began hearing and seeing stuff out of nowhere

which was why Neuronautics came in so handy
to be
of use

doesn't matter if the client rubs his hand on his pants the biotech is instantly absorbed in his skin
..well enough of it is..anyway

if he asked you what was on your hand say sun screen...

that's why you're wearing the glove
it makes so little sense it makes sense.
 Evan says.
and Evan is right
nobody ever asks any more questions.
cause ,as I was taught ..I give them "the look" that say" STOP "

stop wasting my time .stop wasting your time stop wasting OUR time.and lets dig in .
dive up and drive thought the barriers between Ruiners and Rectification !

we 'd given out all 12  doses ...but the 4 th Man  had never come back
 Evan said
\he wondered what happened to the 4 th man
 wondered if he had he jumped..
 as there was no way a man or woman could take the Merge and what the Merge did  ..with out coming back to them for guidance

the rain stopped and the 4th man
came into the annex
as directed I said what I was told to

I was waiting for you to come back..I was scared for you
when you came weeks ago
 I saw them clinging to you..."I said .

"you saw what clinging"the 4th man said

 The Entities.." I said ,isn't that why you're here? you came here for a reason .You were brave enough to come here and Now you won't tell me  what I saw plain as day the first time you were here..
I cannot say it for you.

"I hear and I see things" the client said

the very same things Gary Rainy wrote about in "Inway to the Inways"The very same Entities," I said

"But  I never ever heard or saw things  before ..Before I came here this annex..before you rubbed whatever you did on my palm"the man said ,getting angry

"oh dear brother..this is a cause for celebration not fisti-cuffs! YOU have  awakened YOUR Emblematics!
you cannot remove the Emblematics  until you hear and see them"

'I suppose it costs something to remove these ...what do you call them? Emblematics?the man said

and on cue Evan Rainy joins us from his office.
saying to the man
'Is Cole bothering you...he's new here...Cole please leave us alone "


Targeted Individuals and the Human Protection Software Suite Scam

In my line of work, where I often find myself trying to dig into the truth behind some of the most surreal and outrageous stories, I do find myself doing a double-take at just how outrageous some of these stories can be.
Case in point is the phenomenon of targeted individuals and electronic harassment. In this article, I’m not yet going to cover the situation of TI’s in detail – I’m not quite ready for that yet. However, I recently stumbled upon an outrageous, terribly unethical scam that I would be remiss if I didn’t properly expose immediately in its entirety.
That scam is called the Human Protection Software Suite, and it is currently being operated by a man named Rafael Born Caravantes. It is an especially horrendous scam, because it focuses on individuals who are already suffering from a strange, life-altering phenomenon, and it makes their situations even more difficult.

You’re probably asking what on earth Targeted Individuals are. A “Targeted Individual”, or TI, is a person that for one reason or another has come under some form of harassment or surveillance from the federal government – or at least believe they are under such attack.
You will be very hard pressed to see any mention of this phenomenon in the mainstream press – mostly because the entire community of individuals that are convinced they are a TI is in fact covered with the stigma of mental illness. The first reaction that anyone has when they first hear or read one of these individuals talking about “energy weapons” causing rashes, electronic implants in the body, or implanted voices or sounds in the head – is that the person is most likely suffering from a sort of schizophrenic breakdown.
One blogger – a self-described TI – described the problems that legitimate TI’s suffer from in dealing with conditions that are most often legitimately described as symptoms of mental illness.
It is the presence of “crazies” in the community that keep thoughtful journalists away, and it is also what attracts people like Rafael into the arena. Scammers like Rafael realize that there is an abundance of individuals that are ready and willing to believe just about anything you tell them, so long as it confirms their deep-seated belief that they are suffering from electronic harassment of some sort.
Rafael enters into the lives of these individuals, and then proposes to them that not only are their experiences real, but that he has a solution

The Human Protection Software Suite

The scam is ridiculously stupid, but in its own way it’s also brilliant – because it feeds into the fears and belief system that so many of these individuals hold firmly to. In fact, for many of them, their very grasp on reality – their ability to avoid a full and total breakdown – depends up the reality they perceive, being true.
Rafael – who goes by the name of “Mell Mellhedek” when introduced to these individuals – proposes that not only are their beliefs true, but he has the ability to insert “software” into their body that can block the electronic harassment from taking place, and that it can remove “implants” that they believe exist in their bodies. He calls his “system” the Human Protection Software Suite – also branded under the name “RECLAIX”.
To make this scam even more deplorable – the “product” that Rafael offers is nothing more than a phone call or a chat describing how the “software” is being downloaded to their bodies – through chakra energy points. Apparently, he is able to convince them that he has written this software that can be transmitted across any distance, and into their bodies.
The most deplorable part of this is that he charges these individuals into the hundreds of dollars for what amounts to nothing more than a psychological scam.
The actual cost of the software was listed on Joselle’s blog as follows:
“If you are compatible, a link will be sent in that reply email to Paypal where you may view an invoice, make payment, and consent to installation. Payment must be received within 3 days of receiving the free compatibility test results. The cost of an HPSS 1-year license agreement is $868.00 USD. Keep in mind, there is a 30-day money back guarantee!”
human protection software suite

An International Operation

“Mell” is aided in his online pursuits to draw in Targeted Individuals with the help of his American colleague Joselle Rozario, who usually follows Rafael around the various forums and websites online that dare to question his productby posting her alleged successes with the system.
Joselle obtained a Psychology degree from Western New England University in 1997, and has been running a business called Consciously Aware Consulting, Inc. out of Fall River, Massachusetts since 2006. She recently incorporated it as a Domestic Profit Corporation in 2010, around the same time she began assisting Rafael in his international scam.
Joselle operates a frequent, “Reclaix TI Community Conference Call” which is intended to draw in potential individuals.
For his part, Rafael Caravantes runs his end of the scam out of Porto Alegre, Brazil. He charges the marks a monthly fee for a service that doesn’t realistically include anything at all. He describes the “service” as follows on another supporter’s blog:
“Our product will be licensed for a Human use by subscription. It is a Human Software installed in a Human. Everything is installed at a distance, we only use the Human bio signature to reach you. After the installation everything sets up in 5 seconds and starts working. We are not providing a technique or anything else besides a product based on advance tech that is tested and working.”
It is a terrible situation, where Rafael manipulates already unstable individuals to pay him a “subscription”, and in exchange he promises to remotely solve their electronic surveillance problems.

Psychological Manipulation

One of the clearest examples of how his scam operates is through a chat excerpt posted online by Joselle in 2011. In this chat, you can see how Rafael tries to manipulate the subject – John – into believing that he is doing something that should affect John’s symptoms.
Mellhedek says: how are you feeling?
John says: feeling ok. was before tho. i get the voices.
Mellhedek says: ok
John says: plus mind reading.
Mellhedek says: we will have to wait for 2 hours from now. I have installed a new and updated Human Protection Dome, with embedded Human Firewall, embedded generator, embedded automatic Device Removal and embedded Quena Shield.
John says: so come back at 10 EST, 1 am Brazil
Mellhedek says: yes
John says: ok
Mellhedek says: if my project works, the embedded generator for Quena Shield should substitute the physical generator with Quena Shield. We shall then go all virtual. then no need for a physical generator.
John says: ok see you then.
Mellhedek says: ok
As with most scams of this variety, the description of the “tech” is nothing more than meaningless gibberish. As an electrical engineer and a computer programmer, I can tell you that Rafael’s descriptions are completely fabricated garbage, meant to leave the “Mark” just confused enough to trust that “Mellhedek” is doing what he says – even though he isn’t doing anything at all, except taking their money.
Rafael uses the age old scam technique of utilizing anything the subject tells him in order to manipulate their beliefs – convincing them that he’s actually doing something to them remotely.
“John says: still waiting. she’s being attacked by signals from the apartment below her.
Mellhedek says: how is the pain? it doesn´t seem to be from that apartment – it seems to be from satellite
John says: yes, they access a satellite. from a computer
Mellhedek says: you need to know with her only if the symptom has diminished. don´t worry this time with the source
John says: k. heres her message: I can feel my arm and can move it. the spine is not right twitching forhead and behind both eyes still pounding but not as hard
Mellhedek says: there is a possibility of lots of different sources so if you concentrate on the sources at this time it won´t help. If you take one down they will use another.
John says: ok. understand.
Mellhedek says: see with her if the pain in the spine diminished that is what I have worked on. I will check the other symptoms if that one is ok
Mellhedek says: John see if her spine is better. We won´t be doing more than that. We won´t use resources for that as we are not using with you testing group. let finish the development of the Human Protection Dome and then everyone will get better using it.
John says: ok, then.
Mellhedek says: just check if her spine is better than before.
John says: asking her. will let you know if i hear anything further.
Mellhedek says: ok
John says: is there anything else we need to do?
Mellhedek says: I am tracking down somethings. I don´t know yet if we will need to update. If you can wait some more minutes it will be great.
John says: ok
Mellhedek says: Lets go for another update. 5 min in the safe area?
John says: ok
Mellhedek says: updating
John says: ok back
Mellhedek says: updating wait a moment
John says: ok
Mellhedek says: the devices are more physical than I calculated. calculating how to remove them
John says: ok. that’s fine.
Mellhedek says: still calculating. updating
John says: ok. Mary says her spine has no feeling now. a little better.
Mellhedek says: it should. I have taLemos the device out and used Human Tech to compensate the alteration done by the device
John says: can you do anything for the right hand?
Mellhedek says: hers?
John says: yes
Mellhedek says: let me track
John says: ok
Mellhedek says: still updating
John says: she says youre on it. already feeling different. shes on the phone now
Mellhedek says: so lets do something for her hand
John says: ok tks so much. she’s saying it feels better.
Mellhedek says: see if her hand is better
John says: did you remove the implants? she has several there.
Mellhedek says: some
John says: ok
Mellhedek says: how is the symptom?
John says: she can feel her fingers now
Mellhedek says: nice
John says: “its a miracle!” she says”
It is a tragic case of a person skilled in using the power of suggestion to manipulate and scam countless individuals that are already suffering.
Rafael is likely profiting greatly from their suffering, and for the most part, many in the mainstream may see this situation as a case not worthy of attention – after all, are the victims not willingly spending their money on the scam?
There isn’t much that anyone can do, except to make it very clear to potential victims that the evidence shows Rafael, a.k.a. Mell, is nothing more than a standard, mainstream computer programmer that was doing no more than working on regular things like web design and website plugins as of 2008.
He has registered numerous domains in anticipation of performing other scams, such as a “Neuron Expander” – likely to be another stage in his ongoing scams. He operates under the company name of “Noren”, which is his cover organization.
In reality, and on his official LinkedIn profile that he uses to try and get mainstream legitimate work, Noren is used as a legitimate computer programming company, and there is no mention of his efforts with the Human Protection Software Suite.
I suspect if potential employers or clients knew what Rafael was up to, he would likely have a lot of difficult questions to answer – which might explain why he operates the scam under the assumed name of Mell Mellhedek.
One last clue that may offer some explanation – a 2011 court case revealing bankruptcy proceedings in Brazil against Rafael may explain what motivated him to start using his computer programming lingo to manipulate and scam countless Targeted Individuals around the world.

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