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operant influence upon human organism addendum-ed with nano biologicals concerning inner orientation via interfaced narrative

Evan showed Proxy Cyber.
ready to be grilled.
like a common Proxy might be.

Of course Evan was schooled in reading and writing upon another's mind
after all he was an Operating Tele-Presence Level 7
 Valerie Prentis did not greet him as she would usually...this morning
In fact when she saw Evan enter the office she coughed and turned around ..turned away from him.
as if seeing the head,the face  of the mind she would soon enter
would get in the way of her reading him.
Evan of course realized how humiliated this come -uppance was SUPPOSED to be
but actively  refused to "act" as if he was
 suddenly some underling.
some Husk.Some subject.

"Good Morning Valerie," Evan said .

And without turning around or returning the greeting  Valerie told him "to get in the booth..we'll start in five"

Evan took of his jacket and got inside the booth
The Booth
the size of  large wardrobe with a seat in it
the front of the door inside "the chamber"  was a shade of light green painted
that color especially to keep one's mind off of any vibrancy of imagination.
that might get in the way of a pure read.
the rest of the interior painted beige.
the head set that Evan was to put on sat on the lightly padded bench
in the old days the headset needed to be attached to many wires that went through the wood
to an interview /mind receiver who "in the old days " one could see through a small confessional like
scrim ...until it was decided that this real time connection ,of the sender being too near the receiver of his or her "mindscape"
often hindered whatever honesty of pure thought the sender was expected to transmit to his or her's Bettors.

Never does one feel lessor when one is asked to be read by one's own team for
floundering or fouling up a subject's mentorship.
All Evan could think was that Dumbo had somehow done this to him on purpose.
and that Dumbo would soon pay.

and Evan really did not care who knew ...

He heard Valerie saw be ready in 3.
meaning 3 minutes...
 knew of course how to make his mind '" a lighter shade of pale
for way past an 8 minute read
he had been taught many,many tricks just in case someone managed to "app" up his own nervous system/brain
with nano tech that would make his mind like Glass.

Other competitors were always trying to "app" up other Mind Augment and Artificial reality Companies.
as yet there was no antidote once one has been "app-ed" but seppuku
for the firm..
It was the reason that Neuronauts always traveled in Teams ..married within..
and it was also the reason
assholes like DUMBO! were told never to write about being "app-ed"
so other's could manage to listen in on the subject's Mentorship..

Putting on the headset Evan thought it "sure as hell was not his own fault" that their interface had all but disintegrated into torture.
Dumbo refused to be negotiated with.
although his neurals indicated he was often smitten with all the visuals and camaraderie
that went with taking another's mind and sense hostage..
Lately Dumbo had begin telling people he had developed a type of Stockholm's syndrome with his Mandlers...when in truth all anybody really wanted of Dumbo was a James Holmes syndrome to kick in.

2 minutes Valerie shouted
and Evan tried to shake his head clear
emptying his mind of any "tricks" he might do to thwart open mind communications that would or could be taken for his attempting to "run away in his mind"
like freaks brought up Monarch Style naturally know how to do...

man made autistics.*
man made multiples.
shock the monkey junkie lunky druggie.

Evan  knew how relive Mundacities as if these Mundacities were occurring in real life to fool a Tele-Operator not because he was raised Tommy Walker pin ball shine
but because he was taught how to segment his mind by the very best Mandlers in the Mind Augment Mind Acquisition business.
after all his father was the great Gary Rainy himself.
who had all but invented remote neural monitoring

Valerie could not believe Evan had the nerve to come bouncing into the office
like it was just another day
Could not believe he had the gall to try to look directly at her when he knew she would being going
inside his head.
Valerie would of course use a buffer of Brain Computer Interface rather than go mind to mind.
Although she so wanted Evan to feel her rage...she decided to ask the technicians to
make Evan's scans as uncomfortable as possible..
telling them to piggy back an Acquired Brain Signal of acute panic and dysphoria
Proxy Cyber generally only used on subjects to provoke either a mental breakdown or
a suicide.
The acquired signal from their last "early exit " still contained the first coda of tightening of the throat before and haptics of rope around neck...
a pre-patented signal of deep dread they only referred to as Super Six ,the name of the motel the Husk hung himself from a rafter in .
Oh how much she wanted Dumbo hanging from the same rafter
although none of this Valerie thought was really Dumbo's fault.
All the previous night she had been on the phone with XXXX convincing XXXX to spike Dumbo's food and drinks with phenobarbital and Haldol to try to get Dumbo so ill and confused until they could come up with a way to get Indis O'Say's neurals out of Dumbo's head.

Evan tried thinking like the many actors he saw on Parasol Picture's lot.
The one's who "got into " character and Visage by saying word rhymes.
Evan wanted none of his cerebral blocking semantic instigating Valerie to think he was trying to hide something
 this was no drill session
this was an insult.
this was some type of punishment for making a mistake on Dumbo
since when did anybody care about Dumbo! anyway..
they already had Cole up for bat as shooter
Dumbo was too dumb to "do much of anything" but absorb things..
like a sponge..
he was good for TV was it..
he was good for visual response and blinking.
that's all ,he was certainly too old to be used anymore as a Vicarious Piece
for sex.
no matter how hard we trained him to "see himself " in his twenties "Mind 's Eye" wise when we set him up for Action Sequences.Dumbo could barely be used anymore for a Vicarious flop house crack smoke..a subscriber could partake in via Dumbo never knew when to stop..

"One minute" Evan heard Valerie say.

 Evan tried to cool his mind  away from Dumbo
who Evan knew somehow did this to  deliberately
try to get him into trouble.

why Evan thought  had he  begun according to Valerie "messing with Dumbo"s head."with the interface?
'I thought my JOB was to FUCK with Dumbo's head..he had told Valerie when he called her last night saying he really didn't think -a read- was necessary
Valerie would have "none of it"and hung up the phone on him .

Evan knew exactly what his reading was about..
and he would "get Dumbo "back for either knowingly or unknowingly get him in the hot seat.
in this tiny booth
where his mind would be "cased" as if HE and not Dumbo was the criminal
The headset Evan placed upon his skull flattened his perfectly sculpted hair 
the bio sensor speckled headset  sending his carefully gel-ed cowlicks every direction but "combed"

" can we please  begin ," Valerie said,aloud..and Evan pictured Valerie wearing very much the same wireless headset he was..
to telepathize "exactly what happened" out of Evan .

Valerie "graphed" directly upon Eva's auditory cortex, "well NOW we all know How concerned Evan is about his hair don't we?"
"I cannot  imagine" ,Evan  thought and therefore  interfaced ,"How a proxy lived with biosensors that sunk right into their neurons and brain tissue ,that  never turned off and read every thought"

Valerie graphed.from behind the green "door"  of the very small  booth meant to make the "mind Read"
feel as intrusive and claustrophobic as possible
..for Evan stay on point
 concerning where his mind was being directed to-
Valerie had programed the Brain Computer Interface to send Evan's Visual cortex
pictures of Dumbo's face ,and pictures of Dumbo typing.

the first question concerned whether Evan knew Dumbo might be typing during their last interface.
Evan graphed that he had no bothered to de-noise Dumbo's signals he was getting ready to finish his shift.
Dumbo's  tv was on and perhaps the  white noise machine Dumbo sometimes used to screw up Evan's readings of him.
the last thought Evan thought via the headset was that Dumbo"might have a wank"
as he often did between direct neural interface and a strictly  remote neural monitoring renditions.
Dumbo's blog might have been on Evan's own screen that Evan often followed along with .Most Proxy were encouraged to post and write online ONLY so they might ad credence to their alibi of bein' LOOOOONY Tunes in case
their suicide
or subsequent going' "toastal" need explanation.
Hearing and Seeing things is usually quite enough explanation...for a Final Exit.
also -the post when shown with verifiable lists of the Human Husks Proxy Cyber had been outsourced to hurt
or "play with" could be shown (in a way they simply couldn't make up)
by using their own SOS,,help me help me help me ...
as proof that Proxy Cyber's unique brand of Hands Off Psychotronic's
"got the job of discretization and mental diagnosis DONE!"

some Proxy however refused to just scream help help help online
and actually "go into" the actualities of what was being done to them
with all matter of song and dance.

Dumbo so refused to "do his share" demonstrating on/in the social network
how he was being tortured by Hand's Off technology that a young copywriter from Cincinnati
had been hired to type of Dumbo's misery...
when the time came when Operation Dumbo Drop
finally concluded with just such a plunge sans parachute.
 when his posts could be reshaped to "prove" if only to those who purchased Proxy Cyber
Hand's Off tech...that
Dumbo was being neurologically vivisected into Pieces.
"For what reason..was Dumbo's computer screen taken off your own screen?"Valerie graphed.
and Evan again said it was the end of his shift..

"and "Valerie asked.

:and I probably tuned into  another Proxy's Signals.

"probably or definitely ?" Valerie graphed

"Well you tell me Valerie ,"Evan graphed, knowing that he had seen mind's eye a Visage of the author Indis O' Say.

"So ," Valerie graphed," while you were supposed to monitoring Dumbo,,,,on our dime mind you..You decided to listen in on Indis O' Says' neurals..
leaving dumb or not so dumb Dumbo to his own devices..

Evan though this was idiotic,Valerie was 7 yards away from him and if she had anything furthermore to ask him she could very well do it without  this headset reading his mind..Evan was not sure  if was the tiny chamber, the smallness of the booth making his neck feel tight or his mood suddenly turn to something like fear....His thoughts indicated he was going to remove the headset.

"Leave it on Evan.."Valerie Imparted upon Evan's auditory cortex based on her reading of his thoughts, "I don't WANT to see you face to face ..I don't really believe how much you fucked things up.So you chose to listen in on Indis O' Say's neurals..tell me do you subscribe to Indis O Say's' neurals?

"no' Evan thought.

'So what makes you think you had the right to get inside Indis O ' Say's mind.
Indis O 'say is in an entirely different case than Dumbo,Cole ,Denny or any of your Proxy.Indis is a Muralist. now Dumbo thinks he's in an entirely different mode than he entirely different role. A Rogue Dissident? Isn't that now what YOU thought to Dumbo knowing he'd gorge on that tidbit of inadvertent transmitted to if he has now found all the answers for his purpose...for why we are doing this to him.. How do you think this happened Evan?

"Maybe when I got off headset with Indis I plugged into Dumbo with a buffer...because
 I saw Dumbo was typing things that made no sense ..even less sense than usual."


"A muralist".'Evan thought feeling his throat tighten and next untighten Evan was .. now feeling very much like a child...on top of this a strange feeling of anxiety  and doom was swimming through Evan's mind  which he wanted to hide from Valerie .without words but thought he transmitted rather than spoke to Valerie's headset---Evan heard himself if Valerie had amplified his brain signals to mirror and thus mock them back at him...his ..

Valarie listened to Evan's embarrassing tone of thought, his equally embarrassing hopes and dreams that he ,Evan Rainy wanted for some time to be not just a Mandlers but a Muralist ,,and thought the only way he could really learn to do this was to listen in on a Muralist's thoughts when composing a Night Terror ,a Cue-ed Responsive "daydream' to run in concert with Gangstalking/Place person Gaslighting Linguistics
"a storyteller...

Both of my birth parents who I only know of from records and tapes and photographs  were first generation Neuronauts
who cared so much about 'The Cause" of "The New Way"they were willing to let their children be adopted "away "

from any foreseen  problems with the law that could  have caused problems for "The New Way" of  progressive  child rearing
  by sending me and other's off to group homes and temporary living situations my real parents though out of the picture  participated whole heartedly in what Gary Rainy called "Calibrated Causationals"

One of the reasons I was handed off to various foster parents within the group and "mock" foster homes owned and operated by the initial group was so no intruders from state agencies could interfere with his parenting paradigm...To Gary it would be well worth the be able to create a new type of Man and Woman based more on Primal-ism than Provincialism

 It was an all in or nothing situation

as Gary Rainy did not want his  theories about child rearing  to remain theoretical but tangible

 New Way Group Parenting techniques focused trauma induced staged or "ritualized" 

events occurring at predetermined ages known to correlate with the brain's capacity to 
create neural pathways strengthened by stressors which according to Rainy were primal instincts that have been all but phased out of mankind "being soft"
Trauma based heightening of neural function especially in the amygdala
  negated the Desensitizing Sentimentalities of modern man
that would stifle
a child's

Gary called modern cultured propensity toward "The Conformities of Mind" thrust upon
children raised and schooled  outside the fold  ONLY ROADBLOCKS to thwart the innate psychic abilities which could only be awakened and Attenuated through Heightened Premeditated

Obtusement of one's Apparents(one's facial Indicatives,a mother's soothing touch etc)
could destroy
the REACH Process
only made possible by razing the child with the necessary
Indicatives (no touching,no holding,no Desensitizing Sentimentalities)
that would ,according to Rainy all but obliterate
the Children of Rainy
to "think Beyond" and be gifted the ability to be telepathic
to Commune with  The Entities
that would and could 'walk in" to a child's body and soul
to comfort and convert the child
towards Remote Viewing and Imbue -ing
with the help of a Merged Co Conscious

this Extra Celestial being
might also help it's "host"
fight off Cruel or Misdirected Entities
that had attached themselves (over thousands, maybe Millions or Billions of years
to every one on earth

In the mid 1960's Gary Rainy decided that much of his "Humane Engineering" strategies to instill PSI type perceptions on another might be quickened by using
directed energies  (Psychotronics)  of a technological natures to
"pump up the volume"
of specific sections of the mind,specifically the pineal gland.
Gary Rainy ,who had already begun using the "See Meter" to read another's Emanations
became fascinated with the work of Dr Joseph Delgado
famous for remote controlling a rampaging to bull to "off mode'
with just a
click of a switch
  Jose Delgado's research interests centered on the use of electrical signals to evoke responses in the brain.


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