Tuesday, June 23, 2015


 my face returns to normal size.
and Tru Christie appears as Dan Duryea speaking in Dan Duryea as well
'do ya' see Dumbo? why your neurals  must always be remotely monitored ,,because you have no sense ..left to your own devices ..or in this case  Evan Rainy's you do not know how to fight the temptation to just say and write anything that comes to mind..Evan wants you to get into trouble..he wants these Black Slacks you go yappin' about to have just cause in making little Dumbo disappear..and all anyone would have to do Dumbo is look what Dummy wrote on line and be like..Good.. why? because Dumbo has turned.
..by whom?
...by some one ..by Something  ...be it a space alien or some type of Possession by demons
it doesn't matter
all that matters is  that  someone somehow fed Dumbo information..that DUMBO has no damn business speaking about..does he now"

"no,' I graph, always a bit mesmerized when "My Team" puts the sound and image together..I feel kind of bad..but I don't know why.It's sorta' a feeling I recall having when I was 8 or 9 years old ..and that's how Dan Duryea likes to think of me.

"Nor do you have any bussssiness writing that Dumbo,' ...as there are implications that might be made of such things..Now listen here Dumbo..you think I like zip zapin' your face..and always having to get rough with you?"

"yes,"I graph

"That's not the point ..the point is ..you've turned...Evan seems to be able to turn you this way and that...like you are some little Evan Avatar....some little puppet person when he's in you..is that what you want...or do you want me to teach you how to fight Evan off...and somehow keep your own bit of self untouchable"

"Yeah," I graph

"well than teach us how to do it..that's what you're for you know..but if one word ever comes out of your little puppet mouth or little puppet fingers about stuff like that ..we will skin you alive..understand..like in those facetaker dreams..
THAT Dumbo
is what those facetaker dreams mean....now I don't care if Evan completely over rides every sense past tense and other wise understand ?..you must learn how to keep some bit of yourself away from him and  in control. Why the hell you think you were  brought up to compartmentalize huh Dumbo?..cause your foster parents hated you?'

"yes" I graph

"Noooo Dumbo they were just doing their jobs..but Evan you see ISN'T ..he really wants someone to blow your fuckin' Dumbo head off..do you understand?"

"yeah"I graph

"Now what are some of the ways you can make yourself divide into parts..what visualizations can you use..? Think of IT like a safe word you might be able to take with you in a scary dream to wake up..just one visual and one word ...but because your mind is always read...so the visual and the word must somehow flow,flip and fly  and change like water
..like film,like art,like TV...second to second...you use must have a million ways of growing and shrinking and splitting '

"can't you just kill me off?" I graph.

'That's  you being lazy..you haven't come this far to just be blown away by some  staged drive by shooting ?..and I don't personally think it would be that quick
 more like Dumbo in a hidden basement being  ripped apart piece by piece with some doctor making sure you keep snapping out of shock while it 's being done little by little over months and months ..right?  Isn't that what we discussed "

"yes " I graph my mood switched like a dimmer light away from afraid and bright like fearless.

"Now baby ,that's the spirit" Tru Christie graphs fading me into lust.

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