Monday, June 15, 2015

From: Burⅰaⅼ Ⅰnsuranc e Quotes <>
To: Jim Bloom <>
Date: Tuesday April 7 2015 6:14 pm

Dear Jim,
You probably think you are writing against what is happening to you
but I assure you
you are writing "it" exactly like your handlers want you to
Don't think you are doing anyone but THEM a service writing about being a Targeted Individual with aplomb and humor .You Mister Bloom ARE part of the problem...or is my
analysis of the "psycho-political operation" THEY have MADE you into a misread on my part?
Your job it seems "is to be" the" Loony Artist".the Degenerate Artist in "the piece
"n'est-ce pas?
Or are you REALLY as dumb/Dumbo as you read?

Don't you get it Jim? They "app-ed' you to represent THE TYPE they believe SHOULD be Monitored.
and essentially groomed you to BE this type..
Monarch Style.
So in a sense Jim
YOU are a spokesperson- for Remote Neural Monitoring
and if I were you- I would stop writing about it -in the manner you do
and than you may one day be able to say ,"I was not IN on IT"
you are nothing more than
propaganda....for THE WRONG SIDE!
The way a Brain Computer Interface works is very much like television BCI is about transferred sensory data which activates the same areas of the mind as a conventional "broadcast"-
when a "consumer" watches TV they believe they are "in on the on agreeing to be passively "entertained or entrained" by story not realizing that mainly Tv is not about story but the 'deer in the headlight" can't look away of the transmission upon the screen. And the frequency and pitch that supports "sound". Transmit both together and separate from the broadcast Sound and Vision" incites the brain to switch function .Less than 20 seconds of TV causes one's "Brain Map" to switch it's attention from the left to the right hemisphere .
Similarly Tele-Presence via the bio tech , intrusive ELF or micro waves attuned to bypass one's skull an thus one's 5 senses switches "a Targeted Audience "point of view in the same way .This ,I hope is the reason you have become the minstrel show they so wanted and expected you to be Mr.Bloom ,Their "Clown Who Cried".
The Tele-Presence, much like traditional TV focuses on the right hemisphere of one's brain that treats incoming data uncritically, processing information in wholes, leading to emotional, rather than logical thought,the technology they used upon you is meant to terrify you into doing THEIR and NOT your own bidding.
It is always in the best interest of the subject THEY USE to be as non responsive as possible to the intrusion- lest the subject end up "going stark raving mad" and/or end up in jail or a mental hospital.
INEVITABLY the subject becomes robotic and docile for the subject fears being indoctrinated with imagery, sound ,emotional "re-assuagements", night terrors and all manner of sensory and cognitive affront..
So you streamlined yourself ,streamlined the "story."
"You "made yourself "their example" -don't you understand? THIS is exactly what they wanted you to do. There is a dispassionate tone to your ordeal that
A. Makes it "read" more fictional than even you may realize.
B. If it ever comes out that indeed you were "used" as "Human Experiment"
Please NOTE the demeanor in which Mr.Bloom wrote of his ordeal?
Please NOTE- how collected and almost "amused' Mister Bloom seems with the situation of being altered and "taken over" by a system.
I urge you to think for a moment ,if you still can...who runs this system that introduces 'immersive reality " upon you and hence your world view? Including you "world view" of A.I. and BCI and biotechnology?
I assure you Mr. Bloom that those who "tagged you" set you up to be "The Type" who needs tagging...and YOU yourself seem to go out of your way to SEEM" fit to be "tagged".
You are a Game to them.
Let me broadly explain to you who this "them" is -
it is very much the same THEM that hire actors to present and impress upon the population a worldview of WHO is SANE. Who is GOOD. Who is PRETTY. Who is QUESTIONABLE or DANGEROUS.
These are the THEM who decide what is on our minds concerning fashion, style ,culture
.This is the same THEM who convince us it is alright to spend trillions of dollars destroying a country that in all probability cares quite little about the USA but about feeding their children, paying their rent and falling in love.
Never forget that the evening news is a contrivance. And that the network owners such as General Electric (NBC) and Westinghouse (CBS), are both major defense contractors.
All BCI and A.I. companies doing "testing" and also "sociological" tests with their acquisitions(subjects) are and will unfortunately always be an extension of those whom already are superbly versed at molding OUR perceptions and thus opinions ..
The thought of THEM wanting or being ALLOWED and financed to research and develop "Straight to Cortex' "TV is terrifying as it is in the hands of the same persons only motivated by greed and power and the social control this enables.
Look how they have reeled you in?
Tell me ,what is your motivation for writing "this story?"
On more than one occasion I have read you vilify other Targeted Individuals being used more as human vivisection than puppets like you Mr. Bloom for "writing about their captivity" too didactically as in your own words - THIS would be giving THEM what they want.

No Mr. Bloom YOU are the ONE giving them what they want. You are the one saying "it is alright to be a Human Cartoon/TV set...see how much FUN I am having being "Mandled"
.Have you any idea how that ONE word-'Mandled" asserts just the kind of "it's alright ,Mikey likes It" attitude they literally imbued into you?
If somebody does indeed hurt you...Don't for one moment assume it will be someone doing this on THEIR side
but ours .
.Who would never -be "tag-ed " or not -tagged /
"Mandled" or not -- somebody's
psych -op.
Someone's Court Jester
,presenting the most dangerous technology and weaponry ever invented as "fun",
.Watch your step Mr.Bloom,as this note is no "art installation". -
ellamaed ellakave

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