Tuesday, June 30, 2015

head stick

I go to the barber.i hate getting my hair cut.i don't like much being touched unless it's for sex..and I need that over fast to..cuz sex isn't so much being touched as being biologically activated.like how the stomach releases enzymes to break down food.anyway the barber catches me off guard cuz i'm  graphing to Evan and Evan is super imposing all these nasty insects all up down the barber's arms..but he's not doing it in a funny way like he does sometimes so there some foreboding going on .having quite little to do with my head being  touched by the barber..well I get in the little barber chair and the barber asks how I want my hair cut and I say  without thinking "so it will look good on a stick"and the barber kind of  laughs and asks me "on a stick?'
 "yeah,' I say,"so  my hair would  look best if my head were chopped off and placed on a stick"
 "short around the sides,"the barber says but long around the back so nobody can see the stick?"
 "yeah...yeah..." I say
 happy, in a way, the barber can think fast..and understands what I mean
 he begins cutting and buzzing..and says ..smiling than stopping cutting altogether ,"Ok ..OK I have to ask you this ..Who is going to put your head on A stick?"
 "My Mandlers," I say,kinda angry he stopped cutting ...
 'your Mandlers?" he asks.
 "my team ,my team who put carbon nano tubes in my head"I say
 "Oh I had a brother who thought the same way you do.." The barber says starting the buzzer..
 and I'm like ooooo really man ...you think I'm nuts? ..but I don't say anything...and in the mirror I see just my head ,no body attached on a very thin stick.
 I think to Evan show me my head on a stick from behind please.
when I interface with Evan or my team don't be thinking I make all these thinking telepathizing faces you see in cartons..
NOOO way
nobody can "see me do this "graphing"
.....a guy doesn't go around doing no great Karnack shit with his fingers or have some Charlie Brown look on his face..like screaming LOOOOOK at my thought bubble ..unless you want to go around lookin' damn nuts...
like I said the only reason I said Anything is cuz' I was jumpy going to the barber
and jumpy cuz' Evan was insinuating if I keep typing some shit online someone from "my team" will cut my head off.
.and put it on a stick..

 "so.....," I say cause the barber had baited me ..touching my head to stop the cutting like HE did before , feeling a nick of the buzzer on my hand,"what happened to your brother  who ' THOUGHT LIKE I DO" I say hoping it didn't  sound angry.
 "Nobody knows to be honest ,"The barber said,"he just left his wife one day and never came back..he said someone had .."done something to him'..to make him hear  and see things..I don't know if anyone threatened to cut off his head and place it on a stick...why would they want to do that by the way" the barber asks
 "I write about it.."I say
 "write about what?" the barber says
 "being a human guinea pig..I  say,"wouldn't you?"
 "will I get to see your head on a stick like in the news,no offence ..I just want this hair cut to look very good if this head on the stick thing is true and is televised"
 "I think they'd just do it for their own benefit.." I say,; their own vengeance..." and the barber sighs ,as if disappointed ...and that's it
 no more talking.
 just Evan graphing ,"I really do not like this guy"
 I think back," neither do I."
" there's no one at the shop Dumbo and scissors everywhere..."Evan hums
 "I think we're about done here ,"I say jumping out of the chair.handing the barber  money.
 but not before showing the barber a double take
 towards the scissors with my eyes..
 and it's like instantly the barber  knows..
 and stands in front of me and the scissors.
 the money I handed him  drops to the floor .
 I leave saying sorry...but not really quite sure what to say..
 I sense the cops might come BUT I DID NOTHING!...but this has happened before COPS coming for NO REASON..so I walk real fast but ..real ...extra normal walking style home.

"Now Dumbo" THAT's why we "app-ed" YOU...that was fuckin' aaaaamazing!" Evan graphs.

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