Friday, June 19, 2015


so I graph Evan  in little spreads of thought .
this Arnon Milken
why is he in the story

and Evan gets angry I am trying to "play with him" and I should know none of this is really any of my G-d  damn business is it? but if you must know Jewboi

To make sure nobody ever bothers to contact you about making this little manifesto  into a film
that's all  if Jew' reallllly must know..


We "meet"RACHEL'S  FATHER,a fit man in his early 40's still wearing his work clothes, a dress shirt from behind as he is unwinding, watching television.

On the TV is an ad for ProxyCyber Brain Computer Interface

The FIRST SHOT of the televised ad is of the headset that allows the interface ,the same headset we saw both RACHEL and JACOB wearing earlier.


 Opens with  a BUSINESS WOMAN in a smart Business Suit alone in this non descript but upscale hotel room,the curtains, the blinds are open we see lights and signs in another language than English.The BUSINESS WOMAN appears to be exhausted, almost to tired to remove her heels with her hands,instead she "crashes" on the bed and removes both shoes with her feet.


We can tell by the lighting of the room that it is later in the evening.
The blinds are still open.
CLOSE UP on a half eaten Room Service style platter.The BUSINESS WOMANis lying on the bed,flipping through channel on the TV set with a remote control.She turns off the TV and places her head on the pillow looking at the view outside the window.She appears lonely,sad for a moment and than reaches for her laptop on the night table.

CUT to a shot of the BUSINESS WOMAN,now wearing a headset,smiling her head on the pillow ,wide awake.


A handsome HOUSEHUSBAND also wearing a headset sits in a recliner.
The HOUSEHUSBAND'S eyes are shut but he is not slumbering but Imparting

a succession of

He,the HOUSEHUSBAND holding a toddler


...another OLDER CHILD of 5 or 6 sitting in the breakfast nook awkwardly reaching for a pitcher of milk that tumbles and spills milk all over the kitchen table.

next a TIGHT SHOT on a frying pan of scrambled eggs burning,the TODDLER in HOUSEHUSBAND'S arms point at the frying pan laughing


The BUSINESS WOMAN now sitting up,one hand on her temple laughing ,presumably at the Focused Imagery via the Proxy Cyber headset and program.Still laughing ,the BUSINESS WOMAN closes the blinds and curtains

The words- "ProxyCyber Brings you -THERE" come up on the TV screen,the commercial has ended

'someones going to make this into a movie?" I graph ,sorta excited .

no dumbo    arnon was to lead us to Jew'  writing about direct energy weapons and such

yeah ..what was that all  about?I graph

"to make sure come of as the sicko little freak you a warning to me you are not that important for any other reason..sicko autistic freak"

Evan sense me getting scared .or sad .I am not sure which ..but I know when I turn what they call Self Referential my team re adjusts my Hz signals to make me happy or at least more compliable and Dumbo gets all sort of nice and sounds ..or feels like my foster dad used to apologize for talking to me except it was straight tto my face and not mind way back than
I feel Evan is angry I dare thinking to him my boring little Imprints that I shouldn't feel special about caus ehalf a ten thousand other  Rainy Babies were raise dEXACTLT the same FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAK"

he sense  I am, disassociating or whatever they called it and calms himself sending me  a nic evisual of a smiling happy mini wheat man.,,graphing

Jesus Dumbo..half the time you're on some  chatterbot program..
some preset mode..I understand this about as much as you do..
they just need to make sure you come across as a man without a shred of dignity or integrity ..or something or just sound so damn loony ...or so damn you really care Dumbo?"

Yes I graph and than I feel a pain and a scary feeling trough me ...and try taking my interface back and I try remembering what was being graphed..and miraculously I do..sort of and I find myself trying to piece pieces together ,,but can't ..
and I hear a replay of some bit of thought ..
so as Evan says we can be somewhat "on page"

according to the Mandlers  i am NOT SUPPOSED to understand  what they are  graphing about and JUST write what they say without thinking about what is being asked of me...that all I am really good for is my IP"

"what is an IP"I graph

"an IP is what moron autistic human ectoplasm graph WHEN I JUST graphed te entire reason we use you is because you are a fuckin' Idiot fact the only reason we even get on THIS well is because USUALLLLLY you just do what I say and this "come off" as we want you to"

well? I can't elp but tink and thus graph

well what Dumbo! Evan practically zings into my head

"do I come off as you want me to?"

"you're getting least that's what Tru Chrsitie says," Evan Imparts

"I am allowed to stop writing this yet..and draw or something...?' I graph

"if you want to be in an amount of pain way past most  human threshold and certainly a Scumbo like you.. yes may stop writing." Evan graphs .

I think  hmmmmm the pain would be better than this

"well than you'd better make damn sure you are above the 11 th floor when we give it go  DDDDDDDDumbo!.."Evan graphs  than ..
he sounds almost gentle ,like he did in the old days
"no...wait..they don't want you to kill that might insinuate that any of this is really happening.."

"so that means no pain than.or I might jump or something?" I graph ,confused..

"do you mind if I put you on pause and find out what they want me to do to you.".Evan graphs nicely

Ok ..I graph...sort of afraid ...of not hearing or seeing things..
I graph if Evan can play the "kill yourself as soon as possible kill yourself as soon as possible loop ..or the go to a mental hospital go to a mental hospital loop ...while he talks to his superiors about what we're to do next

"can't you just think that in a repetitive way...yourself..for a few minutes at least " Evan graphs ,angry

"you know it doesn't work that way"..I graph.,.afraid I might regress if I am not kept tethered.and go back to level one
I sense through me that Evan has the same fears,.and inadvertently glean that  he is thinking "for once the autistic freak is right"...I glean that he is also worried .. I might go erasing some of the work we did today..

I won't ,.I graph,and he knows it's so...cause he KNOWS I KNOW what they DO to me If I begin undoing our work together..

but he reads me
he synthetic  telepathizes thatI will go back and put the line crossing on the this .which to me at least cancels everything I was asked to write out least until I can figure out .
a little
what "the theme of the day" has been for.

YOU can't cross lines and than cross lines over the  lines that  have been crossed.  ARE U TYPING DUMBO!

No I try to lie ..sensing this .

 Evan sends a ripple of pain down my spine some how  and than graphing all loud and mean into my ears..or my auditory cortex whatever "...Jew' had no business taking dictation...
some of our interfaces are between us. JEW :know that

I am getting confused
 more confused every day ..I suddenly feel a tiny piece of me that they don't control erupt toward Evan
 "Have my Team start sending me the books again.!!!!"

and I promise this time I will throw them away! when I 'm done typing them online
.and this time I will make sure not to spell check,,,and write verbatim everything in them..with the words spelled wrong and everything like that "

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