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you're hurting me,you're hurting me.."He says in a high falsetto voice,fopping his hands like some archaic pantomime of a homosexual

The Man In Charge from  LA
           sat in the back of the auditorium.
far from
            the men and women
                  who 's life work was and is the psychological ,pharmacological and now Neurotronic  manipulation of  the Human Mind
"Syntha-natural  Hive Mind had "taken over" the souls who ran the show as much as the souls taken were
The Show"...Myth had alot to do with Mind Augment..And thank G-d ,Dr Robert's had said ,"the mass division caused by 3,000 TV  channels has not diminished the belief in either The Devil or Aliens or Possession.Last year 48 movies were made about possession,and 36 about hauntings...although the demographic does not BELIEVE in Vampires..the films about altered states do in fact "open one's mind" to involuntary re-tainment of what the Jews call

"י(event implausible plausible)מפּלאַוסיבלי גלייבלעך געשעעניש
or The Dybbuk

any one who has ever watched TV and may i remind that  you direct neural interface is little more than  5 sense TV  transmission to the section of the mind that pieces together  Common Reality

in the 1960's we had freedoms to investigate what
fracturing Common Pre -Set
Cognitive Reality meant by seeking volunteers to "partake" of mind altering drugs..
but the subject';s
 reaction to hallucinatory drugs was random...
one in 5 might react this way
one in 60 this way
however with Psychotronic s Accuracy can be near 100%
in "hitting" the right set of dendrite ,synpapses and neurons .
in the correct order

The Subjects
themselves become the problem here
not the "machinery

"you're hurting me,you're hurting me.."He says in a high falsetto voice,fopping his hands like some archaic pantomime of a homosexual
means nothing
This is Hand's Off testing
nobody truly get's HURT with
Neurotronic Testing

i suggest that this type

the type we choose for
testing may as well need a Reality Check
by using Altered States of Being to "wake them up"
I sometimes compare .Psycho Cybernetic Mentorship The Hell Night *performances certain churches present
to show
what will happen
if they do not stop
as they are

the type that becomes a Target ..or a Subject for Psychotronics
"the Type" that really serves no purpose on earth besides being a burden to others
the type that seeks aid from the government ..and spends the aid on crack cocaine
the type that sells themselves in the street.
or sits with  a cup in his entitled hand asking,than begging,than often screaming for money and food.
non people
 who seem to have only been made to be measured
scanned and possible enhanced by "the testing"
and whether they no so or not
the tests are probably the first time in these people's lives they are being of service
to anything or anyone besides themselves

The Man in Charge..wondered if anyone considered him a non person besides his parents ,ex wife and children
more so if anyone who mattered.
if anyone who could DO SOMETHING to him might think of him this way
He was glad that nobody had scanned ,skimmed or salted his mind with particles(at least that he knew of)to Know his thoughts.
He himself
rarely listened to his inner ticking
a man does not think .a man acts.
a man does not speak.he does not gossip or make sounds unless sounds or language had to be made.
he rarely lied.
and in this and many other ways what he said and what he thought were according to himself
much the same.
in his job he had to always be aware that anyone from any other Mind Augment Line  might want to 'get inside" him to learn how His brand worked
it was expected
inevitable that one day he would be tagged..
lie down with dogs
wake up with flies
work for mind modulating companies who shove nano particles in your shampoo
wake up with voices.and fuck knows what else..seeing.emotional over rides...
at these meetings,
he was always conscious of being slipped something..either a drug or "particles"or maybe  some virus that contained everything at once
he had heard a woman "joke"
that she had heard
that supposedly   some new biotech  start up in Boston had done  what she called some wild
"Black Swan" hybrid experiments on one of the CEO's  ex boyfriend's who had rolled the books
"literally,the kid grew feathers out his hair's absolutely amazing how far we've come  just in the last 2 years.."

the Man in Charge
was not squeamish
after all he had just experienced via a wireless Emtotiv headset
being a 34 year old actress being strangled to death
"The Black Swan"biotech possibilities made him rush to the lavatory

he had heard Dr.Robert's speech
about 5 times.
always the same..
he came to these lectures
because it showed respect
he had been one of them
before going completely off grid

The Man in Charge
was not so much the man in charge
as he was in LA
so he
did not quite know what to do with his countenance..or baring

Meek was never his thing..

and The Man in Charge of the Man in Charge
Dr Robert's must have noticed the Man in Charge's discomfort.
for he
made a point of excusing himself
from "his boys'  rather abruptly
The Great Dr.Robert's walking briskly with his hand extended to shake The Man in Charges" hand

"did you hear about the new bidding?to get the new contracts.?"Dr Roberts said"..we  need  more "in Paris"neural reads.Do you get what i am saying..
which THEY want to overlap
on some***** down in ****
they say it's good for business-"

"from Singapore to Witness,"The Man in Charge said,quoting an old Elvis Costello song,for no reason

"graphic and prolonged"The Good Dr. said,"nothing quick and painless... no compassion ,no hesitancy which will force a re-cut.. which will take away the power of the Interfaced Realized Experience*.

of dying violently"

*Hell houses are haunted attractions typically run by Christian churches or parachurch organizations. These depict real life situations, sin, the torments of the damned in Hell, and usually conclude with a depiction of heaven. They are most typically operated in the days preceding thetriduum of Hallowtide.
A hell house, like a conventional haunted-house attraction, is a space set aside for actors to frighten patrons with gruesome exhibits and scenes, presented as a series of short vignettes with a narrated guide. Unlike haunted houses, hell houses focus on real life situations and the effects of sin or the fate of unrepentant sinners in the afterlife.
The exhibits at a hell house often have a theme focusing on issues of concern to the whole public. Hell houses frequently feature exhibits depicting Christian interpretations of sin and its consequences. Common examples include abortionsuicide, use of alcoholic beverages and other recreational drugsadulteryoccultism, and Satanic ritual abuse. Other hell houses focus on the theme of the seven deadly sins. Hell houses typically emphasize the belief that those who do not repent of their sin and choose to follow Christ are condemned to Hell.
**יn December 2008, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International's Department of Cognitive Neuroscience announced its own research into the translation of neural signals into images.[In addition, Dr. Moran Cerf of UCLA published a 2010 paper for Nature which claimed that he and other fellow researchers were on the cusp of being able to allow psychologists to interpret thoughts by corroborating people's recollections of their dream with an electronic visualization of their brain activity.

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