Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hearing Voices

it's odd,the academic studies on "how Far We Are"in terms of Mind Impart and Mind Encode are about 20 to 25 years off the disclosed of them that don't need to follow any legislation ,laws,ethics and have money to burn...

perhaps not so odd
and perhaps of no interest of you dear reader
I mean i don't think anyone took your kid for vagrant
decided to run a coupla tests on em"
for the next few years

ya know to see "if it works"

maybe they did
maybe that's why YOU read..

maybe that's why you KNOW that what i write
is not some exercise in sci fi cyber muck fiction so much
as tip toe-ing the
the scariest people in the world
also testing the scariest techno in the world
on some of the easiest "marks "in the world

for progress
and world peace i assume...eventually
after all the bad uses on all the bad people are carried out

there is no fighting it if you or your child  or friend or brother or sister's been
"marked" and "parlayed' into the testing

the term for the first step in the protocal of
these mischief making mavericks of our time is something called
Voice of G-d Technology

you're not
"in the know'
that these merry pranksta" types have such toys

simply what you might call
"Hearing Voices"

if one is chosen to be an Urban Astronaut
and play
for "The Boys of Company Seize"

might simply
think thyself

Instantaneous Schizophrenia overnight
if you're a little dim
in the noggin
you might think you have been Possessed
or have Communed with angels and aliens

well brotha"
I am here
to tell you
'like it is"

you just Be had...
and the only way you gonna stay sane
is to get yourself a quick education

what is happening

because ...
voices are only the first step..
and these playas
serving you
the finest most pricey and far out psych romps
kinda want you to

it seems very few people anymore believe in "myth"
or are excepting
the "it came from Outta space shit!"

but don't worry
even if you Know about it
It can
and soon
drive you  or your son or daughter
out of your mind

why else develop Synthetic Intelligence?
but to harm people..
what other uses could there possibly be?
and besides
isn't hurting others THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB in the world!

as i reach the 2 year mark
i must say
THEY are doing a splendiferous job
"fixing me"
I am a different man
people actually cry when they see me...


'what happened ," they say

and I say
"Oh dontcha Know!..I am Being Saved!"

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