Friday, January 17, 2014

Double Jump in Opener's Suit

when your "partner" opens 1NT or 2NT most of the time his hand is stronger than yours ..lead up to weakness through strength...when you have a long suit and a weak hand it can pay dividends to "mess up" your opponent's actions..if your hand was slightly different ,say a an Ace of diamonds instead of a 3 of Clubs a constructive bid would be one Ace...

in otherwords

if you have 3 "left over" MIND MOVIES or INSTIGATED MEMORIES upon waking might be best to THINK TOWARD one's TelePresence Operator that one has foregone EARLY WAKING CLARITY by Interfacing a Visual of A Bottle of Water and 2 one mg Xanex.. Focus on the bottle.The Opening of the cap.And Swallowing of the pills.

Do not however take them
They will weaken your will to resist further MIND AUGMENT

Focus on a Feeling of ANTICIPATED MOOD ALTERATION(your "brain map" will "feature" signs of "INTENT"and "FOLLOW THROUGH" regarding self medication)which will be reinforced by
...YOUR previous Pre NEURAL FIRINGS and bEHAVIOURAL ALGORYTHEMS and hence REACTIVES to Telepresence Operators who had purposefully concocted a particularly INTRUSIVE, CORROSIVE RUNDOWN ...

do not ever forget that Psychotronic Neuro manipulation IS NOT ABOUT

as IS less cruel and unusual "Weapons of Choice"such as a gun or knife

TORTURE(both hand's on and "by remote" is about PROLONGED PAIN parceled out in established Increments

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