Saturday, January 25, 2014


we had to live within 2 -3 blocks of the Annex
only a couple of Neuronautic's Annex's had the Mind to Mind stuff
and only some of us had access to the tech you could take with you
you had to be an OT ,an Operating Tele-Presence- to use tech on a subject.
sometimes the subject's were people who actually paid to take courses
most often than not though the people we drove were people on a list...
some of the Team got bio tech ingrained in their neural tissue just like the Proxy we dosed with bio tech so they could go Mind to Mind with the Husks
when they placed a headset upon their skulls
Most Mandlers won't go near the bio tech inserts
Most Mandlers are content just listening to whatever rot comes out of the Proxy's noggin on screens and speakers
Only the true maniacs and mavericks who liked hurting or helping the Prox bad got the bio tech shoved inside them
it takes guts to go bareback with a Proxy
cause first of all and second of all once the bio tech was in you
it never came out
OTs that got the Merge Nano tubes in them just like a common Husk
were taking a real risk
because if somebody wanted to
they could tap into their mind's as well
even though they weren't on the list of expendables
of course they encouraged all of us to take the plunge and get subdermals
but subdermal "chips" the size of blood cells swimming and parking in my neurons I don't think so.
Our Mentors who trained us to work with the subjects guaranteed us that OUR "apps" would be different than the Proxys
meaning we would be able to have a way of turning them off..
but really
how would you know..?
the headsets don't really work to go Feeling for Feeling thought for thought with a Proxy if you yourself aren't chipped up..
I find I can get a pretty good Real Time neural read on a Husk
just by seeing what they see and imagine on screen ..and reading the words and words and more words that appear on a screen decoded from the Proxy's "apps"
if you want you can just hook up the Proxy's Inner Monologue to a speaker or ear piece.
a program comes with stuff so that you basically hear the way the Proxy does with their" self talk"
Often we have to move real close by to where the subject who has been "app-ed" lives
and usually as the months go by and these Husks are hearing and seeing sh*t and being told 17 times a second
we will cut their eyes and face off..
they lose it
and have to move to worse and worse neighborhoods.
all of them usually end up in loony bin
at the start..
and you can hear them crying in their minds
like sick little wailing dogs.
after their display on the screens and in my ears in this pathetic way
I can barely think of them as human no more..
and my Higher ups say that's a good thing.for it dehumanizes them.
most of the Husks get off the psycho meds and try to deal with their "New Normal"
but some of them jump in front of trains or off buildings
and it's awesome as hell
that happening Str8 to Brain so I am told
by OTs with corresponding "chips" to Proxy "apps"
.a real adrenalin rush like no other is a jumper
so long as you remove the wearables before impact.
One OT here here didn't remove their headset in time when some Proxy did the Goodbye Cruel World Thing..
and had a mini stroke right here in the Annex..
Like I said we OTs have to move around quite a lot
to be in the milieu of the Husk we dosed with bio tech..
it sucks having to manage a Proxy sitting at a damn cubicle
this type of job should never feel like work
Gary Rainy said
because in spite of the suicides and psychotic breaks and all
in actuality we are helping the Proxy
evolve to higher consciousness
if you 're hearing voices and seeing stuff
and be told again and again WE READ YOU EVERY THOUGHT LITTLE MOUSE
and we'd better
see some change HERE in your THOUGHT STYLE
or we gonna either drive you cray cray in a way way that no loooony bin can help
or we gonna send a little TEAM out person to personal and
cut you the f*ck up for a pain read...
well...if you be hearing voices and seeing shit and being read by another you had better EVOLVE
better Break on Through to da' other side Bro..
that's the way ancient cultures made men transform into trans human and YOU BET! Merge bio tech can do this to another
and if it don't
than who the hell needs those that can't grow?
and GO past synthetic telepathy and OUT THERE < and UP THERE!
to the True Entities that Be.
the TRUE ENTITIES that Gary Rainy wrote about in his books..
Proxy ,even if they were once modestly well off
tend to lose their bearings..their jobs ,homes and assets..
so we the Proxy's Operating Tele-Presence
also must live on the down low in squalor
most of the OTs don't end up living in the style we became accustomed to
but it's worth the task of seeing
if we can get these Proxys
to go beyond their own little minds
and beyond the induced the trauma and show us
The Entities for real
show us a true belief in Jesus or Moses or any Up There they gotta REACH to remain sane.
Lotta folks pay a hefty sum to experience this true transformation by Proxy
but others just like to
Be inside a guy or gal going nutter..
or a Proxy being forced to sell their ass ...or sell and do dope
"get this crazy outta my head for a bit ....for a hit .."
some pay big bucks to feel what's it like inside a Proxy going disgruntled postal
and like I mentioned
if your "app-ed" to go Mind to Mind with a Husk
there's nothing like the thrill of a long leap of a big bridge.
in the neighborhood the Proxy usually find themselves in
there are usually no gyms real supermarkets
so don't go thinking we don't make many compromises to man another man
we are with our Proxy
we sometimes eat too much candy .. drink too much soda...especially when we're teamed with a malingering Proxy
who gives up
on the adventure..
and won't move or f*ck or do drugs..
the ones that just lay their listening and seeing stuff are sickening
they treat us if we're their damn entertainment center.
this type
I cannot deal with
it's like they go out of their way not to REACH
or try
or at least die.
and because these types are hell bent on making an OT's job as boring as possible
aggressive steps must be taken sometimes to get our Guinea pigs BACK on the Wheel again
the novelty of reading a man's mind seems exciting
but the novelty gets old real fast..
especially if you got you some hobble head
caught up in what we call the "Why Me" of it all..
Why YOU? because you fit some damn demographic
or were raised on Referentials and Cues
or cause you pissed people off to be on a list
the WHY isn't important ...
the WHO is doing this is not important
ALL that Matters is YOU the Proxy make this a good and fun experience for your Mandlers.
that YOU the test subject ,the Husk try to reach beyond the interface to some Higher Power we all can enjoy on the otherside of the interface..
..some of the Team don't really care if you reach to some Lower power
to keep the lights on around here..
show us..
give a something ...
get us High.
get our adrenalin running..
make us feel
like any Good Tv might..
so much of the interface is the damn Proxy wanting some damn explanation about why we were doing what we were doing
BECAUSE WE CAN! and because we must learn to do this
so much of the damn interfacing gets stuck in the damn Proxy's ruiminations
about Human Rights and all that hippie sh*t..instead of the subject just enjoying the experience
Can you blame me for beginning to hate Denny Pace..?
I think it was a malfunction of the machinery and not deliberate
that small ridge burnt on the left side of Denny's cheek with some heightened microwave action
but you have no idea what he was thinking at me
forcing me to take certain measures to to cease and desist
his line of thought

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