Saturday, January 25, 2014

degrees of "hand's off-ness"concerning the tests were crossed

there were
 what might be called rules
 for the tests
but ya see
the testing was
as it concerned Mind Reading

nonconsensual Mind Reading at that..
and there was really no rulebook to follow..."we were off the grid,we were told we must protect ourselves from the "oddness of the "operation..and has free reign to wrestle (by electronic means) as subject to form to out will...the process is called psychic driving..
cybernetics..or the word latin means
after all to steer..
and some of the subjects
were having NONE OF IT.."

 direct neural interface tends to get quite personal..
just as one cannot take back an ill word spoken to another in haste
it is even less so that one can "take back' an ill timed ,ill thought idea telepathized to a "Mandler"

{does it go without saying that A tester,a Mandelr uses a headset to communicate with a Subject
and that a Subject has no headset to "take off' when things during forced interface get a bit "too much"}

for the Mandler.
what goes in one mind regardless of HOW (Brain Computer Interface) it got there
tends to stay there
and the Mandler or Mandlers conducting these  ventures in Modern Recording and Imparting
often finds the subject's  method's of attempting to stop the interface
repulsive,mean spirited or worse deviant
and often "breaks the rules' that strattle the "hand's off" ness of Psychotronics
One wants to physically hurt the subject who becomes not only unwilling but violently opposed to
"the Process'
in this "new rule" off the grid all most anything goes
"showdown" of role playing and tactical "Mind play"
by using the waves ,frequencies and such to go beyond mere intrusive Mind Mapping
and adjusts the machinery to literally hurt the subject physically
by amping up the "tone" or Hzs
in such a way that
in one case a subject lost both his hair and sense of taste in one "mind to mind" "conversation" gone
on the wrong side  of "Nice weather we're having"
another bad turn in the
dialog of non speak thought to thought erupted in skin eruptions of the subject';s forehead and lower lip leaving him not only disfigured but with a lisp...

"all in Day's work..."seemed to be the main consensus from the TEAM,
as the subject's sick and cruel thoughts towards both THEM and The project
brought on the admittedly
unfortunate  rather childish"counter attack"

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