Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the PROX bot nipping at your nose


is an artificial intelligence - a chat robot, often known as a 'chatbot' or 'chatterbot'. It aims to simulate natural human chat in an interesting, entertaining and humorous manner.

is different. 
It learns
it models itself on the way humans learn language, facts, context and rules.

wants to "app' a few good men and women" to "hang out ' with the "bot" 
which can be placed into your nervous system with a syringe  


Feel The Noise 
 C'mon Feel the Joy!
 of The New Way ...                    a subsidiary of Proxy Cyber Systematics

an old friend of mine .
from Jr High, 
not even high school,,,calls out of nowhere."got your information off Linked In..
I did not remember I was on ..or in ..LinkedIn ..
those were the days before
i was literally 
swiped,coerced,drugged and threatened to indeed 
Linked in!!!
with this fuckin "Program"....and at this point would do say ,write anything to get "out of it"...

ما هو رمز ؟ رمز عشوائي التوقيع مكتوبة أو مطبوعة) اكتسبت أهمية التقليدية. وهو أيضا شيء واضح أن الرابطة أو الاتفاقية يمثل شيئا ما لا يشكل هذا إلى  ...................... أعتقد للحظة ما قمتم به إلي ، وإن كنت لا أستطيع بوعي"اذهب هناك إلى الحنق والغضب على تذكر أن القنابل المسيلة للدموع لي بغض النظر في طرق لا يمكن البدء في الإفراج عن الإصدار لا يزال ضروريا .
wouldn't you.or would the novelty of being operated remotely like some g-d damn puppet lose it's novelty?and would anyone supposed loyalty to one's "Mandlers" taking the MindFUCK technology for a spin  soon sour to the point of one literally searching for a g-d damn  Polish Embassy for asylum..assuming it could possibly be "the home team" who put the "junk " in my "thunk" all them years ago.Maybe it was Greenland ?or those wicked Moroccans?..nobody tells me much of anything not anything that matters to me.there is a vagueness to Black/Grey and off the grid Human Experimentation that goes hand in hand with the free wheeling spirit of "the Type"that would actually wake up every day to put a mind reading /mind impart bio sensored Headset on their noggins each day
the Plunger Games they call it..as they do all sorts of modulation techniques from Freud to EST but always back to Dr Eugene Landy's Style of 24/7 "I keep my eyes wide  open all the time ...for we never know what association might solve the hole damn puzzle.."
what puzzle you son of a bitch?
it's just my noggin staring at some bathroom tiles you intrusive psychopath.."

my shrink/ who does not believe in bone conductive communication /although the doc  just bought his son Google Glass for Hanukkah..hmmm

ya see.I can understand him not understanding the 'eye' thing( the occipital overlay /jonny mnemonic  shit...)
but  HIS DISMISSIVENESS OF "the ear thing" makes me 
 of his 
qualifications ..
as does his "not getting"THE "JIST" let alone the implications of Direct Neural Interface
 ..which was explained in the previous week's  "Sunday Science  Section"
concerning the first use of Direct Neural Interface (or Mind to Mind Communication through brainwave encoding)
to attempt to bring a "Huffer", who had gone one can of gold paint over the line out of a coma..
."Tommy can ya her me" I picture some  resident on  headset singing into the kid's ear...to bring him "out of it"..

the resident ,probably disappointed
probably though
t that "mind to mind' interface had to do with 
"The Cell" and vermilion Sands and mindscapes
 instead of algorithms and instigated neural spikes caused by fear

"soooooo they 'APPED"you as well"..she said into the phone..her voice fluctuating between downright inconsolable and crazy/hysterical...and back again..I can't ..i can't explain what's going on with me ..i can't,"she says hanging up
i tried calling her back
but maybe she thought" I was one of them"
 ..I know how delusional it can get when the A.I first begins..
i try calling her for days
and receive an email instead of a message
I begin to write back and than i simply fold the computer shut.I erase her messages from my phone and decide although i know she is not insane
that i must "look" at her the way,the way I am looked at speaking about such things
nobody had ever given me advice other than
"insanity" for my situation
and maybe she would do better to no go the way most Targeted Individuals do
trying to explain their situation
and understand the technology
and than ,,
you know more than you want 
you know not to write any more letters to the agencies who at first you thought might be on your side
you soon are not only saddened and appalled by the 
but by the way they are so coldly presented 

the powers that be

about "it" enough to let it go...for their sake..
it's off the grid
nobody cares..nobody dares
it's done.they won..whatever
and decide to simply text her "you need to get professional help..there is no such thing that you speak about...I had a cousin who was completely transformed by a small orange pill who spoke of symptoms like yours.Please seek treatment.I hope this finds you well

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