Sunday, January 26, 2014

i think it's so groovy now/ people are finally coming together...

...coulda been more like that

 than this.

..amends a-mentions and amendments to you Dumbo. surprised you're still alive...
"what doesn't kill you makes you meaner" I see..

"these reads of 2013 are stuff for the bottom of a bird do realize that dontcha" Dumbo
-let's hope some of these brain cells grow back..if I were you THAT's what I'd be researching on line and in books"...THE VOICE SAID,a new voice ,sounding very much like "G-d "from an old Hebrew School slide show,I almost got on my knees..but the Voice said ,"douche's synthetic telepathy..."magic" it ain't ,angels we ain't and trust me Dumbo neither are you ..."

in the old days they would have  just tied you to bed and shoved insulin in your arm for four months

so what's a little car accident
better than busted knee caps dontcha' think?
they wanted you
wanted you to have
a lot of time  to think..

think of it this way if it makes you feel any better?
if you were in a capsule floating around in space
you'd be prone
have a lot of time to think

someone has to test this shit

quit bein so whiny about it  ..

(the voice changes to Tinkerbell..I see a 'version of her.'..her face though is not angelic so much as Hellenic...asps are weaved into her hair..who makes these crazy over-lays)

be glad they gave you the S and V"apps' 're state of the art bud..

some folks just get V2K
and" of course they're gonna do "rundowns" on you

imagine if someone else had this shit..
like some real baddies..
imagine if
some Mansonesque motherfucker put the nano in the Kool Aid bro...
you don't have to

Man we just be warming up
pull yourself together buddy
cuz you ain't seen nor heard nothing yet Scout
 I READ some of your NEURALS
and shit dude...

I can see why they're going  all "Göring" on your ass.

you shoulda' got a handle on some of this quite a while ago..
but Dumbo goes back to the drugs

all that hard work down the fuckin drain

and you expect sympathy?

They didn't tell you to Do the drugs.
not every day at least not all day fuckin long....

you dug your own groundwork here.
get it..

I hum to myself an old song my  great grandmother
 used to sing to herself while she was washing clothes in the large iron caldron
she kept in the backyard
 amongst the pecan and giant lemondrop trees
 near the ocean
 that licked the dunes around our Section 8 McMansion in Memphis, Ohio

Her raven colored hair danced like dancers
 as she spun the linens
round and round
..oh the silicon chip inside her head .got switched to overload. and nobody's gonna go to school today. she's gonna make them all stay home...'she sang
 in her glimmer-ish
,kitten-esque way.
telling us all to leave the bus stop
leave now
and at once
i have me a feeling
someone's out on the front!

  come inside
COME inside
come inside sweet runts
one and all
keep away from your parents
and teachers you see
 they will only misform you
of tTHE WAY things
will SOON BE

Now let's all turn to pages
to pages 1-2 or three
to hear what Our father
wants us TO BE

aren't you glad you home schooled it
and did not run away
 to hear what those Ruiners
are likely to say


We are
The Evolved Ones .
the others are not
the others
have not even heard
of "The Dots".

the cops
          or the ops
 nor the candidate WOPS

who as much
 as we did
old things
it was fashion
to not care for  a cause!

just tv abs
 and a vampirish sway
who would have thought
it was
all" The New Way"

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