Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Invasion of the Bobby Snatchers

The Grey Haired man man despised depravity not only in art but in all it's hidden guises which was why the country The grey Haired man now served
was a country with no Home or rights or or rule

" The point isn't rule for the sake of rule making "

the Mentor said
the Mentor graphed The Mentor interfaced into Bobby Benton's
synapses as Bobby Slept

a country 
a state
 a commonwealth
 used to stand for something 
Gary Rainy had asked,The Mentor said," what does this country stand for Now?"

Bobby's REM was else where
Off POINT a Mandler might say
Bobby  had been both right and wrong to say what he had to the artist...who painted of wars he had never fought and could not understand what misdirected allegiance could do )
One in 20
 than one in 15 
than one in 7 .... A State ",the Voice stated, " does not become a “a police-ing state”overnight 
 with suspicion
 but one man with authority to police 20 or so becomes not enough--------- 

why so much police-ing...and suspicion?",The Voice said ,"because “something probably happened
 to make people scared”

 perhaps a bridge broke 
 perhaps a meteor fell

perhaps initially for good reason the people of The State were
 glad glad glad 
to be looked at with New  Eyes

 as who knows 
maybe somebody amongst them
 blinked funny or somethin' 
to make the meteor fall outta the sky
 Half awake 
Bobby rolled ontohis side
and could
not help but wonder 
what side

he was on
he was
tossing and so turning in bed and all the waking hours

"this does not sound like MY OWN thoughts..I do not usually think like this..I do not like these thoughts..they are not of me..Am I growing or changing ..where do these new concepts that over take me come from..?"Bobby thinks ..

 the men
 in the cabin in the woods 
 read on the computer screen
that encoded
 and displayed what was on and inside Bobby Benton's mind 

certain men in some neck(s) of the woods. in some cabins in the woods'

 can read another's thoughts these days
 your days
 OUR days 
soon enough
 and sooner than you think 

“did you read that ?"a Neuralist said ,staring at Bobby's thoughts on the screen.

"Read what,"  another Mentor/Neuralist at the" control booth"

 the control booth 
currently a Formica table with a laptop and a very small hand sized satellite dish 

that enabled" the Mentors" to not only read the mind of Bobby Benton

 but also write on the mind of Bobby Benton

 as Bobby Benton had gotten himself on the radar 
and these days 
my days 
and soon your days 
being on radar might mean being proper fodder for Functional Advanced Unseen FMRI Testing by Mentors and Men such as THEM

 “Bobby thinks the sound of what is supposed to Sound like HIS Voice..
does not sound like his voice at all! ...Let's quit for the day and make this  work ,”A Mentor said 
pounding on the laptop 
that housed the synthesized Intelligence
 that was to soon become Bobby Benton
once enough Bobby Benton was Cleared
 for a new version of Bobby Benton to Take Hold 

“For this  to work,"The Mentor said ,"the Voice "must sound enough like Bobby's own thought pattern
 to not induce an endless internal dialog of "what is this voice , this is not my voice ..understand or we'll have another Denny Pace on our hands
 (Denny Pace had so doubted his sanity while being "Integrated 
to The New Way
 that he leapt off the 10th floor of the Statler Hotel )

..Let's Do THIS ONE right or right enough so that we might gather something of USE..(The mentor suggested to his crew that they study the collected Bobby-eques-ness that lay in graphs and sentences and pulsations and print outs all through out “The Cabin”)...”we 'll begin again tonight ..In Dreams..”

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