Thursday, January 16, 2014

new thoughts

the Voice

one in 20
than one in 15
than one in 7
"A State,"The Great Voice stated
into Bobby Benton's auditory nerve,"does not become a police-ing state
over night"the Interface Imparted,although it was too early "in the game" for this to really  be called "interface'
as the term interface
 is  general defined y as a 2 way "dialog" or exchange of information
and The Mentors and managers of the  Synthetic Intelligence
 system of New Speak.Silent Speak.
cared little
what Bobby Benton thought
of the
VOICE nor what the VOICE said
this did not mean that Bobby's neurals and thoughts were not of interest to the "Mandlers"
or that they did not read the words on the computer that encoded Bobby's reactions to the
presumably because
it is /was impossible for technology that "speaks" through waves and frequency
directly to one's cranium
The Mentors
assumed Bobby would either assume
The VOICE was somehow his own inner monolog
or some COMMUNION with something BEYOND himself.

let him figure it out
not figure it out
let the VOICE drive him mad..
or drive him to The New Way
Once one is chosen to "play"
one does not get away...

The VOICE reiterated
"a state does not become a police-ing state

over night

something happens
 to make the citizenry accept and perhaps want
for instance
 than previous liberties
The VOICE said
the interface Proclaimed
The Interface interfered-------------------------with Bobby's
                                                                          Belief system
                                                                          the "new thoughts" he had been having in the past few
                                                                          hours did not seem his

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