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The control tones recorded on the film's optical or magnetic track triggered one of   Two tones of 25 Hz or 35 Hz  that bypassed the "enhanced" tv viewers temporal lobe...the silent frequencies were a form of "low -fi remote neural monitoring .
.possible now
 for the " control group" who  had drank the potable nano particles and bio sensors
 placed in select batches  of Compo Cola 

Parasol Pictures a subsidiary of Compo had co- sponsored the trial run of 

Associative /Referential TV Response
that called for a" mild" Brain Computer Interface 
BCI was the latest thing
but for all intensive purposes did not exist at all
Valerie Prentis asked for the utmost discretion for the "experience"
as she feared Intraneural TV
would be perceived by the public ," as too Invasive..or something or other"
she spoke privately and scornfully of  Luddite thinking toward advanced Technologies," especially amongst those "Jewie" types  who could not or would not '"get over  their "thang" that someone or something was always "up to something"
Valerie spoke about "hippies and those PBS types  against Evolutionary Progressiveness...ruining just RUINING everything For Everybody....
But the project went forward nonetheless thanks in part  to a generous grant from both the beverage company and The Gary P. Rainy TruGenics Corperation for Human Betterment...

the TVs were of a generic brand 
bought mainly in the neighborhoods who drank Compo cola to begin with...
a small manipulation of pulse code through the cables in and around the 30 block radius 
altered the Tvs suitably to be essentially mirrors of both the Moods and Modes of the persons viewing the sets
 these two tones  responded "in kind" to the viewer's facial Reactives and the bio sensors that had survived the ardent trip past the consumer/tester's blood brain barrier.., the main soundtrack could be increased in  8 decibel increments to create a more Immersive Response to the programming  Some viewers and consumers brought even more to the market study as their Compo Cola contained not only bio sensors for survey but nano particles that could convey a  virtual 5 sense dendrite /synapse over ride

It was selective television
that read the pupils
and neural reactions to one of 57 thought styles programmed into
the New Direct intraneural Program
being introduced by Parasol Pictures
as the feedback was
mainly for marketing and or
anyone who reacted to various associations and cues
in a manner too far off
Gary Rainy Neuronautic Scale of Normalcy

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