Sunday, January 12, 2014

strawberry kwik

wants me to take down the previous entry
he graphs
he says.."it's a girl book"
these manly men i call my Mandlers
for many reasons

a "girl book" I think ,I graph,I interface..My mind is groggy
like a fool 
again a had taken some Seroquel the previous night
my dr.whom i
ve seen now for a year about "the hallucinations"still insists i treat the "manifestation causes by current stresses and past traumas childhood and otherwise..."as an organic psychological condition
never mind i displayed proof adresses ..etc
court records (my own) and a
laudry list of "players"
who for some reason made it quite clear to me this was not some organic manifestation
the people who took my computers and notebooks 
in california and broke into my apartment 
and told me "it was some type of duty..or "gift" to be part of
this adventure.
the ones who also told me if i did not get "with the program' 
i might find myself buried somewhere in riverside county.
my friends back east bent over backwards to get me
to fly home 
where i expected my un solicited participation in "The Singularity"
(did you know jim that this technology that you write and speak so maliciously about 

CAN and will be used to SAVE lives
of people with locked in syndrome
people with brain damage ,dementia,blindness,coma,learning disabilities,personality disorders ,drug addiction...did i mention loicked in syndrome where a patient is unable to speak or communicate but nonetheless THINKS anyway
can you imagine?
The man holding the computer .his computer that held
my encoded thoughts
which he made sure i had read minutes earlier
nothing earthshattering
just a summation
or whatr he calls SPECIFIC THOUGHT STYLE
that will eventually help
be read more effiently
with out time delay
you see it takes an awful lot of THOUGHT STYLES to create a program that can instantly
place a trained "Reader"
in not only another's mind but in their PURPOSE of MIND

looking at the "brain map"he took
that morning which simply was about what i was thinking upon entering a mini mart
on in Palm Springs.where I had been "dropped off" to visit an art dealer who had previously carried my work
back when i used to "work"
as an artist..
back before my obsession which I admit even to my psychiatrist is borederline compulsive to explain if only as /for historical documentation that
THEY can and are doing things
to people
THEY have no business doing
or "working out g-d forbid" HOW TO DO IT more efficiently

they began
practicing on me in 1994
with "the works' so "lovingly" described by Miss Naylor..
but Impart (or microwave directed energy systems) that can literally place words in one's mind
by "tickling" the auditory nerve that by passes normal hearing is ONE thing
actually READING ,encoding another's private thoughts
into not only sentences but emotions and feelings that precipitate "the next word one thinks or says(called by The Pros ..A PRENEURAL FIRING

and my ground bound Mandlker/handler
shakes his head and snapps the computer shut
just as i was reading  the words.."strawberry Quik ...I have not have a strawberry quik since i do not know when..but I'm sure it's loaded with chemicals..i bet even plain old chocolate quick has tons of chemicals...THERE IS A SEPERATE LETTERING AND CORRESPONDING WAVE SEQUENCE
that denotes my physicalities..such as left hand opens freezer case.
also a very small yellow wave running concurrently with
"THE MINI MART" "operendi "breakdown
that Neil Diamond's "sweet Caroline"
is playing on the store speakers
not quite suprisingly between my riveting thoughts on artificially flavored milk products
bits of the song enter my green wave cognitions or whatever the strange man who knows more about me in many ways
than even my own mother in only 2 days of "Brain map"

the computer snaps shut.
he gives me a half haughty and a half warning look
"tell me this isn't exciting...tell me you really want out...this is just the beginning we can also soon do things with your vision..bypass your occipital nerve as well...your mind could be like disney land...but you feel some pussy boi...oh no..

can you imagine what type of thinking we can CATCH
or do you want to be responsible for some bridge being blown up in Omaha by THEM..

get with the program

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