Saturday, January 18, 2014

"do you mind if I call you Peter?"he said

who said I said 
third base..Do you mind if I call you Peter he said who said i said Third Base
-THE VOICE said again and again .all through the night- Jim Bloom.1994(Gilbert Hotel.Wilcox..Los Angles CA)

i was reticent to write it as is.
i don't know if i can
i don't know if i should
i doubt really anyone would believe me

i turned to fiction
to put a barrier between me
and THEM

THEM is a "team"most of x- this that and the other thing
that nobody
knows what to do with
they are disgruntled.
but loyal
they are The Merry Pranksters with guns , classified hallucinogenic drugs and Republican tendencies
behind their "Do anything ,Say anything" cloakings

these guys are so off the grid
that I think THEY forget they're on any grid whatsoever

THEY answer to no-one
There are NO
 and NO PITY
to Human Experimentation...(really how could their be?I think when I think of THIS and all that went on/goes on logically..their job is to lead you down a rabbit hole with semantic confusion and associative referential ..they are well trained ,many of them proud" Science-ideolgy" Members"
....but than again Charles Manson was also a proud "Science-ideology member"...these guys are smart,initially charming
it's a game to them
you are a Piece in the game
not a person
you are a mark
a type
a profile

someone to

to "spike" with something called nano

I could be your brother.
or friend
they pulled this on

they do not care if you "come back"
their main job is to take you
places the mind was never intended to go

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