Sunday, January 5, 2014

the techniques...not the sensors are the big deal..
I don't care much for a company that
steals people

the point of some of these tiny companies finding their way in the wilderness and wildness of mind uploading
triggered by mind downloading (in the form of Bio sensors that enable one to hear see..taste ,,etc a common "feeling" through teleprescence..
sometimes the interaction is quite personal when a mentor is 'scoring" the interaction between two nervous sytsems
but just as often
the feedback a mirroring of one's thought
that is constantly challenged by a Program manufactured to
essentially "make one think" about what one "thinks about

the way to do this.
is to "role play"
or to put the subject in the "catbird seat"
heighten the TRUTH of SELF
an intentional
 Stassi like Interrogation
is enacted
almost to Kafka-esque absurdity
Many "participants' go mad...half way through the Neural "game of "I am are something on my shoe" type of subjugation

legislation and all kinds of regulation will
with a less aggressive way of Brain Mining

the private sector has a way of making many new advances less offensive

for the endless Q and A . and fear driven
of "parts of the brain" not used to being "cooked"
to work

The participant AND the Mentor
the situation
of Criminal
and Correctional "officer"

it is less difficult than one might imagine to convince a "Proxy" that
not only is he
but that
is Faulty
or untrue

and that his beliefs in such..
have made him

what often seems like syntax confrontation,gibberish or often the "cog" that makes reverse brain engineering possible

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    neuronautics are not the only Group involved in A.I. or Transhumanism

    as transhumanism
    is about extending one's consciousness beyond the traditional lifespan
    it is not as silly as it sounds being asked to sign a thousand or even billion year contract
    A.I. one purpose is to collect consciousness ...and one's "style of thought"

    who demand one signs contract


    so a trillion /million year contract is not so bizarre..
    Gary  was a man beyond his times..
    he also swayed with the times
    for instance
    making homosexuals a deviant 3 on the TruGenic scale from a deviant 8
    nor was Gary Rainy racist
    (although he found Jews bothersome "always talking of brainwashing and "never again" and this is how it begins...
    always someone out to get them but..
    he understood .
    as best as he could
    their resistance o inevitable change..)
    much of his data was gained during early
    discrete tests
    off map
    summations that were
    used on other types that were presupposed as
    "this type of another"
    other companies who also were making headway with a science that for obvious reasons needed
    a tender touch
    were appalled at the 
    applications of
    The New Way's aggressive techniques that were known to cause
    trauma and
    in a safe  room surrounded by medics and counselors
    were done verbatim
    with Direct Neural Interface
    Gary Rainy did not believe in "soft progression" as one of his
    motives was induce enough fear in a client to
    instigate a
    mindset that Though without words.
    once the subject was
    taught or
    subjected to
    altered ways of thinking
    true telephathic and possibly psi "language" was now
    and irreversibly part of the subject's "being"
    the subject would
    for all time have to be
    or kept in line
    while currently nano technology was added to The Process to
    foster faster growth
    only a few
    with bio sensors
    Pushed into a Zone of  Psychic Awakening..
    for synthetic mind to mind was
    some times
    a wrong  one
    was picked to
    "do" in terms of Awakening
    this is how
    were made.


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