Sunday, January 12, 2014

i am asked if i am gonna write about it why so all over the place fragmented 
\\\\\\\it's job is to make one so
not just mad 
but specific
the study is about the mind
an d stimuli response
not so much it seems to me about completely shattering one's psyche 
but breaking  a "self"" into aspects
while the engagement is with something delivered by electronic means
the administrator of the "engagement"is human
a humna on the other end of an interface whose job is to
role play the victim into emotional
personas to determine what type of tone and syntax and cade nce
elicits  a desired outcome

almost everyone i have spoken to in the Targeted in dividual comminity which quite frighteningly has grown to millions
since 2003....
understands the segmented selfhood that developed "organically"if one is determined to stay alive during  A.I. rundowns which incorporate 
systematic neural linguistics to see how "this"might work for both "hands off" punitive effacement
and how a modified version of this formulaic comminication
might work in the private sector

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