Tuesday, January 14, 2014

people .like..you

paintings like this ,,,,it's sickening ,"an erect man witha greying crew cut said to either a younger wife ..or daughter I've had bad reactions to my work but not quite like this i happened to be at the gallery i had forgotten to sign some small sketches in a vinyl book the sketches sold much better at times than the larger paintings i was relative;y new to painting large the small painting the man was looking at was entitled "Abugraid Sarurday Night" which was semi abstract in it's depiction of what appeared to be men in greenish uniforms basically hog tying whom appear to be several naked or semi naked men in the backround was a collaged arrangement of several nude men piled atop each other I do not usually speak to potential art buyers .. as i 've been told that I often ruin sales by saying things like "Oh that one..that was done in like 50 minutes...or something that in some ways lower's "the piece's" value.. as the man did not seem like he was going to buy the piece i went over to him saying "saying yeah it's sickening .it was a sickening time..." The man looked at me .Wondering it seemed to me what gaVE ME THE RIGHT to easedrop on his conversation.. "I'm the artist "I said.. :If I were you I'd keep that to myself you ever serve your country..?He asked You know nothing about anything.People like you.Nothing.."he said dragging his wife or daughter with him toward the door..where he stopped and looked directly at me...smiling in an odd way i remeber even now 'But you might ," he said...You you just might .. "Wacko," the Gallerist said,"are you alright..I think it's a wonderful piece Avam Exhibit Celebrates The Rugged Individualist - Baltimore Sun articles.baltimoresun.com by Tim Smith Oct 1, 2009 - Other pieces in the exhibit confront contemporary issues in bold style, among them Jim Bloom's "Abu Ghraib Saturday Night" .. Folk art images plumb mysteries of war - Daily Press articles.dailypress.com › Collections › Civil War‎ Cached Share View shared post Jan 28, 2011 - ..Pennsylvania artist Jim Bloom's slashing indictment of American misconduct in "Abu Ghraib Saturday Night.". 2.[PDF] Baltimore Sun - Fountain Gallery www.fountaingallerynyc.com/images/.../Life__Liberty___the_Pursuit...p...‎ post Oct 3, 2009 - Other pieces in the exhibit confront contemporary issues in bold style, among them Jim Bloom's "Abu Ghraib. Saturday Night"

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