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Thursday, October 24, 2013        Jim Bloom Small Life Video and Wallhangings

  • necessary for the Proxeteer to be told something despicable about "the reason"
a subject was chosen for the program

  • a crime
  • preferably sexual in nature,should be first casually.It is unfortunate that some Mentors moral compass however veers more toward crimes such as theft,or which might lead the subject into such hot spots of ambiguity.Much more difficult than sexual misappropriations
  • it is relatively easy to overload
a Proxy's subconscious "loop" toward such correlations
  • (especially in the first 8 weeks of intrusion ,so that memories of childhood.and sexuality may seem to concur in such a way that a future Mentor may be be introduced to the subject in such a way that subject is implied and implicated as a sexual predator.

  • one has a rather wide berth to introduce such themes.
  • especially if one is prudent in seeking specific identifiers.
  • (which can often can be done if one focuses on visual correlations during "quiet reads" during television)

  • ....used to provide the Mentor enough wherewithal and emotion fortitude to begin the initial"dent"

  • and subsequent psychotic break for participants who were randomly chosen,who did not sign waivers.)
  • ------------------------
  • the volunteers.
  • 120 days max
  • with pay
  • the most important part of establishing Intraneural with the unknowing participants
  • would be to immediately establish an incongruous
  • correspondence
  • which would also guarantee ..... the right to experiment on human subjects would be to provide ample evidence of required monitoring over riding the 120 day ....
  • as the subjects not signing waivers were "in the grey zone"of the law.....
  • concerning psychological non lethal....fair play
  • important early on
  • to make the subject.... either incapacitated and instituationalized
  • as the very nature of future conditioning for type b. testing would and should be mind "without limits"
  • and in such reguard these tests under guidelines and for the public's safety be "played out" in facilities
  • such as jails or hospitals

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