Tuesday, January 14, 2014

backlog in the backlot

 ESP and Telepathy (which is puportedly a “natural”gift possed by very few ))has been a template to creating Direct Neural interface(DNI) and Artificial Intelligence  since it's earliest inception after WW2
so much "pre production work" has been done in terms of Neuro -tronic Cybernetic "gamesmanship" in terms of "what "stories" and "imagery based on collective myth and the power of such " in causing not only terror but joys and bliss beyond either comprehension or conjagation with psychotronic enhancement..that their is a cache of "situationals" and "referentials' that reaches back now over 4 decades..to coincide with NEW Happenings that have or (had to) enter the Collective "Mindset"...all in tandem with  the foreseen "happenstance" of mind to mind or mind to computer communications that was placed on pause to coincide with advances concerning  the size of a bio sensors was anticipated and  such that it could safely enter segments of the brain previously off limits to even the most skilled neuro surgeons.When the foreseen limitations were overcome by a nano sized polymers especially created to thrive and interact (via componants) with “like sized” neurons and dendrites of the hippocampus and temporal lobe...it was not as much as stretch as one might first believe to rather quickly translate the signals of neural bundles into word,sentence and nuance of personality.As limited strives were to be accomplished with animal testing special exceptions were made to test “the product' often unknowingly on various segments of the population to garner something of a storage base for similiar or contrast comparison..While the public has become familiar with the technique of “silent sound” transmission and accepted it as a New Concept in abbreviated inception of ideas and mind augmentation (Google Glass ,to name but one transparent incorperation of once “covert” developments) communication..

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