Wednesday, January 22, 2014

testing 1-2-3

How do we protect people used for brain studies for Human-Computer-Interface, Artificial Intelligence or Sensory" Enhancement" testing..we can't..
as there is no law that protect "progress"and no laws that can not be 'swayed' by either money or the patriotic "duty" it "is" to "go forward"and  since 9/11  many scientist and universities (for good reason?)have carte blanche to do whatever needs to be done to protect "the world" from "suspicious people with possible bad intent on their minds" 

Since at least 2005 several new cases have emerged of human brains and nervous systems illegally “hijacked” with cybernetic technology.

The motion picture industry  perhaps not intentionally minimizes or cheapens the theme and travesty of uninformed consent to a situation so intrusive and powerful that the Psychotronic Technology is often simply referred to as Either Synthetic Telepathy or Voice of God technology.. 

Mind Reading Technology and Mind Manipulation Technology is introduced to the general population as  "action packed ,adrenalin soaked" sport

little if any time is given to the general audience to intelligently consider the implications of this "advancement" in actual day to day life...that does not involve ninjas or movie stars
one  would not or could not however produce  a "souped up,car crash studded ,thriller about the plight of women being used as White Slaves for sex without backlash
 nor would there or could there be a High Octane ,Sexy,thrill-ride , smash em 'up about the Tuskeegee Experiments or the Human testing and Experiments done in Death camps 
but there is something funny about the notion of computer processors or chips being introduced into a human ...isn't there?Something somehow too ridiculous to be taken seriously...
 Although it is the year 2014 the implication ,never mind the plausibility that of course corporations  are doing tests on humans as there is no real use of animal testing in this  particular field) ...perhaps the  notion of "manipulated living"  has  inadvertently been layered into the collective mind to be "whimsical " and "fantastical" ..perhaps none of it was as inadvertent as it seems?
Whatever one says when speaking about these "issues" is  like a "built in"grounds for either institutionalization or at the very least invalidation of one's credibility socially and professionally and personally.The few brave enough to continue with their stories (in spite of lost jobs "  because of the telling" lost friends,lost husbands and wives etc..might be todays laughing stocks  but  I can assure  you ,"that that for the  things that Targeted individuals  for both A.I. and Brain Computer Interface "testing"  have been put through psychologically these are the heros of our time...the trauma cannot be explained properly with mere so much of ""it" has to do with wordless engagement...and the forced "learning"of "How to" respond ,resist,and retool oneself over and over again while friends,employers and family only see "mental breakdown" and terror in one's eyes
and experience ..
There is no established legal protection for the human subject when researchers use cybernetic technology to reverse engineer the human brain.
The progressing neuroscience using brain-machine-interface will one day enable those in power to push the human mind wide open for inspection.
There is call for alarm. What kind of privacy safeguard is needed if remote computers can read your thoughts?
In recent decades new areas of research involving nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology and neuroscience have emerged, resulting in, as yet, unknown products and services.
We are facing an era of synthetic telepathy, with brain-computer-interface and communication technology based on thoughts, not speech.

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