Monday, January 13, 2014

i quickly glance over the last entrIES

i so hate writiung "blog style" cannot always remmebvr if one is moving forward or backward...the format itself discourages ...a linear progression...but this is good perhaps
for as long as i have been writing.
i still am too afraid to rewally write of the events first in 1994 than in 2011
i give a quick reread to what i have writtewn a bit concerned i did not state my name as EWlroy or  Flora...
and somepone might read...what i writ
 and come
and take me somewhere..
to be 'fixed'
oh they have done that
,,,shoved needles in my arms
fastened me to beds in restraints...and shoved neuroleptics into my veins for speaking
as i do ...
let me tell you about these drugs
that cause a pain and calmity of one's nervous system ...which in my case was not reversable..
tardive dyskinesia ..dystonia
one's nerve ending literally feeling as if they were on's joints as if combed with buzzing bees..
an indescribable pain
because it is not a seering pain but unfathomable discomfort
as if madness is the point of their actual administartion

the prior entry i state now was written as a pitch for warner brothers.
my name is welroy Stetson
i have not now or ever been a Neuronaut

nor have i ever been sequestered as Human Droine or Guinie Pig bymy case-tion
i add videos and drawing to mask my
a pop song helps lessen weverything to zero
doesnt it
why think at all when a pop song can say it so much better than you
why think at all when a tv show
thinks it through in a manner so much easier to follow than your own cross sectioned mind

what was that term only years ago
for IT
(for adjusting our minds to function in smaller and smaller bits and bytes)
oh yes
MULTI managing
will make it easier
to not only want but actually need a bio sensor upgrade
to even "keep up' with the Droneses

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