Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Grey Haired man man despised depravity not only in art but in all it's hidden guises which was why the country The grey Haired man now served
was a country with no Home or rights or or rule

" The point isn't rule for the sake of rule making "

the Mentor said
the Mentor graphed The Mentor interfaced into Bobby Benton's
synapses as Bobby Slept

<" both="" but="" cards="" confused="" could="" country="" div="" do="" enemy="" fight="" fought="" from="" future="" gain="" gary="" gulf="" had="" hate="" have="" he="" higher="" him="" if="" in="" is="" it="" law="" legiance="" little="" love="" makers="" misdirected="" nbsp="" neuronautics="" never="" new="" not="" obby="" of="" one="" ours="" painted="" pointlessness="" policy="" rainy="" real="" recieved="" returned="" right="" s="" say="" sense="" soldier.="" something="" taught="" terrotorial="" that="" the="" their="" them="" to="" understand="" violence="" wars="" /i>
a country a state a commonwealth used to stand for something Gary Rainy had said what does this country stand for Now?

Bobby's REM was else where
Off POINT a Mandler might say
Bobby  had been both right and wrong to say what he had to the artist...who painted of wars he had never fought and could not understand what misdirected legiance could do )

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