Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Undesirables


An unpublished version of "New TruGenics "Tru Christie kept on his person at all time
.The New Way.The New Bible...  
every now and than around Riverside County you could see Tru removing his shoe and banging  this shoe upon a barroom or restaurant  table  especially  if he was in progressive company as to remind the group that indeed 'Times Were a Changin' and that as planned  'A Change was Gonna Come'
 and  Social Reform of the Social Reforms that according to The New Way had created nothing but the  over population and diminution of the Bettors with Lessor blood.

Even more than hearing himself talk Tru Christie enjoyed "hearing himself think" upon another .
 Hearing how his thoughts about The New Way were processed through the very type The New Way deplored...
 A private joy it was to Tru interfacing The New Way to any number of human test subjects leased out to Proxy Cyber for an unwanted Brainlink.


shhh Valerie Prentis said
shhh "put it away,'she would say, referring to both Tru's shoe and the  "new bible"
"it's not time.No one is quite ready"

Valerie Prentis would tease Truman Christie that he was like a boy with a boner 

who just had to show 
"his thing"before the boy knew how to work "it"


: a person who does disturbing things that a person who is mentally normal would not do
plural sick·os
:  a person who is mentally or morally sick
— sicko adjective

Examples of SICKO

  1. She was afraid to walk alone for fear some sicko might be lurking in the shadows.
  2. <some sicko kidnapped and murdered as many as a dozen young women>

First Known Use of SICKO

 loon,loonymaniacnutnutcase, ,psychopsychopath,  lunatic

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