Thursday, January 30, 2014

Unsolicited Human Testing is the New Human Traffic

the most important part of conducting human testing
discretely is to place as much distance between
the sponsor
of these tests-..and those you must seek to perform such tests
not only is it essential to out source the tests but one must also
convolute the essence of the research and acquired data in such a way
that various universities and medical associations and groups and corporations
will only know about a small sliver
of "the big picture"
so one must early on chose wisely what dummy companies one needs to set up and what data needs to be falsified in advance
also which streams of hard copy soft copy true statement false statements might need to be doctored .
..this can be done by always keeping in mind that the main goal is to get the human studies as far away form their initial source and basic reasoning to preform such studies as possible..
so .one should constantly switch initiatives...change issues into non issues and back again ..suggest at first all data is being done for medical reasons . than back peddle that all studies are focusing on academic theory. Next set up special interest groups act as ethical watch dogs...than confirm that for financial reasons you can only do research out of country make..this company fold and divide one's research into fields that on the surface have nothing whatsoever to do with with a legislator to stop the very work you are doing .than once again fold or buy another company. Go public with information 15 years old..and remember to always say this type of science won't be possible for another 15 years...go back to academia...and seek options overseas. Go public that the work you have done with monkeys...has made you have to refocus on ethics before moving forward to human trials. lose or data..claim your research is ...transitioning ..move headquarters to yet another country quick start up quicker buy false loses than false gain for .dummy companies to keep agencies off point agencies most importantly when one is conducting human experiments ..make every thing so confusing that eventually even the source of the initiated outsourcing can truly say
without faltering" I have not the slightest clue what is or was going on

in the small lecture hall Dr R***** banged on the green blackboard he used specifically as an visual referential that was meant to imply "wholesome"qualities of some broadcast or actual representation of "school house" fundamentals
using a pointing stick to deliberately cause auditory imprint
with his purposely severe tone meant to instill on future
"change agents"-
2.NEVER WORRY IF A SUBJECT BLATHERS ON ABOUT SO CALLED "HUMAN TESTING" OR "goes on a campaign against psychotronics or cybernetics" NEVER WORRY IF A SUBJECT tells a Dr., hires a lawyer or writes to a congressman or state representative
always remember!
it comes to nothing...
never in my 4 decades with this agency has anything whatsoever come from full or partial disclosure from a subject.
no matter How much "they know"or think they know
...The subjects are inevitably taken to be either psychotic or schizophrenic*..
their rigorous campaigns to prove their "normalcy
in fact often escalate their problems concerning legitimacy
("someone put something in my mind..someone put something in my drink"Dr R**** said in a childlike voice and the crowd laughed, the crowd of students who "would " be placing "something"in "somebody's drink
"I think somebody did something very naughty to me "Dr R**** went on,his voice even more childlike when he stuck his thumb in his mouth"..I think I was violated .. I tink I saw a puddy cat .I tink someone put computer chips in my brain)
Turning serious Dr R**** asked the 'change agents" in the lecture hall,"DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE?
do you"
I am explaining to you that no matter WHAT a Targeted Individual SAYS...
YOU will always be SAFE
..I've often wondered myself if someone "Tagged" me with "apps' if I would say something to anyone..
and if I did how it would sound...
but truthfully I cannot
because I and I expect anyone here in the audience simply WOULD never be BRANDED
NON PERSON enough to be on "the wrong end" of Humane testing.
That is what we call it...
Hu mane Tesing
Never Human testing
I would like everyone to repeat after me
"Humane Testing"
The SUBJECTS perceived indignities caused to them INCREASE substantially when various "threshold tests" are conducted concerning Mind Assuagement cause many of subjects
have a melt down ,inevitably they make a public display of themselves ,this only helps OUR case. Not theirs.
Dr R***** sipped a glass of water and spoke in a manner that is casual and intimate,
"I remember a young woman,a subject literally picketing the ***dept for 4 weeks all the while neurally interfacing her mentors she intended to light herself on fire .as some kind of diminutive gesture against Neurotronic testing
...could you imagine?Could you imagine lighting yourself on fire and nobody believing a word you have said?not your friends ,not your husband ,not your family...why i even felt for the poor woman myself. Inevitably these Suffragette types will make matters worse for themselves in the courts,hospitals and everything in between as their lives become a objective lesson in diminishing returns...we do like a record...we do like to cover our asses...and we do like an open file of discredit-ification..
.which means a Psychological "happening"should present ever 2 or 3 years if for no other reason than continuity...they become used to the voices and visions but do not worry
a disintegration of self occurs nonetheless .do not give up that a full mental breakdown can also present through secondary symptoms of albeit synthesized schizophrenia-------Never ever Think of these subjects as people..THIS is what they want you to do,this is how they manipulate YOU. Obviously whoever procured these subjects had damn good reason for not identifying them as 'people"and there fore neither should YOU



The development of  a nanomechanical chip that can be internalized to detect intracellular pressure changes within living cells, enabling an interrogation method based on confocal laser scanning microscopy.

"Our goal was to fabricate a chip small enough to be inserted into a living cell and detect mechanical loads," Rodrigo Gómez-Martínez, the paper's first author, tells Nanowerk. "As a result, we have been able to show that this nanostructured device can detect intracellular pressure changes. This is the first time that pressure can be detected by a sensor located inside an intact cell, preserving the integrity of the cell membrane."Suárez points out that the presence of the nanochip does not seem to affect the cell's structure or viability – cells with the sensor chip inside were alive, healthy and able to divide (with the sensor remaining inside one of the cells).-
Teresa Suárez,The implications of the tenacity of these bio sensors combined with their sensing mechanics means that perhaps sooner than expected certain so far unbelievable  
enhancements of the mind and body are now not simply "do-able" but profitable

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