Tuesday, January 28, 2014

תעתועי אביחיל

"One has to make a leap when researching the disclosed documentation of scientific information a layman seeks concerning nearly all advancements ,especially ,in the fields of Physics,Biology and Computing as these fields of study in particular receive nearly 80% of their funding from agencies and committees with jurisdiction to "hold back" exploratory discovery as these research areas have rather obvious applications in the military theater.An example of this is rather curiously found in the withholding of documents (to this day) of Human Testing data(mainly physiological and psychological) acquired in the late 1940's from both Japanese and German 'work and detainment" camps.Another example of "hold back"concerns the purposeful shredding of all coercive mind manipulation data (mainly pharmaceutical,electronic and Neuro- tronic) by the United States and England ( Project Artichoke,Project Mirage,Project Blue bird(MK Ultra) in the mid 1970's.At first it seemed much of these documents were destroyed to avoid national .embarrassment but it now comes to light that this data was segued into new testing that had already begun in the Industry of Psychotronics.It concerns me my findings and dialog with academics and ex-civil servants within these fields suggest a 20 to 25 year "gap" in the public's knowledge of just how far the scientific community has come concerning Brain Computer Interface,Artificial Intelligence ,Virtual Reality and all means of Mind Augment ,Mind Encoding and Undetectable Transmissions.." - תעתועי אביחיל..Tel Aviv University

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