Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the Black Robe/you are no ryan reynolds

Targets individuals ...was the word.is the word that began the dream.
.blinking  neon green .than orange than 

of an auditorium
a speaker
a stage
  a volunteer..
the milieu was familiar to me
MURALISTS often use Film and Tv to immediately 'send" a Proxy into a Mutually Recognized "Stage"
all i can think it I am glad they did not use either "The Cell" or "The Black Swan" as they did 2 years ago..as a  theme or set piece..
the Classroom seems safe
as i did 
back at school..but I know how these Over-Rides work..at any moment things,places,characters,moods..my own and the character the Mandlers have cues before me,in me,on me
also I am glad they did not go "the easy way in" by using "Cabin in the Woods" or g-d forbid the movie "Seconds" again

i note a "character" on the stage and immediately recognize him as the antagonist in the film

which  indicates that the Night Terror is based upon something personal between myself and a specific Team of Mandlers...
The ACTOR is giving  what seems to be a science lecture
my Point of View is from the lectern
at first...
some of the audience who has come to hear the lecture or in their underwear .some wear grotesque masks..by the door are several men dressed in SS Uniforms
a sudden JUMP CUT
and my Point of View is from the audience.
my Point of View is from behind a mask
i see the lectern through holes cut in the mask for eyes a la' Michael Myers from"Halloween"
.There is not however a knife in my hand  but a razor blade .
without knowing .I simply know the knife is not for anyone but me
my hands and feet have rope around them ..I Pinocchio. i am as I am in real Life
a Targeted individual...
         can be remotely connected to via radio frequency signals sent a "proxy's"  mind and body . Most Victims complain of being harassed and tortured by unseen directed signals, beams and frequencies or even voices (Synthetic Telepathy - V2K - sent to their brains and nervous system causing stress and unnatural feelings, emotions and pains. It has recently come to light that every individual's Brain emits a unique type of Brainwave or Bio-Signature, these ELF/ULF brain-waves can be tracked, monitored and mapped via microwave carrier signals or Scalar waves  this is known as RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring - Brain Mapping). They can access and manipulate private thoughts utilizing verbatim (audible thoughts) and manipulate a Targets physical and cognitive functions. 
What is more terrifying is exciting ,The lecturer says,"is  the fact that soon Macro and nano/chips and transmitters may be a thing of the past 
and we can "lock on" to a Frequency or simply by using a directed energy fields    
upon hearing the world field
I am motivated to take of my mask...and find myself
not surprising in a FIELD of grass...
My Point of View is what i supposed one might call 3rd person
first I hear a buzzing of insects from somewhere beneath the grass
and expect to next see
 A TIGHT SHOT of a writhing next of insects
but The Muralist is interested in seems in sparking exponential disrupted R.E.M Symbiotics
and waits for me to veer the disturbing imagery to something less frightening
in the field making a gesture to hop aboard and take off
but I can sense their is something lurking behind "Tool Time"timbre in his voice
and in a tree.
I see EVAN ,as a  small garter snake come slithering up to BUZZ winding around him,now EVAN  a Boa Constrictor
of the snake whispering something in Buzz Light Year's ear
and a song That my Mentors know scared me
from my childhood...as my babysitters who used to 'fiddle  about " with me...and play the song"whta's the Buzz ..." tell me what's a happening from Jesus Christ Superstar 
over and over again.breathing wafts of whatever she was smoking into my 6 year old lungs

i have that strange sense again.of not knowing where my body began or ended..
i look at the field which is not a field of marijuana ,poppies and imitation flowers.
i see a gang in robes surrounding BUZZ LIGHTYEAR who has morphed into WILLIAM  DEFOE
as he was costumed in the film about
from Hogan"s Heroes

Looking down I see I am in  a Black Robe

"hey Jude" BUZZ says,now looking like Jim Jones .."come along we're going to Gary Rainy's Ranch,you know...
the ranch  some Clogger calls the Pawn Ranch..get in Van Man...!"

Next thing I know I am in handcuffs in a TRUNK of the van
and than a DISSOLVE.a feeling of suffocation
an ESTABLISHING SHOT of me ,prone
6 feet under in a coffin with only a cell phone
and a computer..

a garter snake slithers up my prone body .."why dontcha" tell of your psychotronic  detainment on Facebook?
I am sure they'll save you,belive you,save you..,:"he says slithering his tongue,a sense of laughter and mocking streams through my waking and dreaming nervous system,"you Vermin,you Degenerate  piece of Eugenic Evidence..."

you are no  ryan reynolds,"EVAN , the snake says

as i type .twitter and litter my predicament all over the social media
EVAN ,still in character tells me
"if you were ryan reynolds you might not have been "apped" to begin with //
oh how i would rather in a dark coffin with ryan reynolds and not "jew.."

i think to the MURALISTs
 that something has gone wrong
that my actual breathing (not just in the dream but my actually lungs) are not getting enough air..

i  had only glanced over the film where Ryan Reynolds is trapped in some coffin with only a cell phone
.i could get into it..
I do not know why an Interfaced R.E.M.Dreamstate has included a  Hollywood Referential I had barely associated with..nor had  gotten  to the end of.
although i assume ryan reynolds being ryan reynolds somehow got out

 EVAN,while still  the garter snake  is transforming into something or someone else I can see the buds of  what look like wings on his back  growing ,growing EVAN says in a slithery voice,"people like Ryan Reynolds
People , they do not like you..'

"who gives a shit who likes me,"I feel like barking,"who gives a shit about ryan reynolds..we're trapped in a box below 6 feet of packed dirt you numbskull"I feel like shouting

the half snake /half raptor which IS now  EVAN and is EVAN  in so many ways lies next to me staring at the coffin lid.
which is now our ceiling.

The coffin lid becomes a mirror
the lights of the cell phone and computer light me up horribly
"Ryan Reynolds ,"EVAN says ,"is a genetically, predisposed, Beautiful &Handsome man.."

"yes ,"I graph"Yes I suppose he is..but
why we are discussing the physical attributes of ryan reynolds when I am afraid and stuck in a coffin i do not know..
.I hate looking at myself in the mirror which is why a MURALIST probably put the mirror there
...I wonder who can see "Me" out of my eyes..
.I used to sometimes think G-d saw what I saw Knew what I knew
..it never occurred to me anyone else could ..or would presume to...

"you're an ugly man
 in more ways than one.
.you are the opposite of style, grace, breeding and  aesthetic beauty
you should be relieved it will soon be over"EVAN  ,who has transformed into a crab ,says..

"we only want Ryan Reynolds types ..sorry it didn't work out..if only you had really compensated by developing a wonderful playful ;light inner soul things might have done..terms could have been adjusted.  but this is not true..either."EVAN SAYS

He uses his claws to clamp on my nose ...and than as calipers
measuring the distance between my eyes
and than the integrity of the ratio of my entire face..

'a weak chin,a weak man...a hooked nose ,a hooked heart.."He says and I am getting sick of  the prattle.

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