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Baby's got her Blue Beam's on/aIN'T NOTHIN" LIKE THE real thing בּת קול

the nice woman in reception
asked me to read a pamphlet
and fill out a form.
another nice lady brought me a coffee...and asked if i had any questions.

i said no...
a friend of mine had used Proxy Cyber 's services
and recommended
that I come there

after a few minutes
i was brought back to another office
a man in a loosened tie asked me
who "the Dots' were for..

i said 'the Dots' were for my wife

i said Darlene was
stepping out-
he said I needn't say anymore

and handed me a small clear vial .

"just put some in her drink...can you do that, by that I mean are you still in the same house,on speaking terms and all that?'He asked,"if not,if there is any difficulty concerning proximity we can hire someone.."

i told him Darlene was not aware of my knowing what I did about her disloyalty and that proximal drinking
and slipping something
in her drink should and would not be a problem

I began writing out a check while the man prattled on,I just wanted to begin
I was in no mood to listen to technicalities but on he went-

"goes without saying you do not tell anybody that you are apping your wife's mind for an "intervention", mind reading and mind modulation with nano chips is still "sort of" a grey area in the lawbooks..
.it will take 5 to 6 days for the "apps" to cross the blood brain barrier,"the man in the loosened tie said ,studying my check ," and another 2 weeks for an Encoder to interpret your wife's transmitted brainwaves into that point you or someone on our 'team" can begin 'speaking ' to her based on her recorded and realtime thoughts
or if you'd like...
you can go "mind to mind" with her although i wouldn't recommend it,"he said placing the check and my form in his desk,"very confusing...and some say quite disturbing..
"the fun part,"the man said,
" is that your wife
won't know what's going on*...
we even have machinery that can make another's Imparted interface
'sound' like her own thinking style..
.... all we have to know,"He said standing and smiling ,"is if you want to drive your wife back to you or just drive her crazy..'

"the later..."I said ,standing and shaking his hand

*Serge Monast (1945 – December 5, 1996) was a French –Candian essayist and whistleblower.

He is known to English-speaking readers mainly for attempting to expose  Project Blue Beam .

In the early 1990s, he started writing on the theme of “a group and set of organizations,corperations (including the Entertainment Industry)  who had over the years (using front groups ,cults and  trickle down sub-organizations )investing trillions of dollars in “hidden; technology that’s main goal was deception through Sound and Vision   to create a “Spectacular Happening”(an aleins invasion,The Second Coming) with technology of the “Holographic and Psychotronic  Kind” to mesmerize the world into believing a genuine and not synthesized rapture was occuring...

He died of a heart attack in his home in December 1996, at age 51, the day after being arrested and spending a night in jail.His followers(many of the scientists duped into the alleged project as a means of “crowd control”  claim his death was suspicious, suggesting he was assassinated by " the  very psychotronic weapons" these physisits ,scientists and “change makers had created),to keep from continuing his investigations

"UNSOLVABLES love the dark they hate the day ",Macy says
I am sitting
on a stage
behind me is a huge screen
various pages of things i have written and drawn are projected on it

there is another screen which has my other thoughts
my interneural thoughts.
sometimes the 2 are shown at once

"this man was given a task.write freely his thoughts on his parents ,his friends and situation,he was offered a sum of 135,00 dollars to write a memoir and be a parent of the Proxy was up to him which was he wanted to go.he was given several popular memoirs,some cruel some kind in their depictions<"Evan shouted into the audience

.I was smiling,I was in my suit,the suit I got that i wore alot since my Reduction.I think in smaller portion.some of my old thoughts and the questions my Mentors asked went thru my mind but i didnt understand them.

i was in a room .i was in trouble.did i kill someone ,did i hurt someone.

"this man was given a task.write freely his thoughts on his parents ,his friends and situation,he was offered a sum of 135,00 dollars to write a memoir and be a student  of The was up to him which way he wanted to go.Are The Powers That be.Is the World .Is The New Tecnology .Good or Bad?
A Bad man
writes and sees Progress
A Bad Way," Macy said

He kept writing and writing
(he kept writing,
he kept going,I hear her say

I Have been dimmed
for the presentation
tranquilized not with bills but a 5.2 Hz "wave
to my amydegela...
it's safer
less addictive

"when do i get a snack"
i hear the audience laughing
i laugh too.
i look at macy who points to the screen
when do i get a snack it says in big letters

" he wants snacks,"Macy says shrugging smiling".nothing wrong with snacks,,"she pauses and becomes serious..ok so the old brown mare she ain't what she used to be ,'she comes up behind me and puts her hands on me " Nothing wrong with snacks and smiles and a little dum de dum is a little better than .in a year or so he will moved to a better apartment and might be able to care for a pet"

Paintings and drawings and things i wrote are projected behind me
Evan takes the stage.
"i monitored much of ****'s  PROCESS
"Usually Internals transcripts are kept utterly private ,don't you worry he said,this is a one time deal,"

I am smiling,I turn around to see if my thoughts are on the screen
i dont know if i gave anyone permission,but there is nothing on the screen but angry paintings and words and words
Believe me i know all too well how UNSOLVABLES think

Gary Rainy believed that one man's bad thoughts wipes away the actions and thoughts of 100,000 good men and believed they should be removed from societys
pictures of my destroyed apartment  in Sherman oaks CA
flickered on the screen
and next a broken window

Evan's Interneural "stories" made me get very mad sometimes



I went back to some of gary rainy's True Sci-Fi Guides for young boys
he predicted "the dots" in 1965

The control tones recorded on the film's optical or magnetic track triggered one of Two tones of 25 Hz or 35 Hz that bypassed the "enhanced" tv viewers temporal lobe...the silent frequencies were a form of "low -fi remote neural monitoring .
.possible now
for the " control group" who had drank the potable nano particles and bio sensors
placed in select batches of Compo Cola

Parasol Pictures a subsidiary of Compo had co- sponsored the trial run of Associative /Referential TV Response
that called for a" mild" Brain Computer Interface
BCI was the latest thing
but for all intensive purposes did not exist at all

Valerie Prentis asked for the utmost discretion for the "experience"
as she feared Intraneural TV
would be perceived by the public ," as too Invasive..or something or other"
she spoke privately and scornfully of Luddite thinking toward advanced Technologies," especially amongst those "Jewie" types who could not or would not '"get over their "thang" that someone or something was always "up to something"
Valerie spoke about "hippies and those PBS types against Evolutionary Progressiveness...ruining just RUINING everything For Everybody....
But the project went forward nonetheless thanks in part to a generous grant from both the beverage company and The Gary P. Rainy TruGenics Corperation for Human Betterment...

the TVs were of a generic brand
bought mainly in the neighborhoods who drank Compo cola to begin with...
a small manipulation of pulse code through the cables in and around the 30 block radius
altered the Tvs suitably to be essentially mirrors of both the Moods and Modes of the persons viewing the sets
these two tones responded "in kind" to the viewer's facial Reactives and the bio sensors that had survived the ardent trip past the consumer/tester's blood brain barrier.., the main soundtrack could be increased in 8 decibel increments to create a more Immersive Response to the programming Some viewers and consumers brought even more to the market study as their Compo Cola contained not only bio sensors for survey but nano particles that could convey a virtual 5 sense dendrite /synapse over ride

It was selective television
that read the pupils
and neural reactions to one of 57 thought styles programmed into
the New Direct intraneural Program
being introduced by Parasol Pictures
as the feedback was
mainly for marketing and or
anyone who reacted to various associations and cues
in a manner too far off
Gary Rainy Neuronautic Scale of Normalcy

"you are an infant
 in The Process
it's a beginning.
it's no big thing
certainly not something to waste hours typing and writing about
the only people who may understand a word of this know everything about this
"everyone has "things"
it's just how we go about letting the snow shake off our shoes when we go inside
do you shake them wildly and get ice and water over everything and everyone.
you don't want to get the snow in the next room,"Valerie says

"does everyone talk like a fruitcake when "they're finished"I ask

"the way you're going I don't think you'll ever know"she said nor ever


is what
makes a man
what.....a man is supposed to be..Evan has Imparted...

... people should be taught by their "Bettors "and open up their hearts and minds completely with or without Open Mind and Impart technologies

without the "Old Way" residue that
makes one want to scream to a "higher god"a supposed "true god" above the "grid" above one's "mentors"
like any "Lessor" might,"Evan Imparts,
"and I suppose must..but tell me WHAT has this REAL GOD done for you lately.has he saved you from "us"?We who take real time and effort to change you..while you cower and cry
"oh god help oh god help..:
Think about it Dumbo how it might feel to be a mentor hearing this..over and over if we were The Bad Guys as if you were being hurt by The New Way ...
What a betryal and what an indictment of The Process..this childish ,cowering begging to an entity thaT NEITHER yOU NOR wE KNOW EXISTS..

They hear my prayers .
They hear my wishes for intervention from another Force
that is neither "man made" or so severe in it's Lessons
of How "to be" if one is to continue "being" at all
The New Way is all Knowing
and as artificial in it's intelligence as it might be
as we go on and as THEY collect more "styles of thinking"
"Voice of God" technology becomes as organic
The Real Thing

Voice of God Perception Augmentation and Over-ride Technology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

בּת קול

Evan Rainy told me that if i want
i might go to the next level of consciousness
i must know The Truth
and most of all

must stop callin gthe things in my body apps or nano particles

and if i keep telling every one around town about what happened in califronia with the strange people who "took me under their wing"
I will be in big trouble with forces
beyond my comprehension

these things they put in me nobody wants to here about
and i had better shut up

where i came up with this notion of Nano particles is beyond him

I graphed that some guy told me in LA,and lots of people told me..
i graphed i had to look it up online..

and than i came across all this stuff ..about direct neural inter face and all the universities testing it on non person type..and people in prisons

it's misinformation evan said

and if you keep talking about nano
or nano particles
or human experiments

i can get locked up
or worse..

what's inside of you is Raindrops
and to have raindrops inside you
is a gift

Evan Graphs says Gary Rainy was known to have special way of thinking that allowed him to
cross into other realities
at a drop of a hat ,while sittin in an easy chair
Gary Rainy could travel through time and space

on one of his many journeys
out side his physical shell
he found himself transplanted to a civilization somewhat like our own
trillions of light years away on a different astral plane
a leader of this planet gave Gary Rainy a telepathic graph the leader of this advanced planet
the secret of How To Be

he also gave Gary rainy
a small wooden box containing what the ruler called"Raindrops"

the ENTITY said these little teeny tiny inserts
could enter another's blood stream
and could save the world and that gary rainy could share the supreme knowledge of how to be and act
with the tiny inserts
The Raindrops ,
that allow you to see and hear things nobody else can
and also engage telepathically with entities from another world

you are not some human experiment Dumbo
but in genuine communion with forces beyond man's comprehension
and these entities you are messing with are getting very angry that you are sharing sacred knowledge of other worlds dumbo

"you think it's odd that people have and had kids for reasons dummy!

that's why people had kids
"In The Beginning"
so the kids could tend the farm.EVAN BOOMS through my temporal lobe

"not this lovey dovey horseshit about "
our baby will change the world ,
be another wonder in this great "brotherhood of man "
this kid ,who turns 18 and main goal is getting at least 500 miles away from the family unit


Neuronautics and Dome Industries didn't have kids based on these false sentiments
but science
and you ain't the only flame in town
there are hundreds of New Way babies
who else were we gonna try this stuff out on?*
so ,cool it with the fact you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time
a reason
.in a way the chidren of Gary Rainy were made for the apps not the other way around

* Beyond directed sound, it’s long been known that microwaves at certain frequencies can produce an auditory effect that sounds like it’s coming from within someone’s head

to know in advance our CAUSALITES and STIMULI
of course everything was recorded when we were growing up

"why you think you' are so hyper sensative,high strung
it's a side effect of" the sense of being watched.recorded,captured"
we were raised on scripts
,it was done only for this to be done decades later

not this story again not this story again not this story again not this story again any story but this I graph

Who says it's a story .

how were they supposed to know you'd go all Hardy Boys with the " How and whatsit of it all"
they assumed they could just toss you into a mental hospital
the times were different when they thought all this up

but I ask you Dumbo,is this piecing together
working for you
or quite the opposite
the point was Tommy Walker
not Tommy TALKER scumbag!

a better man
would be understanding the whys and wherefores concerning the severity of some what you call "runthroughs"
you know the shit someone has no business,as in BIG BUSINESS writing about at all (he graphs a visual of Rock Hudson in the movie "Seconds",they use film like it's some kind of...)

the only reason we LET you write this is because
Dumbo Dumbass can't seem to really DO anything else
like get a real job
NO Dumbo prefers being indignant
like you're some fucking Judah Macabee Green Piece of shit suddenly

freaks out when we stop or threaten to take it away

"it's the threats of killing me
that are getting in the way" I graph,sorta turned on by Evan's intensity" ..the threats kinda take away the entrancement of it all Brotha"

they aren't threats
cuz ya see
it will work either way
ya see...king of betrayl
king of Ruiners
if you just disappear or say get run over
or better yet we
blow your head off
something more DREAMY perhaps~~~~~~
----words appear on the wall across from me Miami Face Eating Attack Lasted 18 Agonizing Minutes
they begin graphing a picutre of the victim but thankfully stop

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