Monday, November 10, 2014


"Wes..." I like the name....but I don't look like a Wes..
or act like a Wes...but it's better than bein' called Dumbo
I always wondered about parents who ,like name their kid Brandon or Dean
does the kid
like become a Brandon ?
you can't really be too
with a name like Brandon or Dean
maybe they "grow into their names" and the auspiciousness such a cool name implies

"Wes,...what did we say about you going all "thinky" when you know BCI is not quite an introspective

 a guy...
who usually doesn't go Intra Neural with me

tells me ....Imparts...interfaces..

but real nice like...
he knows ...I sorta "love him"
if that makes any sense..

to you it wouldn't dear reader cuz' you're a dumbass.

 I intentionally try never to use the word interface ..cuz  IN you dear reader.

the term  interface or direct neural the term chips

induces an "Oh .That type....loony land....and do I really wish to read some madman's account of his obvious mental disorder the loony has decided his hallucinations are technological...."
Fuck you dear reader...

as you and I are not the one misinformed
on origins of
such things...
and yes
dear reader
I have pursued all aspects of psychiatric treatment
taken the Haldol
and all that

but this story doesn't concern you...
does it....
until maybe someone "apps" your husband ,wife ,lover ,kid

and it is YOU kiddo
writing a blog...

do I wish this upon you?
forgive me for my rather rude address

but fuck you just the same
as you're still thinking I Be some wack job.....talking to themselves slappin' their head and such outside a Dunkin Donuts...
you know
the one you wouldn't even give a dollar to

yeah kiddo.I know your type to


one of my Mandler Operators.....for I have been rendered
in such a manner to both transmit and receive % sense "Merge" from another...

it's the latest thing in Paris dear reader
the latest thing at Westinghouse,Lockheed...and every other fortune 500 company
developing A.I. and Immersive Reality

This Mandelr different than both Evan and Tru
(read the wanna know who Evan is...who Tru scroll's not so hard.
print the motherfucker out
I ain't writng this for dough brotha'
it will make good bathroom reading...
I ain't much of a writer..
I know sometimes people read like baking soda boxes in the john

and this rates
just as well
as not one thing I write of not as untrue as it might seem

"well this Mandler comes "on" like ...a well meaning likable
highschool social worker type...
but he visages me( that means makes me SEE,dumbass....and sense his demeanor as -like some airplane driver

a pilot.
...and tells me "I am being very I like it,,,learn from "it" and the more I chat or talk with "these" Targeted Individuals" the more
difficult I get
to "roll with it"
and that's why they want me to move west...
so I can
a. get away from the computer and malcontents who "put down" the research
which is "a trip"
an adventure...
and also cause we kinda want you to do a bit of Vicarious
as a lot of this is about
or will be about
transmitting warmth,love and sex...
and that their company isn't interested in using A.I. and Mind to Mind to hurt another..
but to
entertain another
and when I don't go all "hippie Dick"
I am quite fun
to steer and perceive

you are great "on the road...and in situation that simulate for them
some kinda'
"happy wanderer" compose
not this
woodward Bernstein shit....

which it getting others involved in the Mind Augment field pretty damned pissed off
you ain't no Erin Brokavich
but you might just end up being
Karen Silkwood..

when we'd prefer
you do what you do best

being a dirtbag....
a druggie whore...who doesn't care if he eats outta a garbage can every now and than

"Tru Christie "I graph said ,"no more crack'

He meant no more 7 bags of it one after the other with you putting the coil in wrong...
today I will teach you how to
coil the copper it's not too tight and not too lose

and than we will teach you other aspects of adaptation
that also require you be not too tight or too lose.

be our game boy again

I still have faith you can be that dirtbag we so loved and hated'

"thanks," I graph back...but than go all "thinky" again


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