Monday, November 3, 2014


 they took ME away quite some time ago..
there is little else I can do...except what I am    "Attenuated' toward on any given Sunday, Monday,Tuesday...

the accoutrements I was "dosed" with might have
went the way of Proxycyber..(.as according to my Gleanings -the courts decided  all Intellectual Property
Mind Augment done by ProxyCyber
was based upon Neuronautic 's Techniques.. an allowance
the judge decided according to Inadvertent (or purposely focused "slippage that occurs during any non buffered Open Loop BCI ..communication
in lieu of any presumed future court action
a small group of "Participants"
would be rendered  viable for both
agencies/industries ...and rather a slew of others
practice Tele-Presence  Telemetry  upon
the so called "Participant" wants
Psychotronic correction...
and Psychotronic rendition or not

also  several contracts were garnered by Proxycyber concerning
ONLY outsourced
"Prospectus"  Functionality
of BCI,.A.I. and Virtual Reality
that had nothing whatsoever to do with Mentorship
but punitive actions
to attempt to lower  recidivism of parolees.

nearly all actions I take
regarding "my own decision" to post
the many aspects of these trials
is somehow indicative of my "Aberrants" responses toward KNOWING whether I am interfacing with a person "Mind to Mind"
or a program based upon my own
"thought style" is somehow a focal point of many of these
day to day "inquests" Sociopathology can supposedly be measured
if one gets what they call "The Turing Test "nature of "SOURCE"

also if one locks on..or latches upon an Imbued "Story Line"that one's basic instinct
should somehow KNOW better
than to present ad hoc...either in notebooks...or online...

so much of this now that the courts have gotten involved is about
Sociology of
based upon maze like induced Quandaries..
by "Entities" one SHOULD intrinsically KNOW
are "person to person"
or "human to computer" in both text and subtext...

either way it seems to me one loses..
even (or should I say) especially my decision to use Neuroleptics (major Tranquilizers) to
addle my mind with a type of numbness...near ceaselessness of thought(and certainly emotion)
has been deemed Anti social "in spirit" for
this action "proves"
some sort of ingratitude toward a "Mentored Life"
never do they use the term a "manipulated life"
for "they" have built in Quantifiers
that purposely leave the aspect of "Self Will" wide open
especially concerning my "day to day "functionality concerning
"managing my own affairs" -food,shelter

the fact that I have banded together with other Targeted Individuals
seeking to file several  class action suits against
the scores of companies taking part in what can only be called Human Experimentation
IS ALSO further proof of my
UNRESOLVABLE traits of a "Criminal Mind"
who "has taken all they could " from The Program
also "balanced" by these "Masters of the Universe ' types
to Enhance one's Inner Mind
-not toward THEIR economic or 'strategic" desires but
toward a 'would be consumer"
of "Tethered Mindfulness".....

also my "non reciprocation" of OUTWARD not Inward Thinking
"knowing" that Group Thought" is one of the key interests in this R and D
is taken as further PROOF
of my "Badness"

I am Graphed daily that everything I am interfaced is and will be "on a need to know basis"
and whether
aspects of our Virtual Coconscious "rundowns"
are truth based or not
has NO BEARING on my REACTION to the Quandary presented

as Simulated Conundrum
during BCI Communication
is taken by "my" mind as (as can be measured on their end of "the line')
as "the real thing"

and for this reason my "intellectual" debates
my reactions are all BASED on Artificial Reality in "some degree"
according to THEM "is an excuse" that scientifically
is specious in "IT's (MY) claims...

and whether I find this situation absurd....or atrocious in both it's manifest and sure it's motives
means nothing whatsoever to
them whatsoever but further PROOF of my attempting to "make excuses ' for
my Brain Signals..
which do not quite know(or more correctly do not "care") during certain type of "states of play"
(that most ,if not all?)Situationals Tele -Presence-ed are enacted or imbued upon me
by Artificial means or guises..

and Intention...based on these firings
is all that matter as Determinants.... Cole Cohen 8/19/14


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