Monday, November 10, 2014

Aaron too was a real cut up

"The Little Drummer Boy" is a 1968 stop-motion television special produced by Rankin/Bass, based on the famous Christmas song of that name.The story, written by Romeo Muller, is about a poor young boy named Aaron.
In the televised special, the narrator Greer Garson, tells of young Aaron,a semi- autistic fruitcake who only finds enjoyment from playing his drum all day for his "friends" a donkey,a sheep, a camel-'he's a wacko-" BUT OUR WACKO Dumbo,"Evan Imparts ..Aaron has these odd psychic affinities to communicate with animals and trees... Know why Dumbo?..because he was imprinted to do able to do such shit as this ..AND-nothing else mattered to" his team" which spent good money and time working with "baby boy" to make him" a real wild child" in this regard... ya' see it took a hell of a lot of effort set Little Drummah" Boi up for these kinda Emanations- but did Little Drumbo respect all that was done to make him cool like that? Fuck NO! he's very provincial in this regard ,very white bread. ..Greer Garson(a finer piece of ass has never walked this earth,he Imparts,buut I know exactly what type of piece of ass Evan goes for) ..ignoring my thoughts (for once Evan continues ..,the narrator..explains that Aaron was a happy child who lived with his parents who gave him his very own drum as a gift. One night, bandits (in an attempt to help make Aaron psychic/psychotic LOYAL!) killed Aaron's parents and razed his house down...but wouldn't ya" lnow Dumbo this service performed on Aaron's behalf and made him into an angry kunt of a boy..who just didn't appreciate the Progressive Nature of Imprinting help the kiddo "see the light and see and hear the right things" of course a disloyal faggit likeAaron,now a teenager(no let's MAKE him 19 becomes a bum,and nobody gives a good damn about some dude on the sidewalk banging on a drum...they/we wanted Aaron BANGIN' alright but not on a drum Ya' See?
sooooo Aaron is invited to join The Boys in the Band,some also raised to "talk to Trees"
.and some that helped "the boys" be able to do such'd think Aaron would be happy to "play" and do what one such as himself was Imprinted to be.." but nooooo Aaron is TOO Good ,too arrogant to accept this blessing.." soooo.In order to make THE KID smile... his Managers have to go so far as CUTTING HIS FACE UP MAKE HIM at least SEEM to be grateful(or be an example to other's who Know not what to make of their child rearing techniques) to MENTORS to have taken this scumbag of a street person into their care and tutelage
(um ,I graph...I don't think they cut his face into a smile.,I graph,or the stop motion version of the story present Aaron as a it did in "my" dream" sent ,I assume by Muralist Tru Christie-)
Oh yes the tv show they might have just drawn a smile on his sulky ,whiny ,mutinous face ,as the story was for children...but in the original script..Romeo Muller had them take Aaron into a flea bag motel somewhere outside of city limits...across state lines and all that fun and pinned the fucker down to a bed and just cut up his BIG MOUTH ....maybe his tongue as he'd "get with the program ' and stop being some whiny little bitch and just play his part...instead of thinking he's TOO GOOD to play with The Boys In The Band




To research the Mind Assuagement Child Crafting techniques to raise children to be enticed to develop "powers" that can only be attained by a child IF formats of Ritualistic Situationals are determined upon a child after Paternal and Maternal figures in the child 's life are "Phased Out" most effective if this phase-ment is presented in front of the child as this imprint has been known to force a child toward Communion with Entities(to replace a "sense of safety") now removed from said child's environment .Often the Entity sees fit to bestow upon the now orphaned and developmentally/psychologically stressed child toward"Altered States"of perception (ESP) so the child can communicate with said Entity that the child has sought "such services" from- as to remain "sane" -especially if Phase-ment of Paternal and Maternal figure is performed prior to the child's ability to "think in words."
This practice causes a left brain right brain division allowing for a programmed union of L and R through neuron pathway stimulations and Beta primordial (primitive mind)heightened awareness and also allows for the child to be able to negate moral conviction and stimulates the primitive instincts, devoid of inhibitions perhaps to invite a fearlessness of being ,as the child has been imbued now with elements of basic self preservation instincts and the adaptations such of brain signal toward Theta Brainwave activity

With the advances in directed energy research..."electronic possession" requires neither implant or programming(imprinting, ritualistic "stylized parenting)...just computer driven directed energy using microwave harmonics or inaudible pulsated sound waves that affect the RNA covering of neuron pathways to the subconscious. Harmonics generators and also several new mind altering drugs...natural and synthetic compounds that can instantly alter certain brain/thought functions were developed from modern medical technology and from ancient 'witchcraft" formulas.


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